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It was a simple mistake.  I was at the gym yesterday, schussing along on the elliptical.  My trainer Derek has given me all sorts of sheets – some with info about nutrition and fitness and some that tracked my progress.  549 more words

Lost and Found

by David Lohrey

I am not interested in any poem that begins,

“I found myself.”

I found myself in a den of thieves.

I found myself a Hershey bar. 406 more words


Seeking because found

His mercy saw you before you knew him, when you were still lying under sin. Did we first seek Christ, or did he seek us first? 376 more words

Lent With St. Augustine

Lost and Found

He went walking by very quickly as I
entered the store with my grocery cart. He looked only about four years old. I
didn’t see any adults nearby, so I watched to make sure he was with a grown up. 417 more words

Faith in finance brings me Ruby Vroom

If you missed the last entry, we learned that my Kia Soul did not survive  a collision, and that was the end of that. (And I’m fine, because we also learned that’s the first question you’ll ask). 229 more words

Freelance Writing Announcements

Not Lost but Found!

I write after a long time for I got an anchor to weigh me down in amidst the doldrums of my thought. The sheer clarity that struck me was awe-inspiring and the moment was ethereal. 526 more words

You can't keep playing around with time.

Timeline/World: Terraphim – Lost and Found
Characters: Rafael Schakowsky
Race: Demon – God of Wind, Chaos, Order
Age: 1577, physically about 28
Final Word Count: 591 more words

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