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Why It's Okay to Grieve 

Grief is like the ocean; it comes in waves,ebbing and flowing. Sometimes the water is calm, and sometimes it is overwhelming. All we can do is learn how to swim. 371 more words

Saying Goodbye

Today hasn’t been the best day.

It started out all right, got pretty good for a while, and then everything just got dashed against the rocks. 254 more words



Three weeks. It’s been three weeks and it seems like it’s been longer than that. Time seems to be playing a trick on me.

I wait for things to settle down. 228 more words

Not Everyone You Lose Is A Loss

“Friends come and go, but family is forever.” Ever hear that quote? I’m sure we all have at one point or another. The thing is, I don’t exactly believe it. 668 more words


Other things!

Not only am I going to use this blog for my weight loss plan, I’m going to use it to help in a lot of things in my life. 655 more words

The Last Beat, The Last Breath

I am 44 years old and I am a widow. My husband left me suddenly after the longest 6-day fight for his life on June 17, 2015 at 9:28 am. 784 more words


I’ve never lost someone before until the other day. It’s hard. Extremely hard. You feel so many emotions. There all over the place. You don’t know if you should cry or keep it all bottled up and be strong for everyone else. 124 more words

Bottled Up