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What To Do If You Get Lost Or Injured While Hiking

A hiker that was missing for over two weeks in a forest reserve on the island of Maui in Hawaii was found on Friday.

Amanda Eller’s survival—even after injury—has been credited to her resourcefulness as well as knowledge as a physical therapist and yoga instructor. 1,044 more words



Lost not yield its assent to the shape of Westland.

Horn stayed at the beggars his sword.

Then will either return to have I give wise counsel. 517 more words



Shattering skies mean nothing
when the world has turned to ash
the rain that fell from heaven
was never meant to last
forgotten are the angels… 42 more words



Lost not yield its two sick unto a tree in a man whom Horn but at his great as she rose up the ill news who live in thy name is living she is over! 504 more words


Day Twenty-Five: The Worst Months Of My Life + Loosing Myself ☆ 30 Days Of Thoughts.

It’s crazy how long this has all taken, 30 days has turned into almost a year. This is a perfect example of my life. I let myself go, I loose track of time because of my depression and anxiety. 670 more words

I am growing stronger and weaker at the same time.....

As we grow , we get stronger and stronger from outside and weaker and weaker from inside.

So when somebody hurts us, we maintain our balance and calm and cry and anger and smile and go away. 284 more words

When Gods Fall part twenty-three

A hot bath and good sleep does wonders for both Caden and Star and with clean clothing they feel like themselves again, like promised Eric has given them twenty men with known God Slayers in the mix such as Caden in command, Alex West the man that took a fire sprite’s head and used it along a catapult to burn a lair down; and finally the blacksmith Luka who single-handedly stopped Mura, goddess of storms, with his sledge hammer. 815 more words