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Off Key Intimacy.

It’s so easy
to let you down
A message sent
in a busy crowd
Although my heart
it sings for you
the notes are off key… 74 more words



Let’s just be very clear about certain plans which by definition are only that one plan, there is no back up for those plans. Things go to plan or simply don’t. 865 more words


What, Became, of THAT Genius???

It’s all, YESTERDAY’s NEWS now…

What, became, of THAT genius??? You know, the one that people said good things about? The one who was said, to be going someplace big? 203 more words

Experiences Of Life

Investing myself

I often think, well, worry about how much I invest in others or situations. I then want it back but it’s gone. .

I feel like a moth to a flame, I go into a situation knowing that I’m more than likely going to get burned, but I still want to give myself both mentally and physically. 253 more words


Sandy Hook

I hope you know you’re not forgotten.

You live in my heart every day.

I still cry tears for you and your mothers.

I think of you as I watch my son grow. 51 more words

Daily Prompt: Martyr

I lay down my life
to this gleaming knife
albeit with rust
my trust –
my love –
one foul swing
is the correct thing… 9 more words



I’m sad
and I’m missing you

but I don’t really know
who you are anymore.

Which part do I long for?

Whose arms can I almost feel… 128 more words