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Unquiet Brain

I used to be adept at

“Find the hidden______” puzzles.

In doctors’ offices when I was a kid-I went right to the Highlights For Children magazines to find the hidden toothbrush, pencil, banana, etc. 661 more words


Lost & Found

Running a Lost & Found is an interesting thing. You see what’s insignificant enough for people to leave behind and what’s important enough for people to come back for. 260 more words

Sassy cats – Where’s Waldo?

If you read my blog on Tuesday, you know that I misplaced Gracie’s favorite toy. You can read about it here.

Over the weekend, I was in a hurry to put the cats’ toys out of the way for guests. 187 more words


Prompt-a-Month: Forgotten Things

The June prompt-a-month for our Writers in the Grove members is:

Forgotten Things

The deadline for submissions is 7/1/2017. Submissions will be published during the next 30 days. 31 more words


I miss placed my keys.

Do you miss place things to find them right in front of you a few minutes later? I do all the time. For instance, I had placed my wallet right next to my bed as I was getting dressed I did not see it. 546 more words

An Open and Shut Case

Many years ago, a supervisor I had, made the comment that tall people are reliant on short people, rather than the other way around.  From where I stand, I have moments when I agree.   973 more words


In the course of the past week of hunting for all of my nice shirts, I found a small black poncho I bought years ago from J.Jill. 256 more words