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Through My Father's Eyes

If I stare at myself long enough in the mirror I can see my father’s eyes.  In the four months that my Dad has passed, I find myself doing this quite a bit, it’s almost become a ritual.  873 more words

You Returned Home To Life

 When you attend a funeral as a guest, you return home to life, vigor, vitality.  The immediate family heads home to a new life, a life with a massive void, a life that was not asked for, but handed to them.   506 more words

Respect Is Earned, Not Given

Congratulations on your accomplishment! What a wonderful milestone!!!  You endured sleepless nights, endless blood, sweat and tears.  You worked hard to get where you are and I’m proud of you. 479 more words

I Lost More Than A Father, I Lost My Best Friend

Few things in life are as powerful for a man than a daughter who adores him. The bond between a father and a daughter is one of the greatest of bonds in your lifetime. 763 more words

My Two Stars

This is the eighth Mother’s Day I celebrate without my mom. I still miss her as much as I did that first Mother’s Day without her, although the raw pain has turned into bittersweet memories. 645 more words


And the horse you rode in on

Mother’s Day is tomorrow. I have been preparing myself for this day, knowing it will rough. I ignored the commercials, deleted the emails, and scrolled past the Facebook reminder and posts of people and their moms. 408 more words

Deep Thoughts

Anticipatory Grief is Real

My father was my biggest fan in life. I spent 40 years with this man cheering me from the sidelines. He taught me how to throw a baseball, how to drive, how to dance standing on top of his feet. 1,060 more words