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LAS 23

“I didn’t think you were ever going to return.” Seela mentioned as she brought me back inside her cavern. “It’s been months.” I nodded my head and apologized. 209 more words

Lost At Sea

LAS 22

Today marks three months since my granddaughter was born. Sweet baby Amelia…Millie for short. We all adore her and as grandparents, Elliott and I are doing our best to spoil her rotten. 126 more words

Lost At Sea

LAS 21

I carved another tally mark into the rock and realized that a year had passed. I immediately thought of my family. My little sister would be three months old by now. 184 more words

Lost At Sea

LAS 20

Seela the sea witch was definitely not what I’d expected…and lucky for me, she’d been surprisingly easy to find. She invited me inside of her cavern and motioned for me to sit down. 252 more words

Lost At Sea


12/7/2016. Untitled. 1:37 a.m.


LAS 19

Once we got back home, we sat together in silence. I could feel the heat from Finn’s glare burning into my skin. After a few more moments, I’d had enough. 309 more words

Lost At Sea

Graphic Novel Starter Kit

Discovering a new genre of books can be overwhelming, so if you’re new to graphic novels here are a few recommendations for starting out:

1. “Blankets” by Craig Thompson… 327 more words

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