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I regret not taking those chances

Because those moments are now gone.

I cannot simply replay them and start over again.

But if I could; 139 more words


Caring for My Children & Parents…Who’s Going to Take Care of Me in the End?

The experiences of being a middle-generation, what’s, trending N-O-W, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

Last year, as I’d wheeled my father, who’d had a broken femur and had a surgery back to the doctor’s office, my mother who is diagnosed with Parkinson’s wanted to come too, and, I’d begged and pleaded with her to stay home with the nurse’s aide; my father who’s normally very forceful and strong, with that stubbornness looked very unwilling, and several times, he’d attempted to use a walker, but he didn’t have any strengths in his legs, and, the wound still hurt, and he’d, given up on the attempts. 882 more words

Properties Of Life

Postcards From Spirit

I like oracle cards. I invested in this one a few weeks ago, and it is not about pretty pictures and trying to decipher symbolism, but Postcards From Spirit has the messages written down clearly on the cards. 218 more words


The first time a heart breaks..

I remember that it hurt so bad I could feel it in every part of my body. It was like he had become my oxygen, and now that he was gone, I could no longer breathe. 450 more words


Dieting Disaster, Dairy Decision and D-Day

So I had some bad news this week, a real blow, and it really threw me.  To my surprise I didn’t initially leap off the wagon, but a few days later without warning I did, with full force and, even for me, uncharacteristic vigour.  242 more words



If anyone asks, tell them I’m in mourning.

I mourn for my heart and the Love I keep here still. I mourn for the things I would give up soon — the little things that makes me smile, and all the memories that came with it. 153 more words

About These Last Weeks...

Buckle up, kids. I have two weeks to make up for. I had many ups and downs this last couple of weeks. I worked out A LOT and pushed myself physically, harder than I had ever pushed myself before, but I still gave into temptation a few times, which now that I see where it got me, were very bad choices. 1,520 more words