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Prince ponderings

So not to jump on the bandwagon by any means and capitalize on Prince Rogers Nelson’s untimely death, but I feel the need to find meaning in his death. 667 more words



Sometimes I wonder why I even try to beat this, this overwhelming self hatred isn’t going to just disappear because I am popping pills or because I am admitting to people that I am depressed or anxious or that I have been sexually assaulted. 1,411 more words



I hate her. Yes, hate. A woman I’ve never met and probably never will.

I hate that she is yours, and you are hers. I hate that I was too late and you had already moved on. 212 more words


A sudden loss...

Today as I was flipping through my news feed, there it was.  The news that Prince had died, yes, it was a total shock, as I am sure it was and still is for the rest of the world.  28 more words

Hour and a Half Shy

I awoke at six-thirty like I did every Monday morning, I solemnly dressed myself and I hopped on the Manhattan bound subway en route to work. 638 more words