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For You My Friend

I am posting this poem for an extraordinary and beautiful new friend.  You know who you are.  My heart and love are with you today. 94 more words



This won’t make sense to any of you, but I have to get it out.

Kinda like the majority of my posts, I imagine…

We – meaning me and one other person, pretty much – packed up our entire “office”, which means in reality, … 578 more words



Things I cannot say…

Thoughts I am unable to reveal…

Terms I have to come to peace with…

Permit me from telling you…

That I really wish you were here so I can trace letters on your back, spelling out words with my fingertips, and then you guess what they are. 13 more words


And there you have it

Allow me to explain –

If you were put off by my overtly sexual post from a few days ago…

As I have been saying, certain things cannot be unseen. 35 more words


For My Forever Hero

As many of you know, the anniversary of Ralf’s passing is approaching.

A few weeks ago, his father spoke at a firefighter symposium in Miami. When he told me about it, I expressed wanting to contribute somehow, but wasn’t sure what I could do. 130 more words


Crossing over

Sometimes I think about that guard at the Canadian border, questioning all of us in the car about our relationships to each other.

So you tell him. 284 more words


Where Did She Go?  A Slothful Seeking of the Divine by Cynthia Garrity-Bond

 A week ago today was my birthday.  I’m the same age as my mother when she died of a stroke some twenty-eight years ago.  This past year has been marked by the deaths of close friends and family; most recently my Uncle Jack who almost made it to his 93rd birthday. 704 more words