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My Interview With Sabrina Sutherland

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Executive Producer of the third season of Twin Peaks, Sabrina Sutherland. Sabrina has been the site before (  2,065 more words

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Learn Lynch: Lost Highway

“Learn Lynch” is a new series here on 25YL where one of our writers watches a David Lynch film for the first time and reviews it. 1,586 more words

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The Raymond Benson Auteur Series: David Lynch Part II


Raymond, Tim, and Frank finish their discussion about David Lynch’s filmography. They cover WILD AT HEART to TWIN PEAKS: THE RETURN. Please visit Raymond’s… 14 more words

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David Lynch's Small-Town Noir

“I often wonder if Lynch is the era’s most original artist, or at least the creator of its most haunting images—the severed ear in Blue Velvet, the Red Room in Twin Peaks, the Mystery Man in Lost Highway—but his works feel too schlocky, seedy, tearful, too male, too white for me to want to say this often in conversation.

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“My Dog Barks Some”: Animalistic Sounds and Motifs in the Works of David Lynch

By Andreas Halskov


“Who the hell owns that dog?”

– Fred Madison (Bill Pullman), Lost Highway (1997)

“My dog barks some.”

– O.O. Spool (Jack Nance), … 3,149 more words

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My Favorite Movies - Lost Highway (1997)

Dick Laurent may be dead, but thankfully David Lynch is not, yet. This will be the second Lynch film I review, and I think it may stand as his definitive stand-alone picture, or at least his most enjoyable. 423 more words

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My Lost Highway

Bipolar disorder is a sneak thief. It creeps up behind you and steals time, energy, sanity. One day you’re coasting through life, free and clear. The next, you wake up surrounded by beer cans after a twenty-day bender, the only breaks taken being those absolutely necessary, like taking care of your kids or working your job. 247 more words