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Interview: Stephen Graham Jones: A Discussion on Lost Highway and Mapping the Interior

Stephen Graham Jones is the author of no less than sixteen novels and two hundred and fifty short stories. His novel, Mongrels, was nominated for Bram Stoker and Shirley Jackson Awards as well as being named a best book of 2016 by… 4,285 more words

Lost Highway

*Originally written in 2004 (and another where I inexplicably give a plot synopsis, so don’t read if you haven’t seen).

David Lynch creates another incredibly interesting, mesmerizing, beautiful, and dark experience which at times surpasses both… 573 more words


Finding Out About Life on David Lynch's Lost Highway

It’s difficult, now that Twin Peaks: The Return exists, to not look at all of David Lynch’s output as one cohesive stream of artistic development. … 1,843 more words

David Lynch

Meshes of the Afternoon (1943)

‘Meshes of the Afternoon’, directed by Maya Deren and Alexander Hammid in 1943, is a short American experimental film following the strange adventures of a woman who dreams. 185 more words

Film - Lost Highway

If you have ever watched ‘Twin Peaks’ the original or the revival, you will know that David Lynch as a certain style which can leave his viewers completely bemused.  2,128 more words


Lost Highway: Temporal Crisis and the Excessively Unobvious Cinema

Classical cinema can be defined as those films that utilise a traditional 3-act structure, following a cause and effect chain that (more often than not) leads to an all-explaining conclusion. 1,935 more words


WWE's Viktor Talks Twin Peaks, Fashion Peaks Parody, Lynch Films, Royal Rumble, Dream Opponents & More!

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Viktor, from WWE tag team The Ascension. Twin Peaks fans may be familiar with the Fashion Files, a skit which parodied Twin Peaks on WWE Smackdown in which Viktor was featured. 2,851 more words

Twin Peaks