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Tributes to parents

John Faine of ABC Melbourne interviewed Susan Wyndham, Margaret Rice and Chris Hall on 24 October, 2013. That interview is just as relevant today as it was three years ago. 164 more words

My Dad ❤️

These are the words that I spoke at my dad’s memorial service. Tomorrow, we will be surrounded by people we love, being thankful for all we have. 930 more words

Wait....Am I Doing This Right??


On 07 November, I lost my mother to lung cancer. She fought an impossible battle for two years of her life, and she handled her illness with a grace that I hope I will be able to summon someday in the face of adversity. 439 more words

What Grieving Loved Ones Need During The Holidays

The imminent holiday season has amplified my loss.  Christmas carols that once symbolized holiday cheer now sound like nails on a chalk board. The thought of writing holiday cards now seem like an exhausting task.   701 more words


After weeks of running re-purposed content and ‘borrowed’ articles, it was good to see the blog get its groove back this weekend with five days of great pieces starting last Thursday. 426 more words


How Apartheid Came to My Corner of the World, a.k.a. I Was Blessed with Remarkable Parents

In a few weeks, Veterans Day will mark the second anniversary of my father’s death.  I become admittedly more emotional as more days like this-birthdays and holidays and anniversaries- come and go.   1,399 more words


An Unexpected Surprise

Celebration Joy is happening!

My sweet niece, Paige is getting married this month. 670 more words