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Hate II

I hate you.

I hate everything you do.

In all that you are,

I hate you through and through.

Staring into your eyes,

Sick of all your lies. 208 more words

Short Writings


is it suicide if its my own silence that kills me?

Here a picture, because I cant seem to get any more words out…

Where did this girl go? 8 more words

Republicans are paying a price for their extremism

(Source: www.vox.com)

It’s an article of faith among many Democrats that Republicans have somehow escaped the electoral consequences for the increasing extremism of their party. 660 more words



I used to know where I was,
but somehow I got lost.
I don’t know where I am now,
except to say that I’m not where I should be. 223 more words

Man offers $1,000 reward for missing therapy dog

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A desperate search is underway for a therapy dog last seen in a stranger’s car in Midtown.

Memphis the French bulldog has spent his life visiting hospitals, schools, jails and churches. 270 more words



You know lately I’ve felt…pretty defeated. Worthless. Like nothing is ever going to go right. I act happy around my children as much as possible even if there are days I can’t. 407 more words


sad aloneness

& i wonder how many times
in how many ways
i can say
the same thing
& not be heard?
the comfort
of my invisibility… 97 more words