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Managing Your Finances

Lets keep it simple! Managing your personal finances shouldn’t be too complicated. The key is to create a budget.


That One Time I Went Down a Slide 1,000 Feet Above Downtown Los Angeles

I’m not a daredevil. If anything, I’m a pee-myself-a-little-then-hesitate-and-try-to-make-up-an-excuse-to-never-do-it-like-ever sort of girl. I’m a refraindevil. So when I found myself scooching across a clear glass slide on a gray mat, 70 floors above the downtown Los Angeles’s bustling and hustling 5th and Flower intersection, I looked down and murmured a well-deserved “What in the fuck . 1,146 more words

Los Angeles

Flashback: March 12th, 2014

Dear Darling Parents,

The time is currently 11:47pm and I still have to wait 45 minutes until Craig Ferguson comes on so I can try to see myself on TV – but more on that later. 1,023 more words


Part Two...

In the Christmas of 2013, I was in a clothing store in Brisbane CBD when a song came over the radio. I recognised it from the Grand Canyon road trip and looked it up. 172 more words


Abalone Cove and Hollywood

This past week my friend C stayed with us for a few days. Her first night here we went on a walk to the pond, and the next day we drove out to Palos Verdes to hike along Abalone Cove. 70 more words

Los Angeles

What I'm Wearing - Spring 2017

Soooooo plot twist: University of La Verne was not for me! The people weren’t right, the food was MOST DEFINITELY not right, but overall the vibes of the the whole college were just not right! 718 more words