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Living the Revolution

Solidarity4All (S4A) co-founder Christos Giovanopoulos is presently touring the US in his effort to grow the international solidarity movement supporting Greek workers. S4A is a collective that facilitates the development of grassroots solidarity structures emerging in response to the humanitarian crisis caused by Greece’s deep austerity cuts. 491 more words

Inspiring Moments In Resistance

Spain's Modern Day Robin Hood

Come Back: A Story We Wrote Together

Radi.ms (2014)

Film Review

Come Back describes how a coalition of Spanish activists used 492,000 euros expropriated from 39 banks to build a large anti-capitalist coalition that would form the basis for the Los Indignados occupation in 2011. 498 more words

Inspiring Moments In Resistance

From Los Indignados to Podemos - A Spanish Revolution!

If you are not familiar with the story behind Los Indignados, these three sites will give you the background to the situation:-
Spain’s Indignados… 600 more words


El desencanto de Europa

Recomendo a todos a ver un video “El desencado de Europa” . Una parte del video ha mostrado tres paises diferentes, tres capitales de los estados Europeos, que fueron influenciados por la crisis. 94 more words

El Movimiento 15M

Recientemente he leido un articulo “15M acontecimiento…” sobre los movimientos del XXI siglo. Se llamas “red” y estan characterizados por la emergencia de protestas y sin estructuras formales, que hacen un uso intensivo de las redes sociales digitales. 71 more words

Spain: popular resistance delivers results

Victory against Madrid’s hospital privatisation – and other recent struggles in Spain – shows popular resistance delivers results.

“Resisting is pointless,” we hear endlessly repeated. “So many years of protest but the crisis continues, why bother?” insist others, inoculating us with apathy and resignation. 765 more words

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