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Reflux - A WonderBaba Guide!

Reflux is a term that is used a lot in relation to new born babies.  It is often confused with colic and other digestive issues. This is primarily because it is hard to recognise and diagnose especially since the patients we are talking about have no real way to express how they are feeling. 1,116 more words


Like a Phoenix From the Ashes...

The ship decelerated from warp with a soft whump sound. Urd Voiddaughter had just arrived at an ancient Angel mining facility. He glanced over the instruments in his cockpit nervously. 625 more words

Journal Entry

Red Means Stop

  • Prepared to be escorted through backdoor gate system but an enemy Cruiser blockades us… mission postponed.

Finally the call came through that the HiSec operation was completed by my escort… 308 more words


Time for Nullsec

  • Invited to head out to experience NullSec for the first time with trusted friends of Moviebuff.

After spending time in the Astral systems mining… 322 more words



Well it went relatively well. Allegra was 3.72kg on the paeds scales, a 120g difference to the GP’s yesterday so it went from a worrying weight gain to an ok one. 320 more words

Nervous and I know it...

There is much to be gained from naivety.

Allegra is going to have her 4 month immunisations tomorrow. She was meant to have them last week but she was ill. 470 more words

su:m37 - Losec Line Sample Sachet

Losec is a compound word of ‘long life’ and ‘secret’ and this is a base product line with secet, which adds vitality on the skin. This product line combined naturally fermented ingredients that are gathered after a wait of long time and it normalize the Skin Care Steps of disrupted skin and forgets the age of the skin and calms the basis of the skin. 91 more words