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Past Imperfect - #40

Margaret had always been an unruly child, clamoring for attention. But when she returned from her year abroad in bohemian Paris, the annoyance factor escalated…

Bad Outfits

Past Imperfect - #34

They weren’t sure where they were, how they got there, or who decided to stop at the bordello for a costume change. But they were happy, and that’s all that really matters…

Women On The Edge

Past Imperfect - #32

Mimsy and Thea bravely participated in one of the first Lesbian Pride Parades, hoping to raise awareness. Sadly, they chose to take their stand in New York City, and absolutely no one paid any attention to them whatsoever…


Past Imperfect - #22

Much to her dismay, Irene’s powerful interpretive dance about the mating habits of the Balinese Freckled Stork failed to impress her fellow passengers, and she was shunned later that evening in the First Class Dining Room…

Social Awkwardness

Lost At Sea: by Anna Mosca


I had the feeling

I had been lost at sea

just for a few weeks

if weeks count as

years having no sweet… 120 more words

Poetry And Translation

Robert Redford Delivers Taut Suspense, Special Effects Add Realism, to Fast-paced "All Is Lost"

The indie movie of 2013 — “All Is Lost”— is actually a motion picture time warp, for it is basically a silent film. It came out eighty-six years after the first Hollywood talkie, “The Jazz Singer,” starring Al Jolson crooning “Mammy” in black face. 1,125 more words

2013 Oscars

Lost At Sea chapter 1:

April’s POV:

I don’t understand parents. They think that they are helping you when they are really just making everything worse than it already is. 289 more words

Lost At Sea