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Steps to Living with Loss


The fact or process of losing something or someone.

Loss is something that we all go through.

It’s evident.

It’s apart of life.

And it sucks. 592 more words


Enter dementia

It’s never easy to pretend to be happy. It’s even more difficult to pretend to be happy for someone else, when a little piece of you is dying inside.

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People Choose To Save Themselves, This Was Not Your Fault

She was the only one I would talk to the day after.

Her name appeared on my phone.

I was sitting on a deck in the Sunshine Coast–my eyes were swollen and it all still felt like a bad dream. 518 more words

It's not 'Goodbye,' it's 'I'll see you again...'

My mom is dying…Am I ready to let go?

I never wanted to write blogs. Thirteen years ago while working as a journalist at a small newspaper, I thought blogs were the plague. 494 more words

Alzheimer's Disease

Painful goodbye

The lingering smell of someone’s dying permeated the air

But I, too intent of my desire to give my full attention to my wife

Giving her comfort during her final hours… 104 more words


When you lose someone...

This little composition is inspired from the evocative post — “Missing” — by Suzanne Leitz; borrowing words and feelings from her. It’s a tribute to her feelings, and her strength; and to the poignant yet tranquilizing memories of my brother whom I lost. 281 more words



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There all gone! I still remain! We were all soldiers at war… Until the end of days…

Our analogue views on life were the same… 110 more words