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Relearning, Growing, and Moving Forward

I took on more than I could chew these past few weeks. I tried to fit more things in the day than I had hours for and ultimately ate up my energy for supply for like the next month. 564 more words


Too High

I’m from the city:
Where angels don’t descend to help,
They’re in the corners getting higher.

No preaching, nor evangelism could convince
Heaven will not give them a chance and… 75 more words


Lost with you

I want to forget why it hurts.
Why whenever you lose someone, your heart just shatters within seconds.
We’re never ready for what’s about to come, 54 more words

Seeking Direction In Life

My last post spoke about problems and the importance of being able to problem solve for yourself in life before seeking help.

After making that post I thought I’d make a short post to share the problem currently plaguing my life. 330 more words

Lost on the trail.

We got lost on the
trail I’d been on many
time before, when the
signs weren’t all
posted where they
were meant to be
but we were exactly where
we were meant to be.


A Summer's Peace

Somewhere forgotten by summer’s peace, lies a river fast asleep.

Quiet underneath the frost are memories that I have lost.

There is nothing there I wish to seek. 89 more words



For days I’ve been struggling with my world.
Everyone remember that episode of Greys Anatomy, the recent one When Amelia’s tumor was removed. How she was so lost and felt like something was missing but couldn’t explain it, that’s how I feel today. 104 more words