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Thank you Saint Anthony: for my lost and now found

“Saint Anthony, Saint Anthony, please come around: Something is lost and needs to be found!!”

– Prayer to St. Anthony of Padua

Dear sister,

Getting to know your saints…

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Letters From Your Sister

Just About to Give Up

I’ve had a rough go of trying to get my backup computer/desktop back to working order. I’m just about to give up all hope of this ever working again. 333 more words

When trouble losing passenger identification

If you lost identification,

Step 1: You looking for one Vietnamese who can speak English.

Step 2: You give her/his this form (image) and requet draftee according to this form… 40 more words


Where Are My Glasses?

Where did I put my glasses? No, not that pair. My reading glasses. Nope, not them, those tortoise-shell looking ones. They’re progressives and I can’t read the greatest with them. 357 more words

View From Bennett Ave

Gold fish, hula hoops, and laundry are just some of the things left behind in Halifax taxis

WATCH: Earlier Global News told you the story of Cory Tetford and how social media help re-unite him with his guitar after leaving it in a cab, but he isn’t the only one to leave something valuable in a cab. 433 more words


From the Perspective of a Key

Hi.  I’m a Key Ring.  I serve a very important purpose in your life.  I open the doors to your home, your car, your office.  I may even hold those little plastic tags for your library card or store discount cards.I’m a big part of your daily functioning. 222 more words


Bargains at OC Transpo's Lost and found sale

Heidi Marfurt and her daughter, Melody, showed up at Saturday afternoon’s sale of items left on OC Transpo buses and trains with $60 in her pocket. 859 more words

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