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I Want To Be Lost In You

The word lost carries with it the negative connotations of fear and abandonment.
To get lost is often said as an insult, understood as an unappealing sense of not belonging, of exclusion. 239 more words

Reality Is Not My Business

The Struggle is Real.
I know all too well the Caged Bird
is Not Singing but Crying to be set
free of the Chains that Bind him, 112 more words


Surviving Narcissistic Abuse, Part 2

Being in a relationship with a narcissist is incredibly draining. It’s unbelievable in its complexity and in its simplicity. You’ll analyze what you did wrong, and how you can help by being better next time. 581 more words

All These Memories

Trying to lie in bed at night

trying not to think

but all these memories

come rushing in and

I never seem to sleep.


We Lose Ourselves Too Easily

Too easily,
we lose ourselves
in attempt to find
someone else,
who ultimately
never asked us to.

We end up
losing pieces
of ourselves,
trying to… 63 more words

You Have To Love Someone Without Losing Yourself

I know how difficult it is to be your own stability.

How lonely it can feel not to reach for another person when you feel like you need someone the most. 365 more words

Confessions of an over giver...!

When I am in a relationship, I enter into it whole heartedly, whether it’s casual or serious, I always give it my all. But I have realised that I often give so much of myself without realizing how I lose myself in the process. 845 more words