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Home stretch 

so everyone, haven’t wrote in awhile and since the wedding is in a week if figure I’d take a little time to vent a little. … 276 more words

Loss Of A Child

The willow tree, one year later

The willow tree has survived its first year. I worried that the ice storm would kill it but it didn’t. Just goes to prove that old saying what will not bend will break.

Trust your higher self...

When we are babies, we learn to walk before we can run. Most kids anyway. Arthur ran before he ever considered walking. He was curious about everything and afraid of nothing. 217 more words

What if?

One of my biggest regrets in life is that my dad died before I made a life for myself. He wasn’t there to give me away ( a job brilliantly done by my younger brother), nor did he meet any of my four children. 338 more words


If My Grief Could Speak

This is Day 5 of my 30 day journey into Megan Devine’s Refuge In Grief – Writing Your Grief course. ¬†In all honesty I have no idea how I will feel at the end of this course but it is my hope that I will be able to do a bit of cleansing of my tormented mind, body and spirit. 714 more words


The path of my grief

I have sat down so many times over the past month trying to write…trying to get some of what is inside out…trying to vent. Needing to. 620 more words


Those of you that belong to the “Club” know the meaning of I am great…

That is the go to answer for all questions. How are you? 328 more words