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Looking Up: Remembering My Dad During the Solar Eclipse

I remember the last major solar eclipse that passed through my home state: May 10, 1994. I was 11 years old and all the kids in my class were out in front of my elementary school looking through a solar telescope, amazed as the moon slowly blocked out the sun’s rays. 426 more words

Loss Of A Parent

{tears come and go}

The shear amount of crying I have done in the last two weeks is bordering on insanity. Have you ever cried so hard your head hurts? 475 more words

Second Life

The Loss of a Loved One. Things I've learnt along the way..

Losing a loved one is probably, the single, most difficult thing, we as humans have to endure in this lifetime.
Whether it is a child losing a parent or a parent losing a child, whether it is losing a sibling or friend, spouse, partner or even a pet, the pain one endures is life changing. 768 more words

Just Me and You, Without the You


Today is your 51st birthday but before I can celebrate you, I have to tell you about this really terrible nightmare I had: I flew from Berlin to Maryland to be with you after your knee surgery and the next morning you passed away. 1,441 more words

Just one more day...

If I had one wish…
I would ask for one more day with you dad.

One more day to tell you how much I love you and how much I miss you. 161 more words

The call log

While watching tv the other night I decided to clean up the call log on my cell phone. As I’m mindlessly hitting delete, delete, delete, I came across a recent call to “Mom & Dad”. 249 more words

Deep Thoughts

Thinking About Death

I think more about death now than I used to.

Not in a morbid way. More in a to do list kind of way.

I want to keep my junk drawers clean in case I die suddenly. 1,357 more words