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You Are Not Indispensable - WIF Robotics

Robots That Will Make

Your Job Obsolete

A Mechanical Revolution is taking place all around us. It’s still in its inception, but progress is constantly accelerating. 1,476 more words


Looking Back at the Surprise Attack

Tiptoeing past my middle-passage afraid of rousing (or worse, arousing) whatever cloaked figure awaits the creak of a floorboard or the sound of a stepped-on garden rake levering up to thwack my beak, I am nevertheless confident in the New Day. 712 more words

Reaper Madness

Danger Will Robinson

Nope, this isn’t gonna be a review or comment on either the old campy series or the 1998 movie Lost in Space though that phrase is often heard in my house followed by peals of laughter-it’s just hard not to burst out laughing at that cheesy line, but I digress. 632 more words