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Lost not a boat and full of his company while we did train me from Rustem unto the midst of the King Thurstan and his ring and sore grieved when the battle raged till I dread his helmet and slew the beggars his knights and consequently Riminild said to the offspring of a King said Cherish these Northern hordes in a herd of daring. 723 more words



Flashes of white light

Reach me through shuttered windows

Like hands through cell doors

Summer’s storms shake roof and walls

And I’m no longer asleep



If only I did not give up on you.

If only i told you I still loved you.

If only I tried my best to make things work. 126 more words

Great Love

Hello, my great love, you’re probably wondering why we didn’t end up together or where it all went wrong. You may be just as confused as I am, because no matter how hard I look for the answers to all of my questions about us, I just couldn’t find them. 425 more words

I write but I never publish...

I write but I never publish I am not sure why. I write just to write, and I do not realize that sharing it would be a great deal of help to others. 284 more words

Stitched Up Heart Premiere New Video For “Lost” Feat. Godsmack’s Sully Erna

Stitched Up Heart have premiered a new video for their song “Lost.” This track features Godsmack’s Sully Erna and it will appear on the band’s upcoming album “Darkness.” That effort is expected to be released in spring 2020.


Snippets: "Memory Lane"

India in the 1970s was an interesting time. My parents married there before moving Stateside. Ah yes, India in the ’70s was interesting, and for my parents, it was a time hollowness and regret. 13 more words