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I stayed close

To keep you warm

Stayed beside you

To let you know I care

Just right next to you

To show you support… 148 more words



Why some people in our lives are not meant to stay? Why can we still feel pain and love at the same time? Why can everything be felt while we are broken? 439 more words


Daily Prompt: Smoke

via Daily Prompt: Smoke

One stick

is all it takes for me to calm down. Okay, maybe three or more. But whenever you appear in my memory, it feels as if I could use more than a pack just to sit straight and breathe fine. 1,095 more words

Letting Go

This blog post is dedicated to the one person I let go of. I met him a month ago with a friend of mine. Me and my friend were getting food, when we both sat down, she pointed out a guy who she thought had amazing eyes, and honestly he did. 525 more words

A few weeks ago, I posted a blog about how Lydia not only repeats what we say now, but she also knows how to use the words and when they’ll make sense in a situation … super scary sometimes! 680 more words

To The Love Of My Life Who Died

When you died, I was furious.

I was angry at everything. My friends, your team of oncologists, random couples on Facebook, God – or whatever it is I believe in. 577 more words

DAILY: Me on Losing Someone

Some time near the end of September, my colleague, Stephen, passed away from Acute Myeloid Leukemia. I started working with him in July, so it wasn’t really a long working relationship. 462 more words