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Dissociative Identity Disorder


Around half of people with DID have fewer than 10 identities and most have fewer than 100, fortunately I don’t have nearly that many. I believe that, approximately,16 is normal. 214 more words

Reaveree Wheeler

Wasting time

I’ve wasted a lot of time lately.

I’ve been plagued with chronic fatigue that is probably related to post treatment Lyme Disease.

I am trying to find my center of gravity regarding what used to pass for creativity on my part. 12 more words

Scavenging for Time

These days I find I’m scavenging for time lost, time gone
And all the children running by don’t realise how soon it passes
In such a rush I see them pace not even realising this time, this space… 169 more words



In the middle of wasted moments,
glistening with promise
until that empty *pop*

In the presence of uncertain ends
sticking out in all directions… 76 more words


The White Room

The Monolith

White Room



Bed in roses

Cool, darkling

Black and White

Absorbs all light

Here are delights

Am… 2,483 more words

From Past it came...

Last night there was a knock on my door
It was from the past I had known
Somewhat Happy Somewhat Sad
I could see the face that was Blown… 58 more words

Daily Post

"the clocktower"

i feel
my body
is more
a clock
| just passing time |
and my head
the clocktower
high above
my body
as the world
moves on by.