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Brush the decaying leaves aside
Uncover that moss blanketed stone
Slide your fingers along it’s cool belly
Digging for purchase with dirty nails

You think you’re free… 379 more words


A time for everything under heaven

19 years ago today, my heart tore in half when my son Douglas died of cancer.

The hospital room was so quiet and it smelled of tears. 206 more words


Don’t Romanticize Heartbreak

“Don’t romanticize heartbreak”, I say. Heartbreak is something hollow carved inside your chest, a cold sensation over your body, a numbness of your senses at first followed by a heart-rendering pain. 236 more words

Found And Lost.

I miss your name between my lips,
The lilt of it when I am happy,
The rumble when I am angry
The thin whisper when the world sits on me. 143 more words



Leave yourself in no doubt,

such an experience may reduce you to tears.

The most important thing you will ever know

is how to handle failure and loss. 82 more words


The bear and the chair

**TW contains themes of loss some may find upsetting**

First short story for the blog and it comes with a warning, I apologise but the story seemed to flow so quickly after a simple thought about there not being a word for parents who have lost a child in English. 1,318 more words

Bereaved Parents

The depth of the path

Long, long is the road
so fill up your water bottle and get your good boots:
the best of the journey is for those who are ready to journey… 13 more words