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In between

Everyday, I struggle to become a better version of myself. Yet everyday always feel like a failure. Doing things that I shouldnt do. Saying things I should have never said. 388 more words



In the darkest times

Feeling so lost and alone

I remember you




I don’t want to leave,
But how can I stay?
You can’t start a journey
While laying in bed.
My mind’s a broken record,
A needle scratching endlessly… 77 more words



The hints were all along.
Yet, we chose to trust
When we should not have.
Thus, we stand betrayed.

Was it our naive nature?
Or their over-smart opportunitism? 50 more words


~Lost for Good~

I was never supposed to get lost in you,
but guess what?
I turned out to be a stupid woman
with no sense of direction. … 125 more words

A Smile Lost

The smile crumbles to a frown

Earth is cold and still.

A heart unfound and unknown

Each beat a chill.

But, words, lines, pages, understand… 40 more words


Fight For Me

I stand amidst battle cries

Armies raging all around

I cannot help, but hear the sound

Of others screaming, victory

But yet in my heart, I know the truth… 576 more words