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A Tribute to Mom

My mother Wilma died over a decade ago on July 16, 2002.  Mom’s absence from my life is still overwhelming.  My Mother was my best friend.   233 more words


Can everyone stop procreating please?

It’s everywhere.

As I scroll through my Facebook feed, as I drive down the road, as I walk through the supermarket. There I am, surrounded by ultrasound pictures and bumps. 193 more words


She never walks away...

Her hands  trembled and her eyes sparkled with shields of glass made of hot grains of anger. She cries easily. Whenever she is so emotionally charged, she pours it all out quickly and that  helps her shrug off anything quite fast.. 1,224 more words




Back when I was king
All obeyed my rule
And now like a fool
I govern nothing

Back when you were mine
I was happiest… 90 more words


When Tragedy Strikes

When tragedy strikes, it is an awful and powerful reminder of how fragile life is. It jolts us back for a minute to sharing and showing love to those we cherish and adore. 497 more words

Life Untangled



With a sly grin
and an unblinking stare
he imparts a sudden hunger.
With a firm hand
upon my trembling knee
he conveys a secret desire. 87 more words