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The Girl Who Lost Herself While Trying To Make Him Happy

I have completely forgotten myself for the past years to love someone.

Did my best not to fail in class so that father won’t have any reason to blame him. 490 more words

How To Single-Handedly Destroy Yourself

Meet a boy outside 7/11 in Soho on a Friday night. He is a whirlwind of great thoughts and a volcano of disarrayed stories. Let his words fill you with a storm of fantasies and illusions. 639 more words

Pasts that haunt us...

There are gaps in my memory, great yawning voids in the menagerie of colors that was once my mind, where events and emotions, all sense of time, simply disappears into the black. 535 more words


When will my own voice outweigh my mother’s voices?

My mother called me two days ago to provide me with some unsolicited advice about a sensitive subject. After she was finished, and after we said our goodbyes, my mother’s unsolicited advice and her resolute voice resonated in my head. 393 more words


Brushing Off Dead Skin

It seems to me that cutting, hacking away, and even forgetting… are all essential.

Maybe to life itself, definitely to writing. You’ve got to be able to exist in the present without getting bogged down by whatever came before. 243 more words

Streams Of Thought

Authenticity Barometer

Ever so often, I need an honest sounding board. For me that sounding board is three hours time difference and only a phone call away. 1,156 more words