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The Little Things

As weird as it is to say my life hasn’t changed that much since mom died. It’s been 24 years since I lived at home, and 10 years since we lived anywhere close, assuming you consider a 7 hr drive close.  296 more words

Deep Thoughts

Grieving the Father I Never Knew

When my dad died, it didn’t feel like he went to heaven or hell, or to any other afterlife that man could imagine. Instead, it just felt like he ceased to exist. 751 more words

Cultivate Catch Up: Healing

No reflection on the past year is worth having without thinking about the bad as well as the good. In my opinion (as this prompt indicates), it is through some of the bad, tough, and challenging stuff that we can emerge more insightful and stronger than ever. 948 more words


Highs and Lows

I was having a rough week. I cried through church on Sunday. I broke down and cried for a good half hour at work one day. 343 more words

Deep Thoughts

Love You Forever

6:12 AM Friday. House quiet. Dark. Coffee in hand, almost too hot to drink. As I’m getting settled in to write and eat my breakfast I laugh, I sit on a chair, stick to it, Fiona got into the agave syrup yesterday. 1,138 more words


The drama is real

Have you ever had one of those friends who always has some kind issue going on in their life? Every time you talk to them some new horrible thing has happened. 1,801 more words

Deep Thoughts

I saw it on the internet

When we first found out mom was sick she didn’t want people to know so we only told a few close family members and friends. We locked down our Facebook pages so people who knew couldn’t “accidentally” share the information. 330 more words

Deep Thoughts