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Depth Perception

You feel so close to me,
Yet I know you’re so very
Far away.
You’re intangible;
A concept,
A memory.
It hard to distiguish
The difference between… 77 more words


Schrödinger's Life

I can’t grasp Life.

It eludes me.

It taunts me.

It laughs at me, as it playfully prances around a the corner, not too fast that I lose track of it but not slow enough that I can catch up either. 299 more words


For Mother

When evening light the garden fills
And shadows fall across the lawn
Beneath the oak,
Down the long path
With trug of windfalls
And a bunch of mint, 9 more words


Our Story.

April 16,2015: I’ve been debating for a while on whether to write about this or not, and I finally decided to just do it. I’m a very transparent and upfront person, and I don’t like living two different lives. 2,175 more words


Unexpected Words

“Even if it’s worst case scenario and it is cancer, waiting a week or two would not make a difference as far as treatment goes.” Not the words I ever wanted to hear at a doctor’s appointment. 259 more words


Slowly, but surely.

Today I got the opportunity to see family that I don’t regularly get to, my daughter got to run around being a rambunctious kid, & I got to visit with a childhood friend & her husband that I don’t get to see too often. 45 more words


Ooh, let's say I was on sabbatical so I sound important...

Mornin’ all.

Sorry I’ve been incommunicado…

*author’s note: Dude, I spelled that right on my first try! No shit.*

…but the winds of change have been flowing through the House of Bethie, and I’ve been scrambling to set everything back in its place. 1,758 more words

Beth Reason