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Well that was easy too

I really loved you

I promise it’s true

I fought so hard

The blood, sweat and tears

It broke down my soul

To lose you… 127 more words


I know this feeling isn’t unique to just me and there are probably millions of people, all over the globe that sometimes are unsure of themselves. 369 more words


Do you "lose yourself" as a parent?

I’ve heard and said it before.

You risk losing yourself the moment you have a child. 

You lose your independence. 

You lose your free time.  379 more words


To The Man Who Raped Me, The Man Who Got Away

Do not consume with alcohol. Even after countless times of being prescribed Paracetamol, I never quite took those 5 words on the label seriously.

Well, they say you treat an outside wound with rubbing alcohol and you treat an inside wound with drinking alcohol. 648 more words

I've Been Avoiding All My Pain, And Now It Feels Like I'm Drowning

I avoid things: big moments, confrontations, and more recently, emotions. In my past, I’ve been in both states of mind, one where I’m a hard-hearted, fake-a-smile kind of a girl or the one where I’m a hot mess, seeking help. 475 more words

Far From Bliss

Laughing, laughing, as I fall backwards.
Wanting the pain, if only to stop the numbing tingles.
I allowed you to write as if you knew me. 96 more words


A Hellish Realization Of Life

The Doctor:
I understand, all right. The hopeless dream of being – not seeming, but being. At every waking moment, alert. The gulf between what you are with others and what you are alone. 196 more words