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Top 3 David Lynch films

By Jade O’Halloran

Like any meaningful relationship, my love of David Lynch’s work has not always been easy. Lynch’s work can be notoriously difficult to ‘get’ straight away, demanding tireless re-viewings and subsequent reflection in order to unravel the plotlines, and take heed of the clues which point to the larger allusions (I recommend… 1,535 more words


More Laughs With Professor Pipe

I call him Professor Pipe because in reading his doctoral thesis one suspects Discordian sympathies. Discordianism in turn is often compared to the Church of the SubGenius, whose logo is J.R. 716 more words

Impersonation of Tom Waits

Romeo is bleeding
The kitchen’s in the sink
The only man at the party
I’ve had too much to drink
Vodka bull and gatorade
Enough to make you sick… 87 more words


“In Lost Highway, Fred suspects that Renee’s previous life involved ..some secret … place of … obscene enjoyment. ..Fred, … sentenced to death for the murder … of Renee, … transforms into another person (Pete) in his prison cell.” – ..A bizarre shift from the dull … existence of the impotent husband … to the exciting and dangerous life of ..Pete who is seduced by the ..femme fatale reincarnation of Renee. 26 more words

Now It’s Dark: Lynchian Images in The Babadook

This weekend I watched Australian writer-director Jennifer Kent’s amazingly beautiful and haunting film, The Babadook (2014). It was my second viewing of the film in about a month. 2,592 more words


Eye ~ Smashing Pumpkins

I lie, I wait
I stop, I hesitate
I am, I breathe
I meant, I think of me

Is it any wonder I can’t sleep? 145 more words


Living Inside a Dream: The Art and Films of David Lynch

On Thursday 26 March 2015 at 7pm, I presented a one-hour special on David Lynch and the David Lynch: Between Two Worlds exhibition at the Gallery of Modern Art in Brisbane. 6,645 more words

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