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God Give Me A Sign

by Irwin Navarro

My hands are clasped, and the floor’s touching my kneecap

My eyes are closed, to the point where I feel so cold… 182 more words



I didn’t make it for the job I’ve been working towards the past 4 months. Less qualified, less articulate candidates have made it over me. I can’t say I’ve felt more of a failure. 153 more words


What to do....

So I havent posted in a while and there’s a good reason for that. I”m a little embarrassed. I’ve lost all momentum. I was doing so good and staying on track and then bam! 205 more words


Interesting thing, hope. Hope I think is probably the biggest motivator for people to do things, dream big and accomplish goals. Even Albert Einstein thinks so. 279 more words


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I had this post as private, I don't know why. 11 November 2013, just completed my Masters, I think I had gotten a job rejection in Australia. Funny how the circumstances have changed but the feeling is so familiar. Just goes to show, I was right, I am the problem.

Day 12 #MHAMBC #MHAM birds of hope 

Today we have been asked to interpret a quote and say what it means to us!

I see this as an interpretation of the way I live my life. 638 more words

Not so good night


I look up from my reading to see that you have stopped reading and gone to bed. Here I thought you were just laying on your side reading. 412 more words

Evaluate your ERP Therapy

I believe one of the most difficult aspects of obsessive-compulsive disorder is finding the right treatment. Evidence-based exposure and response prevention (ERP) therapy, a type of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is the first-line treatment for the disorder, and it works. 459 more words

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