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It’s a feeling everyone goes through at times. But what do you do when its the only thing you feel and you’re constantly aware of it? 771 more words

Loving Others Is Only Possible When You Love Yourself First

I was in love once. Deep, crazy, inconceivable love. We were so much alike and completely hooked on each other from the moment we met. I was amazed I was able to find someone so perfect, thinking “this is the kind of guy you marry.” I wasn’t ever going to let him get away. 787 more words

Dear Mr. Big...

I love to love. I love to please. I love to take care of others. But imagine losing yourself due to trying to make someone else happy. 837 more words

On Losing Yourself While Traveling

Nirvana- The disappearance of the individual to the universal.

I hadn’t originally planned to go to Koh Lanta during my two-week trek through Thailand, but my decision was heavily influenced by the fact that I made the mistake of visiting Phuket. 899 more words

Chinese New Year

Where HEART Thou? Losing Yourself in Business

I miss feeling. That might sound strange because if I’m alive i must be feeling something even if it’s numb. But I’m not talking about general feelings. 1,417 more words


When I Was Seventeen

Alf SantosWhen I was seventeen, I fell in love with the idea of being wanted. I wanted to be loved by a guy that I had convinced myself I wanted to love. 28 more words