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She Said

She said these things

And should have lifted

The happy hand of

Friendship which was

Offered, not love as took

My heart lifted to heights… 56 more words


With Me

My heart aches when I remember you.
Your last day so happy and free.
It was selfish of me to
keep you so long. I knew… 21 more words

Poetry By Sarah

When Calls The Heart

I love a cheesy show. I love all the bad things ending with a happy ending and it’s one of my guilty pleasures along with musicals, pride and prejudice and The Godfather films. 445 more words


How to Lose Her/ How to Keep Her

You must learn her.
You must know the reason why she is silent. You must trace her weakest spots. You must write to her. You must remind her that you are there. 69 more words


dealing with a loss is hard as it is.

having people around you tell you to get over it and stop wasting your time on the past is even harder. 176 more words


Just because it's a children's story doesn't mean ...

Reading The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane at age 28 is not as smooth as one should ever expect.

“And Edward was surprised to discover that he was listening.” (77, DiCamillo)

248 more words

We Wipe Our Tears And Wear A Smile

(In Memory of my Father, R. K Adjor, December 1940-April 2012)

Half a decade plus twelvemonth ago
You visited our homestead.
And when t’was time for you to leave, 75 more words

Lines, And Stanzas