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Journey to the Underground World by Lin Carter

So after the last Kane novel I was determined to start reading a different genre and I did, but I did not venture far. I had mentioned Lin Carter in a previous post and that got me to thinking about his works. 576 more words


Lost World

Lost World

Disregarding treetops

Stepping off curbs

Forgetting beauty

Absorbing the absurd

Missing the scenes

Checking those screens

Words not finding their way to ears… 85 more words


Microfiction #writephoto: Ys by Jane Dougherty

Una stood with her back to the house, the low, familiar house that was just a cluster of deeper shadows in the night. Before her lay the path to the village, silver pale in the light of the new moon, and it was empty. 156 more words

Photo Prompt

Capturing beauty

They told us that we simply couldn’t miss sunrise at Angkor Wat. So we woke up at four and trekked through the ruins in the dark only to find about twenty million tourists with cameras at the ready who seemed to have little interest in the spiritual experience that I had been promised by a friendly Aussie. 246 more words

The Inner Truth

The Truth within us:

The Inner Truth

If truth becomes an illusion, if anger takes over the heart,
If life gets lost in confusion, if hatred tears friendships apart. 186 more words

Lost World

The Lost World

The 11 pictures are from “The Lost World” build on the “Oyster Bay” sim.  Sera Bellic has done it again, creating a wonderfully immersive underwater adventure that must be seen to be fully appreciated.   117 more words