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Young dumb and losing mum

14 years old and there I was, doing ordinary 14 year old things. Acting older than I am, thinking I’m older than I am when suddenly the most life shattering thing happened before my eyes and there was not one single thing I could do to stop it. 501 more words

(1 verse, 4 lines) - #14

I’ve lost plenty of loved ones in my life.
They didn’t passed away, they simply became someone else’s wife.
Now I realize that all of this strife, 13 more words


To Know Someone

How do you really know someone?

How do you define knowing someone — really knowing them?

I can get all philosophical and try to tie this in with all the epistemology argument, but I’m too lazy to do it. 1,011 more words

Her deepest fears

Okay it’s been so long that I have not written anything apart from posting few songs on my blog. Today I am really happy after a very long time. 825 more words

Daily Prompts

The Letters, They'd, Stopped Coming One Day...

The letters, they’d, stopped coming one day, and, somehow I knew, that you, are no longer here!

The letters, they’d, stopped coming one day, and, we wrote each other regularly, at least, once a week, that, was how we kept up with our love being separated in two places… 219 more words

Experiences Of Life

It’s Okay To Admit You’re Afraid To Lose Him

The beauty of love is that it exposes us to a whole world full of emotions and it offers us a chance to shoot down the guards surrounding our heart. 444 more words

How Loss Affected Me

Last week, on the 2nd to be specific it was the 7 year anniversary of my grandpa’s passing. I honestly forgot. Which makes me feel like an awful granddaughter, but that is probably due to the fact it is something I don’t want to think about. 507 more words