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Three Years Ago

In a couple of hours, it will be exactly three years since Laura passed.  Three years.  It seems impossible she has been gone so long.  But there is a beautiful symmetry at work.   672 more words


Really shouldn't get this fucked up

You can have it if you don’t mind some or all the others stay with me

You confuse me with your riddles and your sudden generosity… 234 more words


Can we be friends?

I’m starting to think we shouldn’t be friends. It’s not that I don’t love you, it’s that I love you too much. All of my life I have been searching for that one friend who would become best friend, and I thought that was you. 205 more words


January 30, 2016

August 13th, 2012 was the day I moved out of my father’s house and into the dorms on Midland’s campus.  You were there at 8 in the morning just to send me off…and show of your new bike.   292 more words


Won't get fooled again

“You never loved me but you fooled me brilliantly.”

So. Fucking.True.

And I would have done just about anything

For you.

And I have never… 27 more words



Image by Christine Renney

The day after his eldest brother had taken his own life the boy’s dad drove into work. The boy was eighteen, a man but watching his dad from the passenger seat he felt like a child. 50 more words



I love my family so fucking much 💞

They know that I was/am broken and they did/do their level-best to put me back together.

They witnessed me at my absolute lowest point that can still be considered “alive” and they battled right by my side. 132 more words