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Prisoners of our own minds

Prisoners of our own minds

Sadly, but true, I’m caged in a cell, a prison made by my own mind.

… .

caged in our beliefs— 48 more words


violent delights

breathing as one
we poison our lungs
my burden now yours.

we love,
I’d have taken your veins in place of mine
and convinced
my body it is as should be… 42 more words


I am Home

The sense of home is important to me. I’ve heard, home is where you hang your hat, home is where the heart is, home is where you are (referring to a loved one), but to me the word home was deeper than that and I felt lost without the place I called home. 344 more words

Lost in Your Dreams

On some days,

When mayhem reigns over the world

Solitude is a comforting escape.

On the days

When confusion pounds at the door,

And pulls you into a maze of uncertainty… 76 more words


Top Of The Mountain

I stand on top of the mountain and I see nothing but beauty. I see valleys full of all things beautiful. Everything one man can want is just steps down the mountain. 181 more words

In between

Everyday, I struggle to become a better version of myself. Yet everyday always feel like a failure. Doing things that I shouldnt do. Saying things I should have never said. 388 more words