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Is it Really "You" if You Don't Know Who You Are in the First Place?

As we sift through the thoughts of who we are and who we aren’t. As we take a look at our actions and words as indications of what we value and who we will become, as we reflect on ourselves… as I reflect on myself… 547 more words


Losing Yourself

These days as the stress piles up the more people get lost in this mental roller coaster we create for ourselves. For the past 4 weeks I had been losing myself to the drama which has been rocking my world. 309 more words


Stories From Being Lost

My favorite trip I’ve ever taken was probably to Korea. It was an amazing experience overall, but it was definitely a bit of a culture shock. 166 more words

The Dreams, the Reality and the Truth

It’s been a while since I’ve written a post but it’s good to do it again. It’s never easy when you are catching up with your studies, doing YouTube videos and – other things. 574 more words

Blog Updates

Getting Immersed in a Book

There’s something I absolutely love, and that’s getting immersed in a book. It doesn’t matter where I am, as long as my mind is in the book, and everything around me is shut out, I feel like I can get lost in a book. 140 more words


Loving You Then

Loving you then was more than I could bear.

Wanting you to hear all the love left unsaid,

the words I shouldn’t have needed to say… 125 more words