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Lose Weight vs. Alpine!

You have your own skirmish, but everyone has one! ;) Thank you the US, Georgia, Spain, Colombia, and Italy ;)

“Gained weight in five months”, this is what Charlotte told us when we got into the gym last night. 217 more words


Tangerine Diet!

Sometimes you think that you’re alone in this, but you are not! ;) Thank you for coming to your pages and chatting with all of us a little bit: the US, France, India, Greece, and the United Arab Emirates ;) 346 more words


Unbeatable Beets!

You are fabulous and you want to leave some kind of history on Earth before leaving it, so did you find it?! ;) Welcome back great people from everywhere: the US,  278 more words


Lemongrass & Losing Weight!

Having everything and still unhappy? Probably you don’t have everything as you think you do, or that happiness doesn’t exist, or that you’re programmed to be unhappy to be happy! 488 more words

Seaweeds, Losing Weight!

Have you discovered our secret? ;) Welcome back and thanks our dear friends and readers from the US, India, Turkey, Algeria, Romania, Chile, Italy, and Canada ;) 350 more words


Artichoke, Losing Weight!

Changes are inexorable! Just be ready and accepting this fact so you wouldn’t be taken by surprise! ;) Thank you and welcome our friends and readers from the US, India, Algeria, Australia, France, Norway, Slovakia, the UK, Malaysia, and Ukraine ;) 482 more words


Liz - British Colombia SuperStar²

Hello hello friends and readers from our beautiful globe! Our thanks go for all of you everywhere; especially, the US, India, the UAE, Indonesia, Ireland, Algeria, New Zealand, Peru, Poland, and Turkey ;) 82 more words