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a wonderful mothers day was had

The trek out to the Lost World Valley early in the morning on our way to Arts in the Olives Festival is always special and yesterday was a full of joy with the misty valleys, hot air balloons and gifts for me  :) 78 more words

Natural Dyeing

Lost World

He yelled at me again
I receded unto my own world
It was slightly bigger than a corner.

He yelled at me again,
Rumbling the walls in my world… 144 more words

Taking A Time Out

I just need some time in a beautiful place to clear my head – Unknown. 295 more words


A Form Of Petty Revenge (3) Real Life Experiences

Your boss gave you an unfair review.

Your partner embarrassed you by telling complete strangers that you have to go to the bathroom, and then asked them to show you where it was even though you insisted you were fine, because apparently you’re five years-old and can’t make your own decisions when your partner is with you. 489 more words

The Author's Journey

Khmer empire 802–1431 AD (Cambodia)

I hallucinate the voice of the big crowd

I see a big civilization

My breath skipped staring at your cultural excellence

Admiring classic engineering techniques… 56 more words


Jurassic Park Comics UK

In 1993 a Jurassic Park comic was published in the UK by Dark Horse International to tie in with the release of the original movie. Reprinting the Topps comic strips from the US which began with an adaptation of the movie and continued with original stories set before and after the events of the film. 86 more words

A New Innings

Here, from now on, my new Innings begins. The place where I will write down all my thoughts, from what I see, to what I think. 44 more words