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Working with Grief

I struggled over the name of this blog, as I started it titled as ‘working through grief’ but then I realized that you don’t really get through grief, you make peace with it. 207 more words

Going Forward

Book Review: Tear Soup

Disclaimer: Every person is different in what they find to be helpful, spiritual, humorous and comforting, which is why I include a section for general thoughts to clarify exactly what I liked and disliked about the book. 312 more words

Grief: The Spinoff

A few weeks ago, I did a blog on grief. I stated that grief is the emotional response to loss and that loss encompasses all types of loss. 474 more words

Emotional Stuff

The Cancer Crew

Earlier today my suite mate’s dad passed away. Yesterday, my mom told me that if her dad dies, the three of us, my roommate, my suite mate, and myself should write a book. 544 more words

Cancer Sucks

Learning To Live In The After

At times my life feels like it has been divided into segments, the “before” and the “after”.

The before was prior to both literally and figuratively losing people I love to  788 more words


Another dinner

Wednesday 2nd September

As your brother’s girlfriend is flying to Spain tomorrow to be with her mother, he phoned me earlier to see if we could all go out for dinner tonight. 255 more words


You are fucking beautiful

The past is the past is the past
Look back
No matter how horrible it was
May have been
How dark
And cold
And lonely it was… 89 more words