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Day Thirty - Monday, September 19, 2016

I’m going to tell you a little secret. Over the last 30 days of our trip, Susie and I have become snobs! Yes, I know it’s hard to believe, but it’s true, we like nice hotels! 876 more words

On The Road Again!

DAY 42 - The Faceless American Boomtown

SANTA FE – The air is crisp, cool and fresh. The sun is warm, but not too much. Residents picnic at a pond complete with cruising swans and ducks. 3,273 more words

Hiroshima-New Mexico podcast

The amazing people at Hatch Innovation recorded a podcast featuring the collaboration bringing together me as a poet and native of Los Alamos, NM–the place where the atomic bombs were made–with visual artist Yukiyo Kawano from Hiroshima and Butoh dancer Meshi Chavez from Albuquerque. 


“The Green Glass Sea” by Ellen Klages

I didn’t realise the book was set around the Manhattan Project until around the hundredth page. Actually, it is not really about the Manhattan Project but about a young girl, who is small for her age (10 to 12 as the story progresses) and who likes maths. 228 more words

4 Star Review

Declassified Photos of Fat Man and Little Boy

These photos and captions were copied and pasted from the web site AcidCow. I have not idea who to credit for posting them. The source link at the bottom of the page goes here; 408 more words

Los Alamos

A look at the pretties I've made, because you don't want to see what my house looks like right now.

The fair is this Saturday, and while I’ve printed all the essentials I’m now printing extras to make sure my display is well-rounded. We had a moment of panic when my printer started acting up, but it’s fixed now, all is well. 75 more words