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following money

They say you should “follow the money.” Because the money I followed was my own, I didn’t get far.


Stupid & Selfish...I think not!


So you think it’s stupid, selfish, ridiculous, uncanny, desperate, attention seeking and whatever else you want to add when individuals attempt to end their Life? 1,794 more words


It feels like I’m choking

I wish I can speak

I wish I can say what I feel

It’s hard..It’s very hard to express

I’m so lost in my world of dreams


Deep thoughts...

No idea if anyone in the universe is reading this blog and to be honest, it really doesn’t matter.  After writing in this forum I release these emotions from my head, and onto to this fucking blog (frozen-holding-place) and I can breathe a little better. 522 more words


Chamber Walls

O these chamber walls

O these chamber walls

I cannot jump over

The sun light’s gone home

O these chamber walls

I etch the number of days that have passed on in this place… 230 more words


If you only knew

If you only knew how much pain hurts and how much hurt pains,

Then you would stop using me for your gain

You would stop taking me for your train… 98 more words

Purity Writes

Flowers In The Backseat

It’s been years now since you left, but the memory of you still exists in my mind. It’s like everything about me refuses to accept that you’re no longer mine. 339 more words