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(Dec 4, 2016) I thought of you today....

Dec 4, 2016 – Do angels send hugs from  heaven? If they do Baby Girl, can you please send one to Daddy today. I can tell that he is struggling, but he just doesn’t know how to say it. 357 more words

Kiyana McNeal

Regrets : Work it

Amanda: Writing from Heaven

Chapter 24

Never regret anything you do. It maybe a bad choice, but it’s your choice; no one else’s. ~ Amanda… 555 more words


The 10th Anniversary of Althea’s Death #everydayinspiration

December 1st.  I can feel it in my bones days before it arrives.  Late fall, Thanksgiving leftovers gone, dead leaves, frost, Christmas coming, my daughter dying in my arms. 456 more words

Costa Rica

Why We Hug

Six years ago, a tragic car accident after his high school graduation took the life of my sister’s nephew.   Her own kids were all teens themselves when they lost their cousin, and the aftermath was unlike anything I had ever seen.  1,074 more words

Who is This New Person Staring Back at Me?

It has been just over five weeks since Kiyana’s death, and so much has changed. I’ve changed! Each day when I look in the mirror, I see this new person staring back at me, with eyes of complete heartache, a smile that is non-existent, and a face showing evidence of many tears. 897 more words

Kiyana McNeal

I am a surfer, hear me roar.

The word emotion conjures up vivid images of various people in the throes of strong feelings. As these images roll across my line of vision, a thought occurs to me. 404 more words

Pull the Weeds

Amanda: Writing from Heaven

Chapter 21

Not everyone is gonna support you, so be happy with the ones who care. ~ Amanda

At my home, I maintain a nice green and well groomed lawn. 470 more words