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"The Other Me" EP

Whether it be discussing the nostalgia of reminiscing on a beautiful moment in time in his song “Yesterday”; finding your reflection in another person and trying to figure out how to express that in “Other Me”; or being in a relationship you’re proud of and wanting to “Show Off”, Drew captures various elements of human emotion that anyone who has been in relationships can identify with. 315 more words


A Visit to the Getty Villa

Nestled in the scenic California coast, a piece of history comes alive at The Getty Villa, a recreated Roman country house from the 1st century.  Not only does this villa house art and historical artifacts ranging from the end of the Stone Age to the fall of the Roman Empire, the building in itself is a work of art.  1,362 more words

Western Girl

My last batch from my Hope shoot in april. I love how natural and beautiful these images are. They really capture her inner thoughts and moments.


LA or the Highway

When you’re from the East Coast the popular vacation spots are all down south.

We’d journey as a family to places like the Carolinas and Florida. 829 more words

Brugmansia of Eagle Rock

On one of my first long walks in LA, a friend and I were beguiled by an amazing scent. Trying to determine it’s source, we overlooked the most outlandish contestant in the area, a bush of huge, fringed, yellowish-orange trumpets. 477 more words


Breathing Clouds

Literally breathing clouds, I hiked another mountain in the San Gorgonio Wilderness; at the top, clouds pass you by ☁️☀️😊

Career Wednesday: "Sometimes You Just Gotta Do It"

I called my mom yesterday to ask her about giving out my SSN to Macy’s, since I was filling out their online application. After she said that it was okay, she brought up me moving to LA to pursue my entertainment writing career. 179 more words