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I miss you Daddy..

It has been 3 months since you left, yet I still find myself crying whenever I think of you. I’m still at loss on how to deal with the pain. 177 more words


Your Death Is The Very Thing That Taught Me Not To Cry

Four years have gone so quickly compared to the three months your doctor gave you right after your birthday. Some birthday that was. I didn’t bother staying with you during that particular appointment because your visits often confirmed that you were in the pink of health. 596 more words

30th of July 2016

We all have certain dates we will never forget. For me it’s the 30th of July. My day was going normal until I opened Facebook and read the post my best friend, Fran had posted: 362 more words


I’m Sorry But You Had Your Chance

You had your chance with me and you blew it, and yes I believe in second chances but I gave you plenty of chances in one chance and you still didn’t take them. 431 more words

To The Friend And Sister Who Died Too Young

Most days I find myself thinking about you. When I’m laying in bed, when I’m sitting down, when I’m walking. I’ll catch a peek of my shadow and that’s when it starts. 549 more words

No One Tells You What It's Like To Lose A Sibling

Three years ago my dad died. After that I thought, Okay, that’s it. Nothing bad will happen for a while because it wouldn’t be fair. 411 more words


He’s so alive in my head,

because all I remember

is that time

that I accidentally opened the front door into his face.

And how his cheeks turned beet red, 80 more words