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Update: United Still Looking For iPad They Shipped Back To Customer

You might remember Denise, who left her iPad behind on a United plane, getting it back after Consumerist intervened and a wonderful United employee helped her. 256 more words

Taking It Seriously

A Note on Online Consignment via ThredUp

Artful Blasphemy has been shopping with ThredUp for some months, and as a buyer I’ve been very happy. Their photography is good, descriptions are accurate and shipping is fast enough. 386 more words



I can’t find my GoPro and I’m really upset.  Well, I mean, relatively speaking I’m upset.  I’m not crying or throwing things around the apartment.  I’ve used it maybe twice in the two years I’ve owned it.   208 more words


The Wayward Pocket Knife

In case you can’t read my awesome handwriting, here’s the transcript (or whatever the cool kids and hipsters call it nowadays):

I lost my new…

106 more words

United Passenger Leaves iPad On Plane, Has Joyful Reunion With Airline's Help

Denise made a very understandable and common mistake: she stashed her iPad in the seat-back pouch in front of her during a United flight, and didn’t realize it until later. 545 more words

United Airlines

The Two Year Hunt

Two years ago for our trip to Disney I bought a beautiful point and shoot camera. I have 3 batteries for it and many memory cards. 352 more words



I wake up this morning with a very clear concept in my head but can’t access the word for it. For goodness sake! I grumble as I stumble about in my slippers and dressing gown searching for my glasses – under a cat – glasses and the TV remote are a hundred percent certain to be under a cat – gathering a teetering stack of licked-clean cat-dishes, refreshing bulldog-sized water bowls and hitting the power button on my computer. 564 more words

The Rattle Bag