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NRC orders nuclear plants to make repairs to address vulnerability in the event of loss of offsite power

Platt’s news service reported today:

US nuclear plant operators must provide information to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission by February about an electrical vulnerability that could affect safety systems and how each plant plans to mitigate it, the agency said in a letter made public Friday. 244 more words

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Update on Arkansas Nuclear: NRC confirms explosion in turbine building, adds that Unusual Event declared, one source of offsite power is also down

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission issued this statement on the fire and shutdown at Arkansas Nuclear today:

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has activated its incident response center in Arlington, Texas, following the declaration of an Unusual Event at the Arkansas Nuclear One nuclear power plant. 133 more words

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NRC Event Report: Two North Texas reactors on emergency power after cable supplying offsite power is cut

Wednesday afternoon, operators at the Comanche Peak nuclear power plant in North Texas declared an Unusual Event for both the station’s reactors after offsite power was lost. 39 more words

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Lightning strike knocks out off-site power at Illinois nuke; plant's two units were on emergency diesel generators overnight

The Associated Press reported on Thursday, April 18:

The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission says a lightning strike knocked out power to a northern Illinois nuclear plant for several hours Wednesday night, but emergency generators kicked in to keep the site running. 76 more words

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Event Report: Loss of power incident activated generators, emergency cooling systems at New York nuclear power plant

The James A. FitzPatrick nuclear power plant near Oswego, New York notified the Nuclear Regulatory Agency that on October 5, 2012, it lost offsite power to its sole reactor. 303 more words

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Update on NRC Bulletin on electrical problems: Problem in April with South Carolina nuke may be related

The NRC is threatening the Catawba nuclear plant in South Carolina with increased inspections following a loss of power incident in April. The details, as reported by South Carolina newspaper… 119 more words

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NRC Bulletin warns plants of potential design flaw that could affect electrical systems following loss of offsite power

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission issued a Bulletin today requesting information from all 104 operating commercial nuclear reactors in the United States. According to an NRC press release: 204 more words

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