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Why? Why, why, why?

I remember so clearly, hugging each other so tightly, both crying . . .

He was moving his stuff out.

What if . . .  475 more words


Rephrase And Erase

I suppose you’ll think
This is about you
And it is, I suppose
But only in the most minute way.
In fact, I am oddly joyful… 70 more words


Keeping Score

You thought life was a river
You’d just go with the flow
But it’s like an explosion
Any moment can blow
Waiting for that moment… 131 more words


Life is too short

Yesterday there was a fatal motorcycle crash in NJ.

My co-worker lost her cousin and his wife.  

She and I talked for quite a long time today, and here’s what we decided that we would pledge to do: 293 more words


Ride around the lake, redux 

If only you knew the thoughts in my head and the feelings in my heart and the aching in my soul . . .

Oh. 20 more words


Out of the Darkness: into Andi's Light

Leta remembered.

When I arrived in Kankakee today, she led me to a shady area by a tree and gave me a small plastic bag with a white envelope bearing my name. 747 more words


The bitterness is no longer a surprise
It is a daily taste to relish
Nothing seems to mean that much
Those reaching out can’t feel my touch… 71 more words