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LOST in the...Two Moments

Well, it’s all happened at once now hasn’t it? What used to be my wishful thinking has all come crashing down in a heap of escaped dreams. 855 more words


Babylong A.D. (2008)

Disappointing Days

by Bryce VanKooten

Babylon A.D. read exactly like the studio knew it would: short, not-so-sweet and entirely forgettable. It’s incredibly unfortunate that a movie which started out as the daring, futuristic novel… 704 more words


To Spoil or Not To Spoil

Last year at this time, everyone was getting ready to be amazed by LOST’s “game-changing” Season 3 finale.  The episode was about to introduce a form of storytelling completely new to LOST: the flashFORWARD.  320 more words


Lost Season 4: The Constant

The morning began with a slow and steady beeping, rising with time, gaining momentum as it rang out in my ears. Outside of cancer or a kitchen full of home-schoolers, I don’t’ think there’s anything I hate more than my alarm. 589 more words


Lost Withdrawal for June 13th

Our weekly off-season look at ABC’s Lost, with news, spoilers, casting announcement, and interviews:

The big, boring off-season continues, but show runner Carlton Cuse gives us plenty of breaking news on season phone, upcoming Verizon LOST mobisodes, and more. 1,161 more words


LOST Spoilers

Buddy TV has lost Season 4 spoilers! Click below to find out what they are… 117 more words