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Since the loss of the Search & Rescue helicopter, R116, on March 14th, and the search for the crew-two have been recovered while two remain lost-my mind has been returning to a passage from a book by one of my favourite authors. 553 more words


LAS B 33

Ever get that feeling that something promising is bound to happen? That was how I felt this morning while I walked down the shoreline and stared out at the sea. 90 more words

Lost At Sea

LAS B 32

A month later, the sickness stopped as soon as it started and my appetite came back. And I’d started gaining weight as well…my stomach was growing larger and larger. 239 more words

Lost At Sea

LAS B 31

The sickness started shortly after my seventh month on the island. I was nauseous from sunrise to sunset. And eating was nearly impossible…plus I was so tired all the time. 117 more words

Lost At Sea

LAS B 30

It’s been six months since Odessa showed up out of nowhere. Six glorious months. I’d gaze at her and wonder how I ended up so lucky. 38 more words

Lost At Sea

LAS B 29

Today we visited the small island cemetery where Dillon was laid to rest a year and a half ago. I arranged some flowers on his grave while Elliott and Lee watched from nearby. 162 more words

Lost At Sea