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Time kept knocking,

and I kept turning it away.

And that is how I lost the day. 


The Clocksmith and the child.

The child stood in front of the imposing gate, caressing his little broken hourglass for comfort. The sand had already spilled, and only a few grains remained. 818 more words

Short Stories

The Art of Time

The Art of Time
By Te’Kia Miller

Dawn breaks over the crest of your cries
Precious is the sight of a cradled newborn
And soon those cries will form words… 125 more words

Te'Kia Miller

Fool Me Once...

I’ll be cliche for a second and say, this one hit me hard. And, I need to get real about it. I need to be allowed to speak. 772 more words


Spiritual Amnesia


I was speaking with my dad recently, expressing my disbelief and frustration at the far-reaching consequences of the poisonous “sexual revolution;” flabbergasted at how women could still be gulping down such lies: that pre-marital sexual relations and contracepting are “empowering,” when they’re really enslaving! 549 more words

Yet another laundry conflict

I have the memories of a mother
And the heart of a sister
We’ve shifted roles
But she missed so much

When we fight,
I see the crying face of a small child… 135 more words

Mommy Issues

March on the Ramblings - upcoming documentary fun plus an @NYRBClassics event!

No – I’m not suggesting for a minute that I want you all turning up at my doorstep with placards demanding something or other; instead, I thought I would just drop a little post in with some bits and bobs about what to expect over the next week or two on the Ramblings. 281 more words