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#4 - I lost my keys (in a screwy way)

First, I haven’t really lost them, because I know where there are.
Can you see this 5cm space between  elevator door and the floor ? … 331 more words

Les Brotteaux


There is nothing worse than realizing that you have just lost your car keys. Your mind goes blank, trying to remember where you last placed them or saw them. 477 more words

Duplicate Keys

Roommate Misadventures - Chapter 10

But then, Whose Car is That?

K went rampaging through the living room, tossing couch cushions and pizza boxes. She was in rampage mode again, speaking almost incoherently to herself. 461 more words


Key Krazy

Have you ever misplaced your keys?  You tear the house apart looking for them and breathe a sigh of relief (whew!) when you find them.  Last night my patient husband walked over to my parents house to help them sort through and try to  find their keys…..AGAIN!  197 more words



Last year I didn’t go “out” on St. Patrick’s Day because my son was in the hospital. This year, because I was in the hospital last week and I’m still recovering. 233 more words

Patience Is Key.

It started off as one of those days; the sort I guess we all have – and would happily manage without. I am no longer a member of our allotments committee, which met earlier this week. 728 more words




Do you have someone in your life that loses everything? Unfortunately Tile can’t help them from losing their keys in the first place, but is the smart technology that helps them find it – and many other things. 79 more words

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