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Tor.com: Returning to Twin Peaks: The Return

I love Twin Peaks, so there was no way I was going to miss a chance to reflect on the one year anniversary of Showtime’s… 436 more words



I wake up and think of you; before I sleep I think of you.

It’s like we are playing hide and seek.

When the sky is clear and blue and the sun is so bright it gives everything a tint of yellow; I look for you in the blooming,  glowing flowers. 233 more words


Just today

Can I feel alone, or is that just a moment that will pass and I shouldn’t look back the ideology that let me to it. Will the days pass where I won’t miss it miss you or is this just a momentary laps of judgement. 48 more words

Broken Record 

How many times

must I repeat myself?

You claim to listen

But you just hear

You are lost in touch

Forgot the beginning

Along the way… 50 more words


Sun-Deluge [255 words]

Thousands of years ago a kingdom stood, a great kingdom built on the white cliffs of a long forgotten island. Its wealth was unimaginable, its power boundless, the people within the towering city were the most beautiful in all the world, and their generosity knew no bounds. 208 more words


LOST Chapter 12 - FAQ


Class FAQs

Q: Can a Wounded whose <Wound> takes up their (Main Hand) Specialty still use items in their right and left hands?

A: Yes. 1,155 more words


LOST Chapter 11 - Boss Creation

Boss Creation

  1.  Name and Appearance

The name and physical description of the <Boss> are up to you. Most <Bosses> are based on animals, with mechanical or supernatural parts mixed in. 152 more words