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Double Entendre

I just read an article about a tourist who was removed from a cruise liner when he joked about ‘jumping ship’. It was misunderstood by the crew who spoke English as a second language that he had lost the will to live and was planning to end it all by flinging him self overboard in the middle of the sea. 434 more words

Expat Life

Coming to Terms With Being Latino

By Conor Sanchez

As a Peace Corps Volunteer living abroad, you’re constantly introducing yourself to people who may be meeting an American for the first time in their life. 1,327 more words


Life Is Short & So Is Your Pussy: A Love Story

Where did he purchase this shirt? What was going through his head when he made said purchase? Can he speak English? Does he know what any of these words mean? 24 more words


Staying Southern amid mortality and casual conversation

Did I mention I was nearly in an airplane crash last week?

As you may remember, I made a trip down South for my cousin’s bachelorette party. 683 more words


Spanish moss attracts more than just Southerners

There I was, standing in the checkout line at WalMart in Bend, OR.

I looked like a Creole doomsday prepper with a grocery cart full of canned goods; mostly black-eyed peas and French cut green beans. 390 more words