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Losing Yourself

Losing myself seems to be a talent of mine. I wish I could consider myself a gifted individual because of this talent but sadly, the ability to lose oneself so easily isn’t really an admirable trait. 251 more words


A symphony of getting lost

​“Schroedinger said, at its base level, the universe isn’t matter… it’s just shapes… nothing firm… what it means is that the real world is just a simulation anyway… that even if we’re not real, we may represent a dynamic… a tiny finger tracing a line in the infinite. 636 more words

Things I Care About

I Broke My Own Damn Heart Trying To Be Someone I'm Not

We see heartbreak depicted all the time in various forms. Whether it’s from a ballad by Beyoncé, in the season finale of The Bachelor (because not everyone can get the final rose. 818 more words


Sometimes it feels like I have amnesia. Maybe this is something all people feel. Whether existential condition or the result of Lyme fog (I haven’t mentioned that I was diagnosed with Lyme disease about 3 weeks ago) or even the peculiar effect of curiosity when one has been given anesthesia at some point, I feel like my body and soul have been separated, and I am running after it even though I no longer recognize my own heart, chasing what I do not know, always missing it in the reverberant brume. 343 more words


Be accepted

You want to be accepted, but sometimes you can lose your self, just to be accepted.

And sometimes you want to be like Tom.

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Losing Yourself in Motherhood

Some may argue if this is even possible. Ask a single mom she will be like hell yeah.

The truth is we all have lost ourselves at some point in life if it was loving someone else more than you love yourself. 437 more words


Who am I? 

I feel like all new parents go through a period where we lose our identity in the blur of having a newborn and trying to find our feet living our lives with a new tiny human. 1,121 more words