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coming home, taking the reins

First- the duck ladies are beginning to lay eggs RIGHT as I returned from my trip! 60 eggs Thursday, then 120, 177 and then 250 today. 1,396 more words

New Farmer

When I first lost my self

I have almost 80 days of continuous sobriety.  I feel different than I ever have before – despite having had over two years sober at one point. 720 more words


Signs You're Losing Yourself in a Relationship...

At some point, we have all been guilty of making sacrifices for the sake of our relationships. While compromise is key in the success of any relationship, it should never be done to the point where you begin to feel as if you have lost yourself in the process. 321 more words


The most terrifying thing...

The most terrifying thing in life is to love. Loving someone means giving your entire being to them and hoping to God that they won’t fuck up and shatter you into thousands of pieces. 190 more words

Loss is what we're ultimately founded upon

Tomorrow night I’ll be speaking at our church on the topic of loss. The foundation of the talk will come from the book I’ve written titled… 1,659 more words

Christopher Cudworth

Finding Me

Finding Me

Last week I hit rock bottom. I find I couldn’t write about it as I didn’t know why I just felt like crying. I knew this was coming, I have felt on the edge for a couple of years. 936 more words


I ran away from his memory. I saw him standing at every corner, at every bus stop. I saw him hanging around my house, lounging on the sofa, leaning against my bedroom walls. 477 more words