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The Ties That Bind

The ties that bind,
someday you will find,
are not as secure as we feign.

The ties that bind,
I pray you will find, 124 more words


Dear Elijah

My mother’s dying, and I need the guidance of both Kristy and you now more than ever. Five years ago, you would have been there, writing me words of strength, loving your make-shift little sister with everything you have. 370 more words


We only see what we want to. We only see what we are shown. When mixed together the picture can be so far away from the truth. 168 more words




Because everything ends.

Regardless, how eternal we would like to believe some things are; closures, ends, finales are always looming around the corner. No matter how big the book is, all stories, all thoughts, all ideas, must come to an end. 251 more words


A Life Re-Visited

It’s really hard to be mad at someone who’s dead. There’s no way to yell at him, no way to gain that sense of closure. It’s also hard to be angry at an inanimate object…you CAN yell at that; it’s not very satisfying though. 502 more words


On This Night...

Originally posted on ARealMummyDiary.com; Edited on A Moment For Me Blog

Date: November 16th 2013 Time: 9pm roughly
I had probably just come back from the Urgent Care Centre with The Mister… I had been bleeding for an hour or two. 357 more words


To the Ends of the Earth

I run- searching, (for what I do not know)- but I am running.

Escaping this prison of memories.

In every direction, I am reminded.

I am trapped, by my own mind, if nothing else. 289 more words