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Like a dog that pisses when excited
I cant hold my anger in
Your lungs versus every cigarette
I fight but will not win… 47 more words


Faded Tune

The memory of the vast waters try to calm my mind,
But the tide and thoughts keep coming at me,
punching me harder than the waves hit the shore. 48 more words



I feel a shiver
Run down my spine
I hold my breath
Am I anymore mine??

I loved you so
And lived you too
Yet you believed… 64 more words

The Unborn

I wrap it in my arms
Cuddling, swaddling
Cherishing the child
I could never quite

At times I relinquish
Watch it shrink and dwindle and… 62 more words



All of this feels like a dream

So distant and hazy

An acid trip gone horribly wrong

Creative Writing


Is it even possible to be this sad for no specific reason? I honestly don’t know what to feel anymore. I’ve been wanting to write down how I feel about certain things in my life, but every time that I try doing so, it seems like there is no right words for what I’m feeling. 614 more words


What I'll Tell Her When SheWakes

It started with you and I hurrying to catch a just waiting old bus. We’re loaded with bags & bundles. The archaic bus starts to move away then stops for us. 400 more words