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Los Alamos Colloquium in 18946

Front row left to right: Norris Bradbury, John Manley, Enrico Fermi and J.M.B. Kellogg. Second row left to right: Colonel Oliver G. Haywood, unknown, … 21 more words

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Secret Science

A fictional trope I encounter frequently working at Kitt Peak National Observatory is the idea that I might have access to some top secret information that the general public doesn’t know. 723 more words


Book Review: The Atomic Weight of Love by Elizabeth J. Church 

I first loved him because he taught me the flight of a bird, precisely how it happens, how it is possible. Lift. Wing structure and shape, the concepts of wing loading, drag, thrust.

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My Brief Interview With Professor Krauss

Professor Lawrence M Krauss graciously agreed to answer a few questions for me on his thoughts about some things Robert Oppenheimer wrote. Here are the first few. 1,175 more words

Los Alamos

My Country Versus Me

Title:                      My Country Versus Me

Author:                Wen Ho Lee

Lee, Wen Ho (2001) with Helen Zia. My Country Versus Me: The First-Hand Account by The Los Alamos Scientist Who Was Falsely Accused of Being A Spy… 75 more words

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