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Day 6: Busy Busy

Sorry for not posting in such a long time. Life has been pretty hectic lately, but that’s no excuse. I have been thinking about writing but I just haven’t thought of anything great enough to write about. 256 more words



lost in the twilight
no hand to hold me afloat
hollow heart sinks in the blue


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In Memory of our Forever Loved Furry Family Members

I had planned to write about something completely different today, however after the sad posts we saw last night on the UK Westies page, that a couple of our lovely Westies had gone to live at Rainbow Bridge, I’m afraid I’ve not been able to think of anything else all day.   1,483 more words

Puppy Love

हारे से..

थके मुरझाये चेहरे हर ओर,
आज सब हारे से लग रहे हैं।
देख जिन्हे हिम्मत मिलती थी,
वही आज बेचारे से लग रहे हैं।

यूँ ही / Just Like That..

One Way System Hell: The Road Trip to Leicester

Goal: Drive to a new place

One of my new year goals was to drive somewhere new.  It was over a year since I past my driving test and my main experience was the commute to work. 613 more words


♫I got ran over by a reindeer or was it gaben♫

Well, it happened right after I got super lucky and VP won. I made .22 cents and I was hyped! Oh and the ehug game was canceled. 184 more words


Free Write #2 - (Human Condition)

I feel…..

Stuck, motionless, lost in my mind

Wishing I could reach beyond my limits

Reaching the world that others live in

I feel…..

Unable to breadth, sucking in water, 42 more words