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To Boldly Go… To Proxima Centauri

Last Wednesday, astronomers announced the existence of a planet closely orbiting the red dwarf star Proxima Centauri. Normally we’d deem that short star to planet distance too close for human comfort but, since the heat output from red dwarfs is much less, this new world, “Proxima b” does reside well within the habitable “Goldilocks” zone. 454 more words


What I've been "cooking" up {・ω-}

Salutare, dragilor!
Vara se apropie incet-incet de sfarsit si cu fiecare scadere in grade simt cum productivitatea mea creste (poate? ;p)!
In ultimele zile am fost tare ocupata cu un proiect personal (pe langa obisnuitele ilustratii), impreuna cu prietenul meu am tot lucrat la cateva designuri de tricouri pentru… 128 more words

Episode 35: Aunt Mary's Great Trip

Not only did Tater Beutler change Milwaukee Talk, she also changed the WLKE-TV3 daily schedule.

“She had convinced Honus Knox III that Mary and the rest of the… 541 more words

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