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Motivation for LostFinders

Adekola Abdwahab wrote:

In April, I was in a meeting where a set of executives where giving the report of their tenure.
We all criticised them for not presenting it as appropriate. 172 more words

Things my beloved has lost: a dinner jacket

How can you lose a dinner jacket? Well, we’re not sure of the exact the loss actually took place. My beloved went to a back tie do with his dinner suit and only came back with the trousers. 698 more words


Dog Found

A resident found a dog on her doorstep today. He has no collar but is very calm. Is he yours?

See Michelle at 15844 Autumn Glen if he/she belongs to you or email… 10 more words


Lost and Found

I lost my library card.

It’s one of my most important forms of identification. I’ve held in my hand far more often than my driver’s license or my passport. 231 more words


Unhinged And Linked In Lost Lines

Unhinged And Linked In Lost Lines

In memory of lines on Enya and Billy Joel that were lost.


By the link

In a sonorous voice, 273 more words

Song Of Solomon 3:2 Searching For Love

I will get up now and go about the city, through its streets and squares; I will search for the one my heart loves. So I looked for him but did not find him. 405 more words


Lost & Found

Running a Lost & Found is an interesting thing. You see what’s insignificant enough for people to leave behind and what’s important enough for people to come back for. 260 more words