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I wake up this morning with a very clear concept in my head but can’t access the word for it. For goodness sake! I grumble as I stumble about in my slippers and dressing gown searching for my glasses – under a cat – glasses and the TV remote are a hundred percent certain to be under a cat – gathering a teetering stack of licked-clean cat-dishes, refreshing bulldog-sized water bowls and hitting the power button on my computer. 564 more words

The Rattle Bag

The $5o "No Worries" Travel Fund

I always have a $50 (you can choose any amount) “no worries” travel fund set aside (not literally, but in my head) every time I travel. 572 more words

I'm sure I looked...well maybe not!

I went hiking with my friends, George and Gloria and their two dogs Nina and Bobby yesterday at McKinney Roughs. I was busy working on the latest renovation to one of the bogs (more on that later) and George wanted to watch the local football team, UT play against Oklahoma Sooners and as we didn’t want to hike for long, decided that 4:00 pm was a good time for a very short walk. 1,367 more words


A Little Czech-in With Prague

The last morning of Vienna we spent an hour or two trying to locate my hat from Wales, which I had last seen on our train to Vienna. 208 more words


They lost it...we found it....

Children are losing their belongings at quite a pace already this year! The WPO, and chair of Lost & Found Monica Duke, have found a solution for you! 195 more words

Middle School

Lost & Fined: A Success Story

The library business is a fine business. I don’t mean fine like this guy (I believe that would be better expressed as “foine”), or like a steak cooked to perfection with… 480 more words

Benbrook Library


Ever since I was a little girl, my dad would say to me, “Oh boy, when you get a bee in your bonnet, watch out!” 747 more words