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Francis Bacon

“There is no comparison between that which is lost by not succeeding and that which is lost by not trying.”

Francis Bacon, founder of the philosophy of empiricism, born January 22nd, 1561

Happy Birthday!!

Quotes And Aphorisms

If I belong to this world, why does it feel so foreign?

– Aniket More 15 more words


Just Words

was the word
You was the word I used to write before me

used to be the road I used to take
Used to do a lot of things… 153 more words

Next One

In the next life, I wish I won’t meet you.

Or run into you. Or even meet your eyes.

I pray you won’t ever get to see me too. 138 more words


“Come on let’s go home. It’s getting late.” he said while getting up and dusting his pants.
They had been sitting on the bare grass for hours now. 327 more words

A Past is a Dead Soul

“A Past is a Dead Soul. You are new—and you are in control.”

Christmas is a celebration of love in general. A highly-anticipated holiday every person in the world knew about regardless of their religion or beliefs.

159 more words

• Paradise •

Lost in Paradise but in Paradise you can never get lost
Found in Paradise all that I found my Paradise upon