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Diamond Select Toys On Sale This Week: Deadpool, Cthulhu, and the Jupiter 2!

It’s a new week, and a new shipment of goodies is on its way to comic shops everywhere from Diamond Select Toys! This week, New Toy Day brings the… 271 more words


Song of the Day, June 26: The Moth by Aimee Mann

Today’s song is another brilliant pop moment from Aimee Mann’s masterpiece Lost In Space. The Moth is that disc’s penultimate track, drawing together the themes of journeying, isolation, and determination. 101 more words

Song Of The Day

Capturing The Goldfinch

Last week, I finally finished Donna Tartt’s The Goldfinch, something like six months after I first picked it up. This protracted reading period wasn’t entirely the book’s fault: I’ve been so preoccupied by… 1,030 more words


Best Day of Television

A meme has been making the rounds on Facebook about getting children into nature, claiming that kids “don’t remember their best day of television.” Thankfully, many of the people in my geeky circles have torn it apart with their best life-changing television memories. 325 more words


Early Summer Session

… and a surprise!

Minnesota weather in the late fall/early summer can be unpredictable. I was lucky enough to catch a beautiful sunny afternoon with the Suski family near the end of May to take family photos. 81 more words

Lost In Space

ZX81 Cassette 50 Game 42 - Space Search...

I think this is supposed to be a bit like the old boardgame, Battleship, but in all the time I played it I couldn’t get it to find another spaceship or whatever I was supposed to be searching for. 73 more words

Cassette 50

The Rift between Science and Fiction: The Case of the “Family Robot”

Jibo, a device that is marketed as more than a “thing,” is the latest creation of Cynthia Breazal, who has taken a leave from MIT to start up a company to sell this “family robot.” In a crowd-sourcing advertisement promoting “his” many roles, Jibo is referred to as an educator, entertainer, helper, companion, conversationalist, wingman, cameraman, and “a robot with humanity.” The heterosexual, white, suburban middle-class family with a single-family house, a garage, a car, lots of blonde smiling children, and a woman baking in the kitchen—seems to harken back to the 50s at the same time that the ad markets this technology as the arrival of the future: a robot that will be part of the “family.” Jibo’s “head,” with its motion and face-detecting algorithms, appears to follow human conversations, moves with fluid motions, and “wakes” at the sound of its name. 496 more words