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The Last Beat, The Last Breath

I am 44 years old and I am a widow. My husband left me suddenly after the longest 6-day fight for his life on June 17, 2015 at 9:28 am. 784 more words


I’ve never lost someone before until the other day. It’s hard. Extremely hard. You feel so many emotions. There all over the place. You don’t know if you should cry or keep it all bottled up and be strong for everyone else. 124 more words

Bottled Up

What If?

Is letting go of someone important to you really worth it?
What if s/he’s important to you, but you aren’t important to him/her?
What if s/he values you a lot, 43 more words

Life Itself

On Losing

Loss, that interrupter of normalcy, the haunting spectre of doom and gloom, the grim reaper, as fiendish as it can be, is Inevitable.

Losing currency, though as haunting and dreadful as it can be, can never be compared to losing family. 764 more words

Tea for Purple Days

I love purple. It’s a color I associate with the richness of wine, velvet nights, the coziest blanket tucked around a small child. But it’s also the color of old grief. 185 more words



Broken, ripped apart

That’s how I feel deep in my heart

Wretched and tormented deep inside

Totally clueless of what’s become of my life

Some nights I lay awake… 32 more words


Tuesday's Treasured Quotes and Song

I recently┬áposted a blog about having feelings about someone, so this week’s quotes and song are some of my favorites that have to do with love.