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Why? Why do you want to know what hides in the darkest corners of my mind? Why are you so obsessed with finding out the truth behind every one of my actions? 59 more words

Lost In Space


That sweet taste of Arabic coffee when most of the people sleep. It reminds me of her lips you know. Every sip of that nectar reminds me of her taste. 60 more words



Change is what we are. Blessed are those who can shift with the soil. Fly with the current in the air. Swim with the tide. Change. 39 more words


What's the Scariest Thing You Could Do?

Saturday was my sobriety birthday. I turned eight. Sobriety birthdays are an interesting time. As anyone who has celebrated one knows, it’s a time of reflection. 622 more words


Damn my eyes.

Damn then. Damn my eyes. They have seen to much. They have witnessed many spiteful and sinful things. Damn them. They looked in to the void. 61 more words


Lost in Space

So, of course you are asking yourself… “Where has Mother Hen disappeared to?”

Ok, so you haven’t.  That’s ok, I don’t mind… everybody is busy, and my tiny slice of the blogosphere is but a speck in the great, wide universe, a dark, shining space teeming with other literary lights far brighter than my own. 255 more words


Pale Angel

Oh that Guardian Angel the supposed protector that each and every one of us has. The thing that guides us through the darkness of this world. 45 more words

Lost In Space