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Southwest has an explanation for why it kicked an Arabic-speaker off its plane

Southwest Airlines has released a statement on why it removed Khairuldeen Makhzoomi, a Iraqi asylee and student at the University of California, Berkeley, from a flight on April 6. 304 more words

Switching to English?!

I received a comment to my blog about my language choice from a person I don’t think I even know… He told me to “just go ahead..!” (I actually noticed afterwards that he didn’t even say which way I should go ahead… ;-) but anyway, it had already got me thinking…) 182 more words


Hauptsache schreiben!

Da fange ich nun an, einen Blog zu schreiben…  und dann trau ich mich nicht zu schreiben…
Oder viel mehr… ich trau mich nicht zu veröffentlichen. 344 more words


I Am Peeing

It’s Time Warp Tuesday again.

When we lived in Istanbul we all made an effort at learning Turkish.  Success was mixed.  I enjoyed my Turkish lessons, although – the more I learnt the more confused I got. 302 more words


Lost In Translation: College Edition

It’s done. Last week my husband and I packed the car, loaded up the Girl-child, and transported her to her new life at college.  Such stress does funny things to your hearing. 272 more words


WHAT's on the menu?

It’s been a busy week here, so it’s a micro post today to keep things ticking over.  Hopefully it will give you a tiny Sunday morning chuckle. 217 more words

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