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A Twin Peaks Conversation

Hi there,

As promised, here is a link to my conversation with Cameron and Hal on the YouTube channel, Obnoxious and Anonynous.  We talked about all manner of things from Twin Peaks to Eraserhead and beyond.  87 more words

Hard stop.

Growing up as an old car junky, abandoned vehicles left in fields along the Midwestern highway had an irresistible draw. There was unsolved mystery hiding in the broken glass, blank headlights and rusty quarter panels. 92 more words

Opposite Day

I Love How You Love Me: Riding The Road To God Knows Where With Twin Peaks: The Return 'Part 5'

“You’re still with me. That’s good.” Sure, that was the nefarious Mr. C talking to himself–or really BOB–in the mirror of his prison cell, but I share the same sentiment. 1,942 more words

David Lynch

Episode 5 Review: Case Files (or I Love How You Love Me, David Lynch)

Well it’s been 25 years since Episode 4 and finally I am back to review Episode 5! Ok, so it’s only been two weeks between episodes. 2,305 more words

Twin Peaks

Super Male Vitality

Lol at Alex Jones pisstake on the new Twin Peaks. Instead of Colloidal Silver, we have Dr. Amp’s Gold Shit-Digging Shovel:

Alex Jones

“You’ll never have me.” – Patricia Arquette in Lost Highway directed by David Lynch (1997)

Words that might as well have been uttered by every femme fatale out there. 9 more words