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Emptiness and Autopilot

Here I sit on the day my nephew will be born and all I can feel is emptiness. I should be so excited. I am as excited as I can be. 253 more words

Mist and Wandering

“The age of Chivalry was the age of Loyalty; and youth ought to be especially the age of Chivalry and of Loyalty in each life. But perhaps this is not a loyal age. 930 more words

Sowing Beauty

This Blog Will Never Be Popular

Put together a couple well-written metaphors full of inspirational words then place the name of Jesus on top like a pretty red bow and the audience roars with complacent delight! 1,000 more words


I am Lost.

I am lost.

I’m not sure where to find footing in my faith.

Doubts & Struggles

Losing My Faith . . . Again


It may sound strange coming from someone who claims to be a spiritual director, one who guides or companions others in their journeys of faith, but if I am honest, I have to confess that I lose my faith on a pretty regular basis. 1,586 more words


My Deconversion Story

This is supposed to be a comment on Ark’s archive for this stuff, but I was getting too wordy. I also realized that I’d deleted many of my posts on my blog about it during a particularly bad episode. 1,119 more words


Finding faith, losing faith, and embracing diversity

I became very involved in spiritual study and practice, mostly through … social skill training, and spiritual growth exercises to impact youth in the city. 11 more words

And Embracing Diversity