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Hello Germs.

Good morning,

This is my delicious breakfast.

Yeah. Sedap right? I caught the flu bug in the office yesterday morning. I have no idea who it came from but I guess it was just me. 493 more words


Lot 1, Canaveral National Seashore @ Titusville, Florida

Driving a new route into National Canaveral Seashore park, I was reminded of the expansive acreage encompassing the area. On the left, I had viewed many charred trunks of palms from controlled burns. 354 more words

Central Florida

Lot #1 Revisted

Lot #1 was actually my second attempt at growing Lithops from seed.  My first attempt failed miserably and was the catalyst for me to actually do some research and learn about how to care for Lithops properly.  92 more words

Lot #1

Who is Bel Air lawyer Joseph F. Snee, Jr.?

From the Baltimore Sun:

“The developer is represented by the Bel Air law firm Snee, Mahoney, Lutche & Hemlinger, Pa., the same firm that represented Presbyterian Home on its aborted CCRC project in Aberdeen.” 191 more words

543 Development

Eva-Mar Site proposal places Health Care Building 170 feet from Tudor Manor Homes.

Proposed Presbyterian Home of MD Health Care Building is closer to periphery existing buildings than other Tudor Manor houses.

Don’t you think they could move a building of that size on the site plan so it is another 200 feet away and leave a few of the trees. 9 more words

543 Development

Eva-Mar Site Lot 1CRCC Project has questionable Vehicular Circulation and access

Primary residential roads identified in the 2010 Harford Transportation Element Plan.

(267-83 A.4) The project must be directly accessible from one or more existing or planned arterial, collector or primary residential roads. 38 more words

543 Development