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Kitchen Window

She stood at the kitchen window

Still her eyes looking out

Over the fields of wheat

Now clothed in concrete and stone

Salt-moist with the days… 123 more words


Can’t you see?
That I’m lying on the floor?

When all you can do,
Is wipe your damn feet.

As you carry on,
To be cleansed-

(Of me)


#345 (unstrung, unsung)


a chord jammed

between my ribs

equal amounts of

sadness and pain

the sound of mourning

whenever a wave of grief

makes it sing again… 32 more words


What the Loss of a Loved One Taught Me

Death has always been a tough subject, and we all fear that day when we lose a loved one. That day came to me six years ago, when I got the call that my best friend had died in a car crash the night before. 941 more words


Identity Crisis

The other day I was talking to my sister on the phone and she commented that I sound different.

“I feel different” I responded.

I couldn’t quite figure out why I had felt different when just the week before I was drinking almost every night, not sleeping or eating well and feeling overwhelmingly bleck. 115 more words

The Fallen

Who helps the fallen, in their time of need,
Beaten into submission, by those with eternal greed;

Picking up the pieces, from the rubble of their lot, 73 more words


Nights are The Worst

The evenings are too long without work in the morning.  I’m reading a lot, doing household chores and keeping myself from calling you.  I still reach for the phone a hundred times a day smiling at the the little things that we would talk about, a silly license plate, another raccoon that didn’t make it to the side of the road, how the chuckle-heads at work were teasing you, a song from the past like England Dan and John Ford  Coley’ “Nights Are Forever Without You”.    44 more words