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8 Ways to Help a Grieving Parent (and 3 Don'ts)

The 15th is Pregnancy/Infant Loss Awareness Day.

I thought about not writing anything since I’ve already written a couple of posts on my losses ( 1,242 more words

Mousai Sans Toi - all of these are true

all of these are true

loving you was difficult
like clawing at one’s shadow
tearing apart hope and trust

you deserve no love
you would not even love yourself… 56 more words


Loser like me

I wait
As I tap my fingers
Every third word
As Julio paints the hallway
And the smoke alarm goes off again
And I just sit… 40 more words


The Silence is Broken

This space has held only silence for nearly six months.

I cannot count the times I’ve been online and tempted to open a new tab, put fingers to keyboard, and write something witty or heartbreaking or charming or life-affirming about parenting in general and foster parenting in particular. 477 more words

The Tough Stuff

Look to the sky

Tuesday 13th October

The last few days have seen a series of beautiful blue sky moments, few clouds, just the clearest and brightest of cerulean atmospheres. 103 more words


L. E. Scarecrow

Another place,
another time.
You and I…
in sync, in rhyme.

But not today,
no, not just now.
You’ve scared away
every ounce of hope… 91 more words


suitable: CASIO Lithium

Something suitable about going to the jewelers in this mining town. Something suitable about the older woman and her partially-grown, prematurely-greying son — his silver-stubbled cranium. 108 more words