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Deep Thoughts.

Ifs and buts.

Don’t you find it funny that sometimes when we read our Blogily friends posts that a theme is there screaming at you. Well today is one of those days and the themes are ‘second chances’, ‘why we are who we are.’ and ‘choices’ 558 more words

free-writing: something needs to change

Sometimes life feels like a road trip. There are twists and turns in the road, it’s all too easy to get lost along the way, and oftentimes the destination or goal of the road trip changes because of something you encounter on the side of the road. 916 more words


"Life" [February 25th, 2018]

I don’t know when or how or why it became a crime to have dreams, to want something, to hope, to have ambitions, to just want to become someone. 157 more words


And I'm here.. Again.

At point where I feel nothing but emptiness. At point where I feel nothing, rather.


Why I'd Rather Lose Friends Than Be With Fake Ones?

I know, it has been more than a month since I posted an article. What can I say, I am a fan of active procrastination. At the moment, I have 14 drafts on my page waiting to be posted, but I didn’t feel that they are cut out for being published, just yet! 768 more words


The truth that hurts.

Some truths are like grenade, you see them coming and are gripped with fear at the destruction they would cause, and when they finally hit you, you are shattered, your heart blown into tiny pieces and the remains of your existence tell the story of what could have been. 97 more words