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Nice se met à l’heure américaine cette année! Nice is showing some American love this year!

When US Congress declared war on Germany on 6th April, 1917, the Niçois city fathers decided to rename its famous « Quai du midi » to « Quai des Etats-Unis ». 383 more words


A Tourist at Home

I want to Escape

as I have become

A Tourist at Home.

These strangers don’t

drink the Strange Brews but

foreign, colorful

Kombucha shots.

Come along brother! 135 more words


"Pretty to Think So"

This is an article by Sinmeyer posted on Twitter user @Weimerica ‘s blog As Above, So Below comparing the Millenial Generation (my own) to the Lost Generation. 98 more words


My Generation, Part I

By: TheDJTek

I have a deep passion for the subject of history, especially American history. I enjoy history not because I want to become an ideologue or subject matter expert, but instead because I simply enjoy learning about how humans have evolved over time. 1,541 more words

Even Zelda Fitzgerald Thought Joyce, Lawrence, and Woolf Were a Bit Much

Over the weekend, I picked up a copy of Dear Scott, Dearest Zelda: The Love Letters of F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald at my local library. 259 more words


Men of Honor

We used to laugh and say that it was impossible to imagine Danny as an old man.

We laughed and called him “reckless.” Laughed and said he was “begging for death.” Laughed and called him “bachelor,” “the infinite youth.” The boy who was at once with every woman and never with a single one. 2,155 more words


The Lost Generation..

I’ve been noticing  that no one really cares anymore its all about themselves and no one else. What has happened to us? I know at one point almost everyone cared and was good to others, but we have taken a turn for the worst. 572 more words