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Anthony Bourdain, THE LOSER, Had The Audacity & Hypocrisy To Criticize Hillary Clinton Just Weeks Before His Suicide.

by Anura Guruge

By then, the ex-heroin addict loser, must have known that he was going to call it quits. What a loser; committing suicide leaving behind a 11-year old daughter. 274 more words

Anura Guruge

The New Honest Lottery

I’m not sure I like this new “Honest Lottery” scratch-off game…


Why I’m a miserable bastard.

Ok lets get these excuses out of the way first.

  • too old – Life passed me by, my prime is behind me, its too late to be succeful, there isn’t enough time in the day now, I feel horrible, I don’t have energy, my health is declining.
  • 884 more words

My savings challenge is a joke!

Haha, I almost have to laugh at how horrible I’ve done with my 30 day savings challenge.  I almost just wanted to forget this and not update it.  197 more words


Who's The Biggest LOSER on The Joe And Alex Show?

Today we played the LOSER game and we’re all big LOSERS! Listen to the podcast below. 

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Philosophy Of Jos

Pompeo Fails to Bully North Korea into a Nuclear Arms Agreement

Trump sent a war monger to do the job of a diplomat; any surprise that he failed? Mike Pompeo, Trump’s poor choice as Secretary of State, attempted to bully North Korean leader Kim Jong-un into agreeing to his version of a nuclear arms agreement. 160 more words