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If I can't have her advice, I don't want anyone's

I have a memory that’s been popping up in my head often for the last little while. I am 12 or 13 years old, in that awkward pre-teen phase, when you don’t feel right in your own body and everything either annoys or embarrases you. 597 more words


Save the date

During the last few months, as the weight has piled on, I have slowly but very surely removed myself from all my usual social circles. I’ve been very suttle in the hope not to offend my friends, I’ve even been know to tell the odd little white lie! 280 more words

Slimming World

再见: Born is a new beginning

Dear reader,

I had to leave Ecuador early for a very personal reason. Yes, I had to get home because of my sister but mostly it was because of me. 2,396 more words


His Quiet Becomes My Quiet 

Recently someone very close to me revealed that she is expecting a baby. It was a lot to take in given my current situation and my journey to having another baby myself. 799 more words

Mornings with Nan, Prose

Mornings with Nan, Prose.
© 2016 LC

Reading your Bible by the dimmest light, your hair falling down into little strands. Awake before anyone else. Having trouble sleeping, your legs aching and writhing– keeping you awake. 133 more words


In The Middle Of Grief

In The Middle Of Grief

No start here’s demarcated for convenience, clearly
Black and white signage gone missing
Like a crucial stop sign stolen by the juvenile for wall art in their dorm… 193 more words


dolĉa somero infano

your dress flaps in the wind like a honeysuckle breeze
reminding me of long since devoured butterscotch dreams
with your sapphire eyes upturned to the sky… 104 more words