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Losing your voice

I come from a family where things have a tendency to escalate very quickly.Well,my father and I are the rageaholics of the family, (I’m pretty sure I learned it from him) while my mother and my sister always try to de-escalate the situation.You see my father is the kind of person that will fly into uncontrollable rage because the spoons are on the wrong side of the table ,and unfortunatly I am a person of many ”shoulds” and ” musts”.For example if I feel he is humiliating my sister somehow I ”must” humilitate him too ,to give him a taste of his own medicine and if he’s being an asshole to my mother I’ll be an asshole to him instead,of course as you can see in this way things escalate very quickly into a huge fight between him and me . 326 more words

Letting go

I’m writing this post, not just for others to hopefully view.. but also for myself. Letting go can mean many things and be said for many reasons, but in this case it’s letting go of the past. 381 more words


Getting Back to Me

The past 6 months have been such an emotional roller coaster for me. Strangely, the world around me seemed not to be bothered by the things I was struggling with. 803 more words


all in

my reddening eyes betrayed me
with their sloppy wet lashes
before i could articulate
my disappointment.

not in you.
let the record state that.

“i just dont want you to get so lost in this, that if it doesn’t work out… it will destroy you.” 47 more words


How This Aura Blinds Us

Just because a light burns out
doesn’t mean a halo won’t remain.
A warm glow will sustain when eyes wish to part their gaze from reality. 290 more words


The Writer Who Doesn't Write

I have not written in a couple of weeks.

Sure, I’ve rattled off a few blog posts, though you’ve doubtless noticed a decline in quality. And lists: ’tis the season for list-making. 1,171 more words

Reading & Writing


To those waiting on a star

To wish upon one

For someone to acknowledge their efforts

Dream On.

For those laying down

Gazing up on the sky… 281 more words

My Poetry