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The Lost World of El Dorado

In search of El Dorado

In the 16th century when the Spanish Conquistadors conquered Mexico they began to hear rumors of a fabulous priest-king who was said to cover his body with gold dust. 349 more words

South American Mythology

Spewing Hatred

What a cruel world this can be-

We murder each other

there’s no need for guns.

Our words are all it takes

to spew the hatred in our hearts. 53 more words


Big Bugs in Texas

Alaska Airlines at San Jose Mineta Airport – San Jose, California

I featured this photo on my goodbye post for the Canon 7D, back in 2013, when I sold that camera. 237 more words


Growing Imagination

written by Keaton Evans

Imagine a small boy playing with cars in a sandbox on a sunny afternoon. See how he moves the cars through the sand, making the noises cars make and occasionally crashing them into each other, flinging sand everywhere as he laughs and screeches the whole time. 913 more words


Backyard Cinema Lost World: Watch your favourite action movie in a tropical jungle

This autumn, film fans are in for a treat as they journey to a forgotten jungle to watch their favourite action and adventure movies. London’s theatrical cinema experts Backyard Cinema are creating a lost world, full of ancient labyrinths and tropical temple ruins. 316 more words


She (1911)

“‘She’ offers to show them flames to bathe in, which gives one eternal life…”

Director:  George O. Nichols

Starring:  Marguerite Snow, James Cruze, Viola Alberti, William C. 2,363 more words