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Lost Friendships? 😔

Anyone else had that problem? I’ve had this several times and it’s no fun. My first best friend I’ve lost was in sixth grade when we had to leave elementary school and lost two of my best friends whom I’m best friends was for 4 years long.   556 more words

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Time is my Enemy

Time is my enemy.

When I’m truly happy,
Like when I’m with you,
It runs fast to limit my moment.
But when I’m sad it stretchs to the infinity. 40 more words


Pretty Stranger

Pretty-Pretty stranger
How do you do?
Hey pretty stranger
I am looking for you!

A lot to say
But words are few
Come what may… 48 more words


The beach. 

“Why don’t we go to the beach?”

“I don’t like the beach, I hate the beach. All the sun and sand. Sharks scare me and there is just too much unknown.” 303 more words

R.I.P Grandpa

Don’t know how to start, but I got no one to talk to, so I just gonna put it out here even when no one read them. 446 more words

Lost Sheep

“At times I get lost, just like a lost sheep I wonder off to nowhere… just going along not caring at all but there’s always someone who comes looking for me, he doesn’t stop until he sees me…and when he finally does he leads me back home, I am truly grateful to my Shepherd who cares for me and loves me unconditionally” 525 more words


We may have felt lost at some point in our lives. Either having a feeling of walking in the dark or just being completely lost; not being able to find our way. 382 more words