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May the Force be with you. 

Running on a treadmill may be great for some people, but for me it’s a thing of misery. I’m still very new to the running world and I’m just trying to keep on keeping on at this point. 552 more words

Losing Weight

I Am Strong, Redwood Tree Strong ... I've Weathered Many Storms

I Am Strong, Redwood Tree Strong …  I’ve Weathered Many Storms

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee/@GeeGranny

One of the faces of my grief … 9 months after Tommy died.   5,548 more words


When your brain and tummy just don't agree. 

My diet is causing me to be full on less food and it’s CONFUSING MY MIND. My tummy is all “NO MORE WOMAN,” and my mind is like, “THAT WAS ONE PLATE, SHUT YOUR WHORE MOUTH TUMMY. 377 more words

Losing Weight

Suckity, suck, suck, sucking. (Let's be honest.)

So I kicked my game up a little. My Fitbit calorie counter, which again- I love, has a bunch of options for how hard you want it to be. 390 more words

Losing Weight

Making a collage like a 14 year old girl.

Well, thanks to Bahrain’s BALLS HOT* heat. I’ve been running indoors a lot. Whether it’s on the indoor track on base or here at home on the treadmill, it’s a pretty mundane run. 300 more words

Losing Weight

Sweat Mustache Challenge (Roll with it) 

The treadmill that came with my villa works, but it’s also broken in a fun and interesting (sarcasm, I don’t math, remember?) way. I can tell how long I’ve been running, and if I pay attention to the buttons I push, I can tell how fast I’m going. 232 more words

Losing Weight

There are moments when being more discriminate could be useful. 

My Crossfit coach has left for the summer. Understandably, we do live in Bahrain, and it is currently BALLS HOT. Even if Ass Kicker was still here, I’m dead sure since she has an outdoor gym, we wouldn’t be out there. 413 more words

Losing Weight