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From the Perspective of a Key

Hi.  I’m a Key Ring.  I serve a very important purpose in your life.  I open the doors to your home, your car, your office.  I may even hold those little plastic tags for your library card or store discount cards.I’m a big part of your daily functioning. 222 more words


Bargains at OC Transpo's Lost and found sale

Heidi Marfurt and her daughter, Melody, showed up at Saturday afternoon’s sale of items left on OC Transpo buses and trains with $60 in her pocket. 859 more words

Local News

Help! Help! Coffee Needed!

Terrifying incident this morning.  I couldn’t find my coffee pot.  Clearly, a sadist had broken in and robbed us, taking the most precious item in the house, cruelly leaving behind the coffee, the coffee maker, cream, and sugar.   35 more words


Extension Denied

It’s April 19th, my taxes are not done, and I cannot find my W2s from PCS.  *&^%!!!  I know, you would think I would have figured this out prior to April 15th, but I didn’t.   243 more words

Losing My Mind

There are days where I really feel like I’ve lost my mind. I used to be sharp and recall people, names, tiny minutia like no other… and then I had my babies and its like I lost half of my brain mass. 214 more words


Left Behind Items at the Airport

It has likely happened to all of us at some point; you deplane and rush through the chaotic throngs of travelers only to discover you left something on the plane. 363 more words

Devastated and Devastation

Such a sad time in my home at the moment as the family business has been taken by fire.

I spent today inside with a respirator taking photos and having a quiet cry to myself. 71 more words