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My Tiny Rodent Heart

Okay folks, so this is just gonna be one of those brutally honest, fly by the seat of my pants, non-edited blogs – one where I ooze uncomfortable honesty and vomit vulnerability but at the end of the day, this is my therapy. 475 more words

What Is Left

My mom asks which tie I like best as we stand over the open drawer. She asks me variations of the question all day: when do you think we should have the service? 1,348 more words



This post is totally outside any chronological structure I should be imposing on the tale of my Annapurna adventure, but the reason for that will be clear as you read down. 705 more words

Dreamed of Death

Last night I had a very unusual dream. I am reading a book similar so I am sure this is where the inspiration came from. I dreamed that I died, and yet was still on earth. 194 more words

You Probably

You probably never meant for any of this happen. Hell, you probably never saw any of this coming, just like how Aunt Emma never saw that SUV. 1,689 more words


Everything I loved became everything I lost.

Stress – You self absorbed, attention seeking jerk of an emotion, I hate you so much.

I hate the way you are always right there demanding my full attention. 227 more words



If you’ve ever lost someone important in your life, you know that it’s not easy to get over or to cope with.

Loss is something that everyone goes through. 263 more words