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Popular iTunes Song Today: LOST IN THE ECHO by LINKIN PARK

#iOS #Music #iTunes LOST IN THE ECHO Albums: LIVING THINGS | Song Tittle: LOST IN THE ECHO | Release Date: 2012-06-20 07:00:00 | Artist: LINKIN PARK Download LOST IN THE ECHO The post Popular iTunes Song Today: LOST IN THE ECHO by LINKIN PARK appeared first on Apps.News.

Love lost in flame

Its a burning in your skin, it lingers till it lights itself on fire over and over again but you can’t stop it no matter how hard you cry, I felt my heart break after a long time I held back the tears as they prickled my eyes. 438 more words


Can't make it beyond the keyboard.

Will I forever be chasing my muse? Oftentimes that seems to be the case. I want to write, to make, to create. I want to put words together and for them mean something. 1,058 more words


In the steam I breathe
on the frosty leaves;
From the first morning light
through the wakeful nights;
Through my panic and fear
in this season of cheer;
There you aren’t.


26 & Lost

Recently I had the pleasure of attending my 26th birthday. It was a blast. I got drunk and had a political debate as to why Michelle Obama should be present. 208 more words

In the dark

I relax.

Unlike in the light. .

When my soul reacts

And all my miniscule

And lofty flaws

Cast shadows on the wall… 47 more words


Aliens at the Rapture

Misplaced, I am, this downgrade, I believe that this world is just cold and harsh. It is not because I do not witness the beautiful moments had by others, it that I will never be able to partake. 647 more words