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Lost In Space Season 1

‘Lost in Space’ is one of those cult classics that has never really clicked with me. I never watched the original, as it had that sort of camp, dated style that programmes such as the original ‘Star Trek’ did. 1,752 more words

Review: Lost In Space 2018

Wait …. where is Joey? Remember Joey from Friends … he played Don West in the last Lost In Space movie (1998).

I want Joey back. 717 more words


Lost in Space: Season 1

There are some concepts that just sort of stick with me, and it doesn’t matter how many times they’re done I will always tune in and be interested to see what new spin has been brought to it. 383 more words

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Lost in Space: Season 1 Review

Despite its credentials as a fond slice of pop culture Americana, the original series of Lost in Space is most often remembered as a great example of bad clunky sci-fi.  843 more words


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Speed Racer (2008)

I am a fairly big anime fan and I have watched a ton of different series. Speed Racer is famous for being one of the earliest anime series to crossover into the Western market. 810 more words


Lost in Space Season One Review

Netflix’s 2018 Lost in Space series reboot has an episodic feel as the characters find themselves in a unique conflict each episode, similar to the 1965 original, while characters struggle with their isolation and each other throughout the season. 589 more words


Netflix 'Lost in Space' Reboot Draws 6.3 Million Viewers in First 3 Days, Nielsen Says

“Lost in Space,” one of Netflix’s newest high-profile original series, drew 6.3 million U.S. viewers within the first three days of its release earlier this month, according to Nielsen. 427 more words