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I Don't Like Myself Sometimes

I’ve written before (either here or on one of my other blogs) about how ugly my jealousy has been since Nolan’s death.  It makes me feel like a truly evil person at times how much I struggle with bad thoughts when I hear of other people going through a difficult time. 435 more words

Soul Contracts ...

Soul contract?

This is a subject that is easy to speculate or debate about when you are chatting with a peaceful mind. We can easily share our opinions as to whether our physical body has its own expiration date which we signed up for before we were born until it becomes personal when out of order death happens in our family. 864 more words


It's funny 

It’s funny how ur there for everyone but when u need someone to listen or to help, there’s hardly anyone around. U feel lost, lonely, and unimportant. 286 more words

Loss Of A Child

Research & Rainbows

Evan and I have spent the past few days at the March of Dimes national conference. We met amazing people and other family teams from all over the country committed to the cause of healthy babies.  528 more words


Just under the surface

There are times when it’s further under the surface. There are other times it’s so close to the surface that you can almost see it. It’s always there though. 371 more words


Four years ago today was “C”‘s official due date.

Four years of longing.  Four years of wishing and dreaming.

56 cycles with 55 ending in nothing and one in a miscarriage. 50 more words


Thanking God for a Rainbow Baby

A little over a year ago I saw the term rainbow baby for the first time.  I read about how a child that is born after miscarriages is called a rainbow baby.   389 more words