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Giving Up On Your Favorite Color

Having almost completely displaced the world now, we can look at it, almost like a discarded object at a yard sale for others perhaps to buy. 597 more words


Merak & Dubhe

The first time the boy was completely amazed by the cosmos he was reading a Golden Book guidebook to the stars and constellations. In it were two small pictures, illustrations: one, of the… 189 more words

Natural World


Ever looked at a baby’s eyes? No, I’m not talking about glancing or just looking. Ever STARED at a baby’s eyes, and had the baby stare back at you? 386 more words


April PAD Challenge -- Day Twenty-Three

prompt: write a “historic” poem

The Day After
December 9, 1980

I’d been too rushed to see the news
early morning, school bell rung
and I scurried off to class… 84 more words