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Cheat meals don't taste as good when every meal is a cheat meal

Born and raised in Orange County, California, I feel like it is a necessity to stay on top of the newest fitness crazes that are sweeping the SoCalian nation. 576 more words


After months of peppering fans with singles such as “Four Five Seconds” and the don’t-play-with me-esque “B–ch Better Have My Money” Rihanna has finally decided The Navy has waited long enough for her highly anticipated project.  70 more words

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Joshua Tree Happened

What happens when two different ecosystems come together to form massive space?

Joshua Tree happens and it is a freak of nature.  The desert was created when two separate worlds collided. 430 more words

My First Blog 

So I have decided to start my own blog, for a few reasons. One so I can communicate with you guys some of my highlights of my daily adventures which can range from food, to work, to something new I learned. 119 more words

Let's Talk LA

Hi A Cup of Jav! The last time I wrote to you, it was still August. It’s now October and Halloween is approaching and it gets as low as 70 degrees sometimes and yesterday it actually RAINED so you could say things have really changed since we’ve last talked. 2,132 more words


The Man in the Top Hat: aka Gas Station Encounters #972:

Followed my friend to her house in the rain.
Got lost.
Phone died.
Needed gas.
Ended up by the airport at an intersection with no less than 4 gas stations. 344 more words