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The Price We Pay

World War II; the black car pulls into the driveway. Those who live there know what the messenger brings. Horror slowly dawns; a son will never come home again. 163 more words


To deny or not to deny . . . to be in denial is considered a negative but is it?

Denial is a natural reaction to anything which may cause us discomfort or distress, to that which we did not seek – illness, loss of a job or relationship.  358 more words

Sunday, April 19 Update.

Well my keyboard hates me i’ve been typing so much so I’ll make this update quick. My book Nevermore is doing very well I am however stuck on to different endings so I don’t know want i’m gonna do on that but otherwise everything else is pretty decent right now. 120 more words

Wishes to a Forgotten Friend


In less than an hour
You will watch her
Walk toward you
In beauty –
Both inward and outward.
Promises will be made
Vows will be spoken, 67 more words

Weight-loss – Shape Shifting Women – No Relation to Paranormal Characters

Weight-loss Shape Shifting Women No Relation to Paranormal Characters View Original Blog Post Here: http://forkyourwaytoweightloss.com/weight-loss-shape-shifting-women-no-relation-to-paranormal-characters-3/ Forming moving is a word that has in fact actually been in the media a beneficial bit in present times, nonetheless more in relation to the characters in the Twilight stories than particularly precisely precisely what we are going to examine in this brief post. 77 more words

Count your chickens

This was originally going to be titled ‘count your blessings’ on the basis of a serious subject I will cover further on. However I had a day that ultimately revolved around chicken and hence the title naturally changed. 850 more words


Quilts and hawks and the new normal....

Help me get my feet back on the ground….

If I was to make a timeline of the last five or six weeks, I could qualify my life musically (The Beatles, Belle and Sebastian, and Big Star).   543 more words