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That Little Thing Called Grief

It’s been a little over two months and a week since my father passed away.

Just sitting here and staring at that simple sentence makes me feel raw. 496 more words


Goodnight Mum and God Bless.

My mother died at 11.05 pm today . I knew she was likely to but now it’s has happened , I can’t believe it. Yes, as they say, she was a good age, 98 yrs and 4 months. 431 more words


Breakfast with a ghost

You would have turned 60 today.  Somehow, though, you knew that you weren’t going to be long for this place.  Its been two years since you’ve been gone and I still feel an dull ache in my chest if I let my mind linger too long on your memory.   277 more words


Daddy's Girl

I’ve been missing my dad a lot lately. He will be gone 2 years in September.

Prior to his passing, I spent a lot of time with him. 201 more words

Missing home

I normally work Monday to Friday, but I went to work today. I had doctor appointments and mediation and had to make up some time. I need to save as much of my vaca time for our camping trip as I can. 426 more words

Wasted afternoon

Stress is like a living force. It grows and thrives in an all consuming wave, devouring any sort of creative spark that you might have otherwise had. 191 more words

Happy Birthday, Daddy.

Another year – a new set of memories of you is what I should be writing about, but instead I write of memories from the past. 678 more words