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Lost at Sea!

Fergie was not a good dog. Adopted from an ex-girlfriend because she didn’t get along with the woman’s other dogs, Fergie never had the impression my husband had rescued her, but indeed he had. 858 more words

you'll be there...

when it’s my┬átime
i will submit
my body will lie stiff
and a soul will be set free
i’ll wait for another soul… 51 more words

"A society is judged by what it mourns"

Gorilla Coffee is one of those places etched in my memory of Brooklyn, great coffee and a great place to hang out with people. I was getting the former to do the latter when I noticed the tattoos on my Barista (this makes me wonder if Barista is gender specific Is there a Baristo and a Barista? 231 more words

a lost tune - breakaway

A wooden boat moored to the dock, bobbing up and down in the same waters. As lost as an anchor less ship floating in unknown waters. Breakaway.


Book Review: Adrift by Paul Griffin

Paul Griffin
Scholastic Press, August 2015
ISBN 978-0-545-70939-2

Reading Adrift is like floating on the ocean, basking in the sun one minute; being tugged under icy, churning waters the very next. 280 more words

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Frying Pan Tower owner helps in the search for missing teen boaters from Fla.

Some living along North Carolina’s shore have joined in on the search for two Florida teens lost at sea.

Richard Neal, who owns Frying Pan Tower located 30 miles off the Brunswick County shore, … 205 more words