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Picking out a Grave Marker

When it comes to picking out a gravestone, some cemeteries only allow for markers so as not to disturb the natural appearance of the landscape. A marker is a flat headstone, compared to upright headstones which are called monuments.  697 more words


The Face

If sadness had a face
I’d paint it a plethora of colours
whirled up in twisted shades
like our hearts joined, but entangled
With every stroke, 76 more words

Spilled Ink

Last Words

The thaw began
And l feel
The ineptitude
Of last words
In a text

I wanted more…


Quiet the twin
Be still in this moment… 13 more words


Memorizing Happiness

Occasionally I experience a moment where everything is perfect at that particular place and time, so perfect that I can feel the happiness coursing through my body like an extra heartbeat. 593 more words

"A Light in the Sky & Hope in my Heart"

My new eBook “A Light in the Sky & Hope in my Heart” compiled with heartfelt, uplifting, poetry will soon be published! I am working on the final details now and it should be complete by next week.  109 more words



Like a bone china tea cup, I hit the floor and shatter.

Splinters of my soul disappear into dark crevices of a kitchen floor.

Even if I was to be reassembled by an expert craftsman, I doubt I will ever be whole again. 32 more words

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