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Thorn In My Heart

May God forgive you ,
for the thorn you placed in my heart.

It merely stung at first,
but now it’s torn us apart. 94 more words


Lettuce and Tears

Today is the 16th. That is the date their father took his life. January 16th, 2015. It’s been three months. Sometimes it seems like three days, sometimes three years. 306 more words


On Moments of Happiness and Hope

I drove home from Manhattan today, after a whirlwind day of visiting friends and familiar haunts in the city I once called home but in which I never truly felt at home. 707 more words


Heart Out Of Heartbreak

How sad it is
That it takes a broken heart
To write a poem
Or a song.
It’s a sad thing,
But it’s a powerful thing. 92 more words


It gets murky...

It’s not that I’ve forgotten you, sweet angel of mine, it’s that I just lost myself for a little while.  You’ve been there so strong and true.   48 more words

Kait King

Feast or Famine

Look at me,
Inside this perfect little house
I’ve built,
I lie…
I lie awake all night and rouse

Waiting for you,
but I… 122 more words



The trees are finally starting to sprout tiny buds. I love spring….the sounds of the birds, the frogs in our pond….the smell of wet earth and new grass…the feel of the sun that we never see much of in our winters here. 439 more words