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A healthy child makes a happy home

I have three siblings, two younger brothers and an elder sister. When people hear about the size of our family (which now has increased from six to seven after the arrival of my new labrador-Bruno), they look amazed. 625 more words


The Day Of Love Becomes The Day Of Death

Valentine’s Day will never be the same. I woke up to a message from a family member of a dear friend. He is dead.
He died on Valentine’s Day. 74 more words

Willie, Without Her

In the realm of true love, there is no ‘one size fits all’…

Willie’s bare cheeks are glowing by the time he walks into the Oleander Center. 3,581 more words

December-May Marriage; Love Story; Fiction

The Price We Pay for Love

My world seems to be on one of those dimmer switches. Every time I lose someone I love, my surroundings appear a little darker, my thoughts a little more sinister and my reality a little more, well, … 256 more words

Memoir of my last conversation with my father.

I cannot believe what I am reading! I had to find out on Facebook that my dad has lung cancer?! Why wouldn’t he tell me? I was just on the phone with him and he said he had pneumonia. 855 more words

When you're gone...

So on this Small Town Saturday morning, I’m laying in bed. And suddenly I feel the void of him not being here. Maybe it’s because I saw all these wedding videos of fathers walking their daughters aisle or maybe it’s because I know it’s been eating at me for years. 622 more words


Lost Child

A woman whose husband died is a widow. And widower for a man who lost his wife. Children without parents are orphan. But how do you call parents who lost their child?