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Black Catalogue Will Soon Get Us 'Lost in Space'

Detroit-based Black Catalogue, one of my favorite labels these days, will soon release “Lost in Space,” a new 12-inch from house duo Slope 114. 131 more words


Lost in Space.

OK, like many other kids growing up in the fifties and early sixties (that’s in the 20th century to you) I read the usual Batman… 482 more words


My Mancrush on Gary Oldman

I think one of the hallmarks of a good actor is their ability to blend into their character so much that the actor disappears and all that remains is the character that they’re performing. 656 more words


We live in an era of giant statues, errors and robots

People still get fired for incompetence in this country, right? I mean, it’s difficult for me to believe that given some of these developments:

• This week the U.S. 164 more words


Irwin Allen's Beloved Sci-Fi Adventure "Lost in Space" Arrives on Blu-ray September 15 As It Celebrates 50 Years

Irwin Allen’s Beloved Sci-Fi Adventure “Lost in Space” Arrives on Blu-ray™ In Celebration of 50th Anniversary


Featuring Over Seven Hours of Bonus Material and All-New Featurettes, The Robinson Family Comes Home in High-Definition September 15 from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment… 818 more words


Irwin Allen's Beloved Sci-Fi Adventure 'Lost in Space' Arrives on Blu-ray September 15 From Fox As It Celebrates 50 Years

20th Century Fox has officially announced the Blu-Ray release of the entire classic science fiction series ‘Lost In Space’ just in time for its fiftieth anniversary. 887 more words


Asteroid Rake - Chapter 13

We have been in uncharted territory for 3 days now, and despite what the Exos have told me, I’m getting concerned about the remaining levels of oxygen.   691 more words