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Have You Lost Your Keys

If you’ve recently lost your keys in the community please contact Irene from the Board of Directors at 609-705-5733.

Thank you.


Drizzly Saturday Walk

Dear Jasper and Kestrel,

Saturday was rainy but warm here in Salinas. I woke up knowing the report cards were waiting for me, but also knowing they could wait a little longer. 370 more words

Hey! Missing Chew Stick! Come Here! - Conversations with Stella and the Pack

I am Stella, Queen of the Olde English Bulldogges. My favorite chew stick is missing! Who has it? I demand that you bring it back now! 317 more words

Spell of the Week: Finding Spell

I am the worlds worst at losing things. I can’t count how much money I’ve lost but money isn’t that big of a deal when compared to irreplaceable possessions. 282 more words

Candle Magic

The Mystery of the Lone Shoe

I walk. A lot. I walk to work. I walk my dog. I walk to the store. And as I walk, I see all sorts of things—restaurants, new construction, shops, derelict buildings, historical sites, graveyards, churches, homes, yards, parks, cars going here, cars going there, people walking to and fro, and abandoned items. 437 more words

Miscellaneous Musings

A Running Tally of Things I Lost Flying From MSP to KVL

I am usually a decent traveler. I’m fairly perceptive and can keep track of my belongings. In fact, to my memory, I’ve only lost one object while going through and airport and that is a hat that was flipped inside out when security was showing it, so I didn’t think it was my own. 355 more words


A good year - 2018 - day 28

OMG, I have lost 2 kg weight in 4 days… now down 107.9 kg. Bushwalking season for me is off and running!!

  1. Slept wonderfully after the 10km walk last night and the 1-hour drive home.
  2. 90 more words