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Tales from the Café: Amazing the Things You Find

Time: Tuesday, 9:16 pm

It was almost time to leave. All of the customers were already gone–a small miracle, given that there was a strong tendency to hang around well past closing time–so we were getting a little extra cleaning done in our “free time.” I was over cleaning the wood portion of our floors, so I could only hear murmurs from the crew cleaning our couch chairs on the other side of the café. 377 more words


Moments of Extreme Emotion: Where's My Spyglass?

The photo of a pair of transitions eye glasses attached to a scarlet lanyard is still posted on my Facebook page dated April 14, 2016. “Hubby makes a lanyard for my glasses today. 773 more words


On This Sunday: Lost and Found

Although it turns out to be a PR stunt, it’s still worth watching. In the Netherlands, a beagle fetches lost items for airline passengers at the airport. 9 more words

On This Sunday

The Black Hole in my House

A black hole is a place in space where gravity pulls so much that even light cannot get out. The gravity is so strong because matter has been squeezed into a tiny space. 806 more words

Just Plain Funny

Angels Love Helping You Find Things

This is just a quick post but had to share. I’m going out tonight with friends and I wanted to wear a thumb ring that I ALWAYS wear but – it’s been MIA for a few weeks. 147 more words


Update: United Still Looking For iPad They Shipped Back To Customer

You might remember Denise, who left her iPad behind on a United plane, getting it back after Consumerist intervened and a wonderful United employee helped her. 256 more words

Taking It Seriously

A Note on Online Consignment via ThredUp

Artful Blasphemy has been shopping with ThredUp for some months, and as a buyer I’ve been very happy. Their photography is good, descriptions are accurate and shipping is fast enough. 386 more words