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Food Styling

My mom and I have found that when our food looks nice, we are more excited to eat it. When learned in Weight Watchers that you eat not only with your stomach, but with all your senses. 45 more words

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Dear Snarky - I'm Skinny Now and I Think My Girlfriends Hate Me

Dear Snarky,

My diet is breaking up my friendships. About two months ago I went on a clean, plant-based diet – no sugar, no gluten, no meat and slowly I’ve noticed my friends dropping me. 266 more words

Dear Snarky

Weighing in on 2015

6 June 2013, I weighed 19st 4lb, essentially 122.5kg at a height of 5 foot 7 inches.

On the 10th of March 2014, I then weighed 18st 5lbs, 116.7kg. 611 more words


My muddled brain.

So Many things running around in my head at the moment, that I am struggling to get them onto the page.  I know that when you look at other problems in the world mine are nothing and I should be grateful.   290 more words


Zumba in Your Life

Thank you dear new readers and friends from the US, Mexico, Canada, UK, Luxembourg, Spain, Jordan, Japan, Poland, Argentina, France, Netherlands, New Zealand, Colombia, & Belgium ;) 521 more words

Honest reality check. 

It has almost been a year and I am literally almost the same weight as when I began.

This is really my own fault. I worked really hard and got to a place where I couldn’t imagine not working out, but then got really, insanely discouraged because even with the hard work I could break the barrier of 200 lbs. 211 more words

Losing Weight


I never thought I could get into spinning. Ever. When I joined the NYSC in my town, it was the only 6am weekday class they offered. 123 more words

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