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Life can be hard! and now being unemployed for 5 months, lets put a certificate on that. Sitting all alone, not wanting to face anyone, reluctant to anything and everything around. 135 more words


Sometimes I wonder where have my old self gone to. That younger version oozing in determination and drive to reach for the stars and climb the success ladder. 59 more words


Trapped in Atlanta

Did you know God loves scatterbrained women? He does. He must. Or at the least, He’s got an extra hand upon us. Or perhaps around us–sort of like those barriers you surround your wayward, trouble-finding toddlers with. 1,521 more words


Lost & Resigned To My Fate

I am lost, like really lost. Today all I am craving for is a crossroad, where you can figure out what will happen if you choose a path to east, south, west or south. 560 more words

Discovering Oneself


I finally heard back from the decision committee about my short story competition entry. I entered it February with high hopes and excitement. For months, I remained hopeful. 180 more words


The Story of the Good Samaritan

6 days before the triathlon and I lose my HRM!

It’s not the end of the world, I can of course┬ástill compete on Sunday without it but it’s one of those things that I am so used to wearing when I excercise, especially after years of road cycling prior to then beginning my triathlon training. 434 more words



As if you can’t breath

Inhaling that pessimism

Disgusted with how you treat

You’re full of egoism

You swollen my pride

To a point of congesting my emotions… 9 more words