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Welcome to The Lost Generation

Welcome to The Lost Generation, the website of Stevenson University magazine students. This magazine will feature articles targeted to those in their 20s who want to connect with others their age. 16 more words

Single You Out: Cayoz - Lost Generation (ft. D2A) (Prod. By O*Zee)

Cayoz maintains his streak of dropping meaning full bars that we showcase on HHD.  This is just smart hip hop music as Cayoz and D2A buck the trend of being labelled a ‘Lost Generation’ over some sublime production from O*Zee. 11 more words


Blur, Fitzgerald and Keats

When I was 18, I bought F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Tender is the Night under the assumption that Fitzgerald had derived his title from a song by an… 480 more words


What’s Wrong with Generation Y? Part 1: i-Celebrity

Written by Sal Pezzino

This is part one of a series of articles I plan to write, regarding the plight of millenials. Many people—including people our age—feel that we are the first of a “lost generation.” I find that ironic, especially when I hear it from members of a generation that was personified by hippies and counter-culture. 977 more words


Scholarship "In the Doldrums" as Elderly Generation Dies Out and Is Not Replaced

Our point of departure for this week’s article will be a remark by philosopher Harry Frankfurt, best known as having authored the colorful little tract… 1,535 more words

Lost Generation

Oh Yea Lost Generation

Today I literally felt like weeping for our lost generation.

I was discussing global perspectives with a born again fresh graduate from University of Nairobi. 87 more words


Welcome to this Blog

Hello. I’ve had this WordPress title for quite a while, but have only recently decided to use it. To those who have found their way here: welcome. 1,415 more words

Lost Generation