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Mask- Part One

Thanks fromchrissywithlove for nominating me for the poem challenge. I appreciate your work and am deeply gratified at your mutual appreciation. Those who are nominated make a new poem each day for three days based off a quote and then nominate three people each day. 395 more words


Bringing The Broken To Life

I remember the day I pulled her mangled corpse from the truck bed. Rust marred her beautiful chrome and various dings gave her a rather fierce complexion. 408 more words

Fifteen Things

You have fifteen things
Going on right now, and I
Am not one of them.


Let It Be

When Philip was in high school, he was in the CGI program – Civics and Government Institute. Part of the core curriculum focused on learning how government worked. 1,156 more words


Happy Birthday?

Today would have been River’s first birthday. I’m not quite sure what to say; happy birthday seems wrong, since it’s not exactly happy. But it’s a day that needs remembering. 286 more words

Laundry and Take-Out: Why Therapy?

Going into therapy, finding the right therapist – it’s a risk. Why would anyone want to bare their soul to a stranger – does the thought make you feel hugely vulnerable, awkward? 1,159 more words