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I'm Back!


I was on a bit of a hiatus due to crazy people and moving cities and finding new work and blahblah blah blah!

I am planning on doing a dedicated blog post and youtube video every Monday (and more if I feel like it). 59 more words



Last day in my old house, July 2013.

I’ve felt homeless for a really long time.

Even the places I’ve lived have not felt like “home,” except for my parents’ house, and now they have moved away as well. 458 more words


The Glory of Change

A year of changes already.

A long-term relationship over, the great barrier to my full self – I feel a great freedom at last.

The last months have been full of zest and anxiety, January was so harsh and tumbled that I dare not post, I could not really concentrate on anything, except moving on, moving forward, escape. 145 more words


A New Year? Who Cares? Life Resolutions.

Getting Tattooed, Dec.22/12 – My Birthday.

I intend for this year to be my year of freedom.

To break ties with things and people (at least in certain ways) that do not allow me to be my fullest self. 601 more words


Officially Fall

Me at Playland, 2012

Now that autumn has arrived, and I have enjoyed a good chunk of the summer, I am more inclined to write, sit inside, and read. 655 more words


Mild Anxiety Strategies

Photo of me by Pamm

I used to suffer from major, crazy anxiety, panic attacks, etc. When I went on a raw food diet, my psyche calmed, and I was much better equipped to deal with shit that happened, or imagined terrors. 607 more words


Summer Days

Me in my strawberry hat. Gotta keep it fruity.

I haven’t been blogging much lately, oops! I have been trying to stay off the computer – it’s been an addiction ever since I first went online in 1995 – the first thing I looked up was Marilyn Manson. 358 more words