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“L​osing someone you love is like a death, except you know that person is still alive…and has the potential to be happy with someone besides you.

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Rest in peace mommy

March 6th. I will never forget this day. My mom passed away. And it was gritty too. We took her off life support the week before. 175 more words


the time of my life


man, keeping up with this blog is hard. I can’t believe my last entry was written over a month ago but I guess I have been busy with enjoying the sun or keeping my emotions and foul thoughts in check. 606 more words


S15: Loss

No words cover the experience.
No time undoes the feeling.
In love having fullness.
Only to be left releasing:
A shovel, a handful of dirt and the hole left behind. 57 more words


Moving Forward In Life (even after losing someone)

It’s crazy how life goes full circle. How we come into this world and how we leave this world ends up being one in the same.   2,125 more words


An obituary, too soon

I remember the first time I saw you, thirteen years back, I thought you were a rich, entitled, ultra femme girl, who strutted around as if the world owed her a favour. 1,445 more words

"Everything will be ok"

“Everything will be ok” Circled in my head over and over again, was it because every second person I saw would whisper it in my ear as they said their condolences or was it because I was trying to convince myself that everything was going to be ok? 746 more words