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The Lost City of Z by David Grann

By: Erin

If you are looking to book a trip to the Amazon, may I recommend not reading this book. Not because this book isn’t completely engaging (because it is) or inspires a feeling of adventure in the reader (because it does), but because this book has more than a few passages about all the various ways you can die in the Amazon. 424 more words

David Grann

Top Films of 2017

The highs of 2017 weren’t consistent, but they were surely felt when they landed. It was a sparse year, with dry spells that felt long enough to make one think it was a bust. 1,473 more words

The Lost City of Z

It is one thing to want to do something. It is another to be inspired. And it is something else entirely to be driven. Somewhere beyond that third option dwell the truly possessed who lock onto an idea, task or challenge and cannot let it go, no matter how far out of reach it might be, or how much it might cost to pursue. 935 more words


Oscar surprises!

Oscar surprises: James Franco, Tom Hanks passed over for Best Actor nominations.

Timing is everything. Just ask James Franco, whose recent Golden Globe win for his comedic performance in “The Disaster Artist” made him a front-runner for a Best Actor Oscar nomination. 132 more words


My Top 10 Films of 2017!

What a year. What. A. Year. 2017 had been a truly crazy year for a number of reasons, but the only one I want to talk about today are films. 1,825 more words

The Lost City Of Z

Year Released: 2016
Main Stars: Charlie Hunnam, Robert Pattinson, Sienna Miller
Review Date: January 2018
Last watched: January 2018
Number Watches: 1
Format Watched: TV… 136 more words

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Dani's Best Movies & TV Series List Of 2017

I want to thank everybody for visiting Shoton35.com this year and again there were many of you that visited from all over the world. 2017 has been great, hopefully 2018 will be even better for all of us! 1,412 more words