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Its All Love/Why We Feel Heartbreak

I think part of the package of falling in love with someone is that you create a universe. A universe containing shared memories, experiences, thoughts, visions, desires, hopes and dreams in which it’s existence is only “real” to the creators. 218 more words


When You Win You Always Lose

There’s a part of letting him fill up my heart

that’s so completely terrifying

for so many reasons.

But mainly,

it means that

there’s less space to love you that way. 24 more words

I Stopped Believing In Fate The Day You Died

I was the kind of kid who was obsessed with the idea of destiny. I sought meaning in even the smallest moments. I looked for signs with everything I did. 287 more words

Monday morning

It’s Monday morning, I’m sat in Starbucks Deeside, and in approx 15 minutes I have to walk basically along a dual carriageway with no real pavement in order to get to work. 262 more words


My Personal Battle With Grief

There are no words to describe exactly what constitutes grief. The only way I can think to describe it would be an overwhelming sadness that engulfs your whole life and leaves you with a sense of nothing. 2,053 more words

My Life


I miss you Daddy..

It has been 3 months since you left, yet I still find myself crying whenever I think of you. I’m still at loss on how to deal with the pain. 177 more words


Your Death Is The Very Thing That Taught Me Not To Cry

Four years have gone so quickly compared to the three months your doctor gave you right after your birthday. Some birthday that was. I didn’t bother staying with you during that particular appointment because your visits often confirmed that you were in the pink of health. 596 more words