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Lost Keys

A set of keys was found on top of a set of our mailboxes.

If you lost your keys today please call us at  609-705-5733.

Thank you!


The Circle

Sometimes I wonder where all the lost things go…like the Dead Letter Office, is there a place in between tears for misplaced wedding rings and beloved toys? 246 more words

If you are Robbed/ Lose Something

While Madrid is generally very safe, pickpocketing is very common. Being aware of your surroundings and carrying your things carefully can help you avoid this situation.  311 more words

Inmate's wedding ring among prisoners' belongings that disappeared from jail

A gold wedding ring and four pairs of underwear were among the personal items belonging to inmates that disappeared from the Ottawa jail, a freedom of information request has revealed. 365 more words

Local News

The Trials and Adventures of Winter in Beijing

All For a Hat, Rewatching Old Favourites, and My First Christmas Away From Home 1,137 more words


No Accounting for Human Taste - Conversations with Stella

Once again, I am Stella, Queen Illustrious of the Olde English Bulldogges.

Me:        You aren’t “once again” Stella. You are always Stella. It’s not like you stopped being Stella and then became Stella again. 510 more words


Our friends Don and Gwen are visiting again. This time they are in the process of moving here to Texas, so they have brought all their worldly goods in a trailer. 205 more words