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Day 114 Stories from Bahrain #1

In the spirit of my vacation,* I’ve decided to start sharing stories about my time here (as well as food and fitness) to mix it up a bit. 440 more words

Losing Weight

Day 109

Quick post- today was a fun day with the kids. I went out to breakfast with them, and hung out by the pool. Since breakfast was kind of late, we skipped lunch and ate some chicken for dinner. 135 more words

Losing Weight

Day 108

Being back to working out pretty much feels amazing. It’s incredible how much more self control I have over my food choices when I’m putting in the effort to work out. 372 more words

Losing Weight

Day 107 Is being fat a choice?

I recently have run into some banter where people are claiming that homosexuality on the whole is a choice. That because that is their choice others should have the option to disagree and refuse services to said group of people. 619 more words

Losing Weight

Day 106 (Just blog already!) 

It’s my second day back at Crossfit and I feel a million times better. It’s amazing how we can convince ourselves that “the social aspect*” or the “pressure” is a reason to stay away from the gym. 466 more words

Losing Weight

Where've I been? Achieving my goals down the gym!

‘Make it short & snappy’

…Ok well maybe not down the gym 24/7 all the month of March, but it has been one of my January resolutions I have completed along with creating my blog, hopefully step by step I can achieve them all. 1,418 more words


Day 100

Life can be such a finicky hag sometimes. I get to the point where I’m ready to go back to my work out, go back for a day, and then catch the plague that has been going around my house. 263 more words

Losing Weight