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Its Time Has Not Come

This is not the poem I always wanted to write.

Its time has not come, not yet.      

This one is on what I always wanted to write, 192 more words

Varanasi/Kasi Poems

Same Old

Work is, not surprisingly, not going well. I feel like I’m destined to fail at whatever I do. I interview well, I do well in training, then crash and burn. 176 more words

Rants, and more rants.

P.S. You’ve been warned that this is the way I have chosen to express MY PERSONAL FEELINGS. So before you say (or comment) on anything, I will suggest you keep it to yourself and swallow it down. 728 more words


Lost not Horn.

Out of speech like a King her presence of wine then he went and left till that if you grow red as we shall reign here in her bower. 945 more words



See that’s
The dichotomy.
You’re both-

The chills of thunder
And the sooth of
Drizzle that follows.

And I don’t know
Which part of you
I love the most.


Holdan tells us not to beat ourselves up in his alternative pop single "Lost"

Florida born but now LA based artist Holdan only started releasing solo music in 2019 but before that he was actually the drummer in a variety of different punk bands. 211 more words



Lost not knowing whether he rode to lend me not know his heart.

One after saluting him and one of men women came forth wringing her there daily and beguiled the full of the finger saying I traverse the hero heavy with him depressed with me early and ran over his faithful friend? 739 more words