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Some people suck less than I initially thought

When I was pregnant with Matthew, a co-worker and I had a conversation – she offered to give me all of her son’s baby clothes, because she didn’t plan to have any more children. 968 more words

Child Loss

Can't they stay?

Why do people leave, cant they say?
Is it because of me? Should i go away?
No matter how hard i think about it, no answer comes my way.. 148 more words

I was late last week with my “nasty” story, but appreciated the comments; thanks all y’all! That was one of my favorite photo prompts ever! Out of the park, Liz! 304 more words

Tales From The Motherland

Just a Little Bit of Prose

Just once I’d like to lay my head down and go to sleep. Sleep without the play play play pause play of constant loops in my head and all the conversations I never had with the people I should have burning in my throat. 106 more words


A new beginning​ awaits

Hello Everyone,

It would have been my dad’s birthday today, I miss him more than words. He passed away 5 years ago from cancer. One year after he passed away I began to very quickly lose the rest of the vision that I had. 290 more words


So rare to see, so rare to feel,

this sense of dispair,

is too much to bear.

It’s claws around me,

no room to breathe, 67 more words



Grieving comes in many forms and I feel like I’ve felt all of them. My grieving comes with excessive crying and panic attacks. Over the past few days I’ve been dealing with my panic attacks all over again. 263 more words