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I grow exhausted at the exuberance of crowds.
Not able to ignore that nagging voice that whispers the evils of them
Feelings of fear overpower the simple formula of conversation… 94 more words

Stay on the Ride

I thought being a licensed engineer would change everything. Almost ten months and two short-lived jobs after, I’m back to where and to whom I’ve always been- the biggest failure I know. 128 more words

Thought Universe


I show the world a garden,
But in my soul’s a graveyard.
There is ice upon the air;
And yet, the place is charred.
There grows there tongues of fire… 72 more words


My rightful inheritance

My parents came up to see me graduate in December, and over dinner I casually reminded them that I would very much like to be on the receiving end of dad’s onyx ring. 66 more words



Starting to question whether or not my dedication is a form of “have I lost my god damn mind” (insanity)…


The feeling of the unknown, is quite the feeling. You can’t quite put your finger on it, you aren’t sure what it is. What is this feeling you are feeling? 909 more words


Lost not come from Rakush and as we will be true to him in the lads gave to bring forth a foal sprung from the first time. 871 more words