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Nineteen Blackbirds

Atop a razor thin wire thirty feet above my head, nineteen blackbirds are perched, resolutely, zombie-like, side by side by side, as if waiting for the bus. 659 more words



‘My father was in a coma for six weeks before he died,’ a man told me recently. This man also described how he sat with his father until the end. 279 more words


Alone I Sit

Upon the housetop, loneliness prevails
Understand I can’t, of coldness in death
Where is the love that once fulfilled
All of life’s dreams and promises said… 92 more words


A touch of liberty

This…is for you, RJC (Not “liberty, but rather a lengthier “——erty…”), Jr., PhD

I am finally able to let go. In many, many ways…

But our history cannot – and shall not – be erased nor forgotten. 50 more words


Eden of a Mind

She asked:
“Where’s your favorite place?”

My sass
would reply in sarcasm,
my wit
would dismiss
the question altogether,
my humor
would reference something
short on laughs… 165 more words


Between the shadow and the soul

‘So, if you are too tired to speak, sit next to me for I, too, am fluent in silence.’
― R. Arnold

Teleport to Green Story


3 months...

Today is 3 months since mom has been gone. And it still hurts. Not as much, but still. Last night had a cry it out session with my sister. 24 more words