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You Are Not Your Thoughts

In nights when the shadow of doubts and fear creeps in, when the screams of the world keep on thriving, the silence of the night seems defying and all you want to do is cry. 492 more words


Salvatore (the Pleasure to Kill)

Killers, murders, assassins… Why are such children of Adam shunned in society, when others in power suck the life out of all they see before them, like vampires thirsty for the blood of brothers…

395 more words

I'm Alright.

We aren’t all born equal. We don’t get a sequel. Some of us are perma-lost,

Some of us weren’t loved, nourished nor allowed to flourish, 246 more words

Dental Implants Could be Your Best Option to Replace Lost Teeth

An estimated 35 million people in the United States are missing all of their teeth on at least one jaw. Your situation may not be as serious — perhaps you’ve only lost one tooth. 140 more words

thank you and sorry

Thank you and sorry

I’m sorry for hurting you.

I guess my mind went crazy when you said we were through.

Without any text for a month or two. 519 more words

Mystery of the missing pants...

OK, so the pants weren’t missing exactly! But it was a mystery, that is still yet to be solved.

After noticing that a pair of underpants had been on my bathroom floor for more that two days (yes that’s a long time for me to leave them there. 198 more words