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Saying goodbye is hard/about my mom.

My mom probably only has a few days left.

Late yesterday afternoon, as her caregiver and I got her ready for bed, I took some extra time to apply lotion to her body and massage her a little. 437 more words


The Best Part, of Breaking Up

I don’t think anything could have ever prepared me for the inexplainable pain of losing someone you love because they don’t love you anymore. This person, someone you believed was your soulmate, disappears willingly.  3,566 more words

Other Thoughts

Day 21

DAY 21: What makes you sad?

There’s a HUGE list. But I’m going to be a good person and put out only a few :P… 143 more words



It was not what I imagined,

it was not what I wanted to see,

the scars in my body are proof of it.

Something  real, 33 more words


When You Lose Someone - 'Literally'..

This morning when I sat to drink my coffee, I couldn’t control the tears. ‘Khaali pet chai coffee mat piya kar’, he would say. ‘Don’t drink tea or coffee on an empty stomach!’.  597 more words


Day 6

DAY 6: What are you afraid of?

Well, there are lots of things I’m afraid of. I don’t think there’s someone out there who isn’t afraid of at least one thing (Or maybe, I don’t know one). 235 more words


How are you?

How are you? This is the most commonly asked question that I get on a daily basis. And what is my response every time? Good. Right? 489 more words