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I Dreamt About Dying

I had a dream last night I was driving home on a slicked-over, wet-from-rain backroad with no hardly any streetlights. I was going 45mph, slower than the highway traffic, blinking my brights at cars in the opposite lanes because they were silhouettes in the darkness without their lights. 707 more words


l o s i n g yourself in the fun

Warm liquid is going down your throat while your friends are cheering you on (you debate whether you can you even call them friends if you only see them at parties). 1,285 more words


Broken Inside 

How does it feel to be broken inside?

Being broken means that something damaged you to pieces, damaged you to the point where you doubt anything can fix you. 187 more words


A letter to everyone

I’ve lost a friend because she had no one to talk to, because I didn’t talk even though I wanted​ to. Recently, I came across two wonderful writers on WordPress writing suicidal stuff. 258 more words

Forgive and Forget?

Forgive and forget. It’s a phrase we’ve all used, whether we’ve said it to ourselves or to someone else, used it as a mantra, or as a consoling statement for a friend when we weren’t sure what else to say. 776 more words


Hemingway says:

“The most painful thing is losing yourself in the process of loving someone too much, and forgetting that you are special too.”

Wanting to stay

Steam lifted from the saturated forest floor, hot breath of electrified air caused my heart to beat a little faster.

Tropical storms, coming after a long, dry winter, couldn’t sate the arid soil. 148 more words

Writing Prompt