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Choosing a Different Story (or on Being Good Enough)

It’s been two years and eight months since I last posted here on SKC.

I know that’s a very, very long time.

It’s been a long, hard road getting here. 2,206 more words


i loved you more
it did not make sense
how you can lose yourself
in someone else

Tragic Truth of "Growing Up"

As we get older, we shed out ability to feel the kind of raw emotion given to us the second we entered this world.

We call it “Growing Up.” 1,071 more words

Read This If You’ve Ever Lost Yourself To A Toxic Person

You probably felt desperate. You probably wondered if you would ever get back your normal self again. If you’d ever be the person that you used to be. 547 more words

The Heartbreaking Truth Behind What It Really Means To Hate Someone You Used To Love

I hate you.

I have only said these words once in my adult life, and I said them to the person I loved more than anything. 707 more words

Fourever Trying to Succeed

“I JUST WANNABE, I JUST WANNABE SUCCESS-FUL” (Trey Song voice).There was a point in time where I truly thought that I’d be a fashion designer. I thought for sure that I’d have my own boutique in several cities. 443 more words

Take Me

Peel off my skin

Inch by inch

Pluck out the hairs

Bit by bit

Slice through the muscle

Cut by cut

Reach deep inside

Gut by gut… 45 more words