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And The World Spins....

David Lynch – film director ltd- has been in hiding for a decade. Practically retired from film-making since 2006′ even more confounding than usual Inland Empire, he is currently producing a new series of his own cult classic television series Twin Peaks for Showtime which will air in early 2017. 124 more words

Dazed and Confused XIV: Lost Highway

“Lost Highway” is intensely, aggressively dark in a way that is exceptional for David Lynch. Usually Lynch shows a happy, innocent exterior that covers up evil. 447 more words


Lost Highway (1997) Explanation

We don’t get to know until later, but the desperately jealous saxophonist Fred has killed his wife, Renee. In his jail cell, awaiting execution, his brain hurries to deny his situation by a mixture of memories and dreams. 441 more words


Soundtrack Only Songs: Nine Inch Nails- The Perfect Drug

I can’t believe that it’s been almost twenty years since I first heard Nine Inch Nails song “The Perfect Drug.” Not only that but it’s also been almost twenty years since the release of David Lynch’s film Lost Highway, in which “The Perfect Drug” appeared on. 124 more words

Lost Highway (1997), de David Lynch

Ahora que se cumplen diez años después de su último largometraje, la fascinante y definitiva INLAND EMPIRE (20o6), aunque ha seguido trabajando sin descanso como cortometrajista y documentalista, merece la pena volver a acercarse al que en mi opinión es uno de los escasos cineastas netamente estadounidenses más importantes que ha dado su país, y a la que probablemente sea una de sus obras cumbre, la impresionante… 1,179 more words


David Lynch's Opinion On Product Placement

In a tremendous 30-second clip, David Lynch, when asked at the AFI Dallas International Film Festival of 2007, describes (in the most succinct and honest way possible) what he genuinely thinks of product placement in cinema. 45 more words


Lost Highway

SPOILERS! Lol. Like this makes any sense even IN the film.

Hurrah! A Copyright Strike!

I might see if I can’t edit together a version for you Normerican viewers. 36 more words