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Lost Generation: A Neglected Planet

So, I was watching a video on the effect dumping garbage in the sea has on sea creatures. Saddest thing i have ever seen, a turtle’s nostril had been pierced with a piece of plastic almost 30cm long, i would estimate. 431 more words


“When you're a Jet/You're a Jet all the way /From your first cigarette /To your last dyin' day.” (West Side Story)

This is a loooong post – strap in people, and bring Kendal mint cake.

These days I don’t generally socialise as part of a group (unless it’s a work do, an experience that Dante forgot to include in his descriptions of the circles of hell) but in the last week I’ve been out with two sets of friends, which was a lovely change. 1,599 more words



We live between two worlds

Listening to “Zelda” by The Antlers always gives me a chill. Likely to be referring to the relationship between Zelda & F. 33 more words

F. Scott Fitzgerald

Contemplating Wyndham Lewis' First World War

From Dr. Nathan J. Waddell:

Lewis had two roles during the First World War that subsequently forced him to confront the very thing that warfare in all its violent immediacy seems to prevent, but which he held up as an ideal throughout his career: contemplativeness.

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Letter From New York 11 13 15 Poor Paris...

Paris.  City of Light.  Paris shootings. Stade de France. Arc de Triomphe. President Hollande. Bataclan Theater.

The sun is setting and the land is turning a dusky grey; white clouds reflect the fading light.  415 more words

Mathew Tombers

A New Lost Generation?: Student Loans, Wage Slavery, and Debt-Peonage

by Dr. Nicholas Partyka/The Hampton Institute

Dislocation; Or, On the Experience of Being Lost

In literature, the term “lost generation” refers to a cohort of authors whose work defines the post-First World War era. 8,888 more words