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A Confession of Cesar Hernandez Proportions


I recognize you are a man of few words.

Black. White.

In light of recent events, court rulings, trolls threatening to post “porn” pictures if I don’t remove my blog, I wanted to try to explain one more time why it happened but have never really gone into much “depth” as to – what happened, how it happened, how it felt – I have a stalker. 1,011 more words


What the Duck, Mrs. Mallard? - a student's response to "The Story of an Hour" by Kate Chopin

Dave Foster, Student in my Communications Cluster. City Campus.  His response to the short story, “The Story of An Hour” by Kate Chopin took me by surprise.   631 more words



I’d follow you for a time
Let me speak what’s on my mind
Hear me not, well that’s fine
Now free me from this line… 181 more words


On Grief

I’ve come to believe that you don’t heal from grief.  And you don’t get ‘over it’ either.  Instead you heal around it.  The body creates a safe place for it to live on inside.   209 more words


Grief and sadness…

like cobwebs
in the darkest corner
mocking the tears
that having flowed
now dry in the air
and leave
that sticky dryness… 70 more words


His Eye is On The Sparrow

When you discover
that every tear shed
will not purge you
of his memories;
that every fallen drop
isn’t equivalent
to the distance
he falls away from you; 187 more words


My Melancholy

I’m depressed. At least I think I’m depressed. I’ve spent my whole life convincing myself that I wasn’t depressed, so it’s hard for me to recognize it now. 817 more words