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Deconstructing Two Recent Urban Legends: #2 The Elevator Ritual.

You must have heard the one about Elisa Lam. A staple of online paranormal mysteries and conspiracy theories, she is today comparable in her celebrity to Bigfoot. 2,192 more words


Angela Means, aka “Felicia” in ‘Friday,’ Now Owns and Runs Vegan Spot, Jackfruit Cafe — GOOD BLACK NEWS

I’m guessing she hasn’t needed to borrow Craig’s microwave in awhile..

by Gowri Chandra via laweekly.com Angela Means made it in entertainment. She walked runways for Jean-Paul Gaultier and Betsey Johnson, did stand-up and opened for Chris Rock, Jamie Foxx and Sinbad, and appeared in the Nickelodeon show Cousin Skeeter and the movie Friday.

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Breaking News Stories, Part Six

My dear Readers, I am often asked “What news of Oxford, friend?!” Well, I thought it about time to move slightly away from my own humble and blessed scrawlings to offer up an answer to this   693 more words


Restaurant named ANIMAL. By its name, you know you won’t be having any vegan meals in there. To my surprise, the menu for this restaurant is more than just beef tenderloin or lamb rack. 438 more words


Los Angeles’ refinery district, 2017

Cesare Baccheschi

Hey, Neptune, How'd YOU Get Here?

A recurring theme of this blog is that one doesn’t have to travel great distances to find interesting stories. The trick, I’ve said many times, is to maintain an inquiring mind. 796 more words


Happy Thanksgiving!

Century Veterinary Group wishes you and your pets a Happy Thanksgiving! Give your pet a piece of Turkey, they deserve it!

Gobble Gobble!!