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How Apartheid Came to My Corner of the World, a.k.a. I Was Blessed with Remarkable Parents

In a few weeks, Veterans Day will mark the second anniversary of my father’s death.  I become admittedly more emotional as more days like this-birthdays and holidays and anniversaries- come and go.   1,399 more words


An Unexpected Surprise

Celebration Joy is happening!

My sweet niece, Paige is getting married this month. 670 more words


On Hold

I have been needing to write for a while now.  I know this, there is so much to be said and talked about.  Heck, we even went to the National Institutes of Health and spent a whole week last month.   2,144 more words

Just some random thinking...

I tend to over think a lot of things. Lucky for you I have time to blog about the overthinking. HA!

A few months ago when I started this blog I skipped over the “scary stuff” that has happened in my life. 310 more words


I apologise for those who read this in advance – here is my warning to you now, I am still blogging about death, mourning and grief – if you do not wish to read my thoughts and feelings, stop reading now and close this page. 567 more words

9 months

I miss my mom. Not every second of every day, numb feeling, kind of missing. But hit you out of the blue, actual physical pain when you remember she is gone, miss her.  519 more words

Deep Thoughts

Loss of a parent

Facebook memories can be such a bitch.

Here I was having a good morning, freezing my Bologna off here on the land of the pines, thinking it was a normal day, and then I innocently clicked onto Facebook to catch up. 71 more words