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Widowhood and Hashtags

It finally happened. I’d read about it in some widow groups that I’m a member of, but had never personally experienced it myself. I’ve even had the audacity to think to myself, “Wow, these women know some really insensitive people!” And now, I stand corrected… 6 more words



By and by,
the past, it passes –
date-raping purpose
through peering glasses;
pregnant pauses never lasting.

Every vanished thrill
restarting futures
on a windowed sill; 67 more words


Shifting Sands

On a cloudless day

the low autumn sun

warms my cheek

lights up the edges of the grass stalks

and casts deep shadows

in shallow footprints. 297 more words


Bubble Baths and Pinot Grigio

I decided to take an Epsom Salt bubble bath tonight because I worked out for the first time in a very long time yesterday and I am SORE. 448 more words


Oh . . . I forgot . . .

When you wake up in a panic because you can’t remember if this is the day you’re supposed to take your mother to the doctor and it takes you a good three minutes to remember that she died nine years ago… 35 more words


Fifty-Two Weeks of My Healing...

Week 39:

Like throwback Thursday, this is way back tuesday for this photo. My mom and older sister. I think my mom was early thirties, she had gotten off work and I took this photo. 20 more words