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Losing Innocence

One theme that I saw come up in both This One Summer and The Outsiders is the idea of the loss of innocence. This being the idea that we all have to at some point let go of our innocence and in a sense kind of lose it, but yet we do not have to give up our childhood, and we can still be childlike. 1,338 more words


to all the sisters who’ve come out

This letter is to all the sisters who’ve come out of the dark and are shining a light on what it’s like being a female. … 1,884 more words

So Sadly Shimmer

Little girl.

Can’t be found.

A little creek.

Babbling sound.

Little girl.

Took his hand.

Did she know?

Does heaven stand?

Little girl.

No grave here. 88 more words


Butterfly Ring

I recall she wore
A butterfly ring
And she painted her eyes
Like butterfly wings
She spoke of lost innocence
And all that it brings… 55 more words


The Carnival - Airplane Mahogany: Reprise



Airplane Mahogany
come riding down
while sunset strips of Fellaheen gold
laced the crystal peak mountains
with countless horizons
of woe.

We sat in the back… 268 more words


Wilted Flower

Wilted Flower–

Did I take the spirit from our love

when I plucked you from your bed last night

and placed you in a vase so carefully… 191 more words

Women And Society