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My Rose Coloured Glasses

The sky is grey, the ashes are settling, the dust is clearing, the moon will soon be rising, and the darkness that comes with it will be drowning the sobs but not drying the tears. 527 more words

Losing a Friend (My Story)

Hey guys, instead of doing a regular Q&A or telling the story according to the template I decided to share the tribute I wrote for my friend’s memorial page. 563 more words


Losing a Sibling

Here we go

How did it happen- how did you lose your sister?

She was ill. She died after a protracted illness

How old were you? 660 more words


Holiday from Hell?

Holiday from hell?

Well you’d think it was that but it wasn’t?

Ok first up, Role Call:
Me, Shannon- Author of blog.
Mac- Boyfriend, a mess. 1,299 more words

A Girl’s Perspective- Losing Dad

Okay here goes. I’m going to be as honest as possible. I’ll try not to be too emotional too lol.

How did it happen? Hmm…he was sick very sick apparently. 1,069 more words


A Guy’s Perspective- Losing Dad

How did it happen- how did you lose your dad.

I lost him to an illness. He was sick for a while, about 3-4 months. 835 more words


A Girl’s Perspective- Losing Mom

Alright, here we go.

She had been battling with diabetes for a while and then cancer came along. She was receiving treatment- going through chemotherapy, and she started reacting to treatment. 1,581 more words