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#V Poem Challenge - Shattered and Miracle

Shattered skies break above,

The day you died,

The miracle of your life,

How you touched me so,

What you meant to me,

You’ll never know. 42 more words


The Sun and the Flower

You are the flower everyone wanted to pick, but no one wanted to water.

Try as they might, your roots grew deep for nourishment, your stalk grew impenetrable, and your bloom out of reach. 66 more words


Choka - Loss

Choka – Loss

My heart is searching

Longing for a trace of you

The nights are endless

A heaving ocean of tears

Drifting in my dreams… 41 more words


Personal post. Autism sucks, can you help this family?

So this is a personal post. My friends are doing a fundraiser. They are having trouble getting anyone to notice it. They are running low on time and if they do not meet goal, they won’t get the funds. 288 more words

Eis Phaos

I feel the wrath of an angel who couldn’t fly,

She blamed it on the devil who made her cry

And turn against the hand that gave her wings, 152 more words



Apologises for not posting recently but it’s been a bit of a hectic two weeks. So I thought it would be a good time t to talk excuses and how life can sometimes just get in the way of goals. 425 more words



I would write a song about it
If I could just find my heart
The motivation

But what could I write?
I used to understand why you hurt me… 92 more words