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崇拜 Admiration




Admiring someone

Is that the feeling of

Finding yourself in him

Or losing yourself in him?

– D, Ink and the Psyche



I forget myself sometimes.

Forget that I am not just a mom, a wife, a sister, or a daughter.
I’m not just the referee of remotes, the apology police, or the kisser of boo-boos. 130 more words


Without Space

To appreciate space, sometimes we must recognize what life is like without it. Instead of rushing headlong through your day to meet constant demands, or telling yourself you have to just get it over with, take a moment to consider how bringing more space to your day can transform it. 192 more words

Middle Ground

5 Things To Remember When You've Lost Your Life At The Expense Of Someone Else

I’ve spent my entire young adult life, up until now, in a relationship. I identified myself as “the girl who is always in relationships.” At the time, I didn’t really think much of it. 1,106 more words


Lost in Social Media

I have recently started experimenting with a couple of different Instagram accounts; creating niche content. I spend hours creating content and even more trying to grow a following. 951 more words

Brand Promoter

4 Ways To Keep From Losing Yourself

The full length title of this post is “4 Ways to Keep From Losing Yourself in this Topsy Turvy World” in tribute to a fav… 785 more words

Life Lessons

Anxiety Depicted

Anxiety is feeling like you’re losing yourself.

Image first found on: Pinterest.

Original image location: Tumblr by hello-clarence.

ANXIETY DEPICTED is a series of posts about exactly that; anxiety depicted. 95 more words