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Hellfire Warrior - Prologue

“So, it’s just you and me again, huh?” Flynn started at her black lynx, Shun. Once again, they had been refused adoption.

The jarring sound of yet another door had slammed shut on them reverberated and Shun jumped into Flynn’s arms. 254 more words


I Don’t Get It

They say the rule is:

Once you stop

looking for something,

it will show up.

Am I supposed to

stop looking for


-will the happiness ever find me?


The meaning has long been lost

In time and history, not meaning

Anything important

Still persistent

Ringing it’s tone

Into my mind

Again and again


Love Is A Ruthless Game Unless You Play It Good And Right.

Now I understand what she meant when all she saw was red…

There are no words that can begin to express this type of PAIN… 233 more words


What am I ..

I’m on the ground & cant get back up. When I attempt to bring myself back up the universe brings more power to knock me down. 212 more words



While the saying goes, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” it is also true that treasure to one is trash to others.

This does not mean that a person may cherish what other people do not, as that is the meaning of the initial quote. 16 more words

Starless Night

As I sit in my small rowboat floating aimlessly in the vast, dark ocean, I wonder to myself where you are. The sky used to be filled with your brightness; even among a million twinkles, you shone through. 218 more words

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