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First Trip Back, Canonized

Once I held you

when there were no more words

only the spindly length of skin and bone, landscape

of defeated shoulders, limbs still

as an unplucked string, my own pressed… 68 more words

Grief: As An INTJ... And Emotions In General

INTJ’s aren’t without emotions. We just express them differently. This is how some of us experience grief. 1,136 more words


Tattoo Ramble

Four months after I turned 18 I got the tattoo I had wanted for a few years, a snowflake. That is the symbol for the main illness my dad has because no two patients with it are alike. 283 more words


Droopy Plants and Grief

Funerals of grandparents.

Funerals of aunts and uncles.

Funeral of a cousin.

Funerals of friend’s parents.

Funerals of friend’s babies.

Funerals of students and colleagues. 420 more words

Two rocks lie heavy in my heart; the first is Mum

Why was I getting an email from a policewoman in England; is this the latest scam? But I recognised her station’s address, so clicked it open with dread. 630 more words


(Un)happy Anniversary

As we move through grief, we inevitably encounter the dreaded “firsts:” First birthdays without our loved ones, first holidays, first Father’s Days and Mother’s Day, and the big, bad, scary first: the anniversary of our loved one’s passing. 454 more words

Loss Of A Parent

Motherless Child

Within the last six months, I have developed some issues with anxiety and have had a few panic attacks as a result.  I experienced my first panic attack during a time when I was extremely stressed.  1,097 more words