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Not a Fan of LOTR but I Would Love to Live in New Zealand — Medium

There are only a few places that I would love to move to — Carmel by the Sea (US), Hokkaido or Kyoto (actually, I would be fine with any… 10 more words

Frodo and the Awkwardness of Emelia

That moment when you’re driving down the street and see some hot boys on the sidewalk… but you try to act cool as they stare with mystified expressions because you’ve got the Lord of the Rings soundtrack booming out your windows. 54 more words

Top 10

Good evening!

As I lie here on my sofa after having been to rugby training tonight, and totally ruining my ankle (I’m getting to old for that shit) I decided to compile my new list of top 10 films. 490 more words



Power can be held in the smallest of things…
Like a smile
Like a word
Like a butterfly
Like a thought
Like a dream
Like a raindrop… 30 more words


Better late than never

In New Zealand I did finally something that I have postponed years and years – I read Lord of The Rings from J.R.R. Tolkien. I think there are few people who don’t know those books and people who know me well, they might me surprised to hear that until now I have not read this masterpiece. 416 more words

New Zealand

Quote Challenge 1-3

Hello everyone! 😃

A couple of days ago I was nominated to this challenge by From the Heart to the Mind, namrataspeaks, and last but not least… 87 more words

Awards And Challenges


Tips for when you feel helpless and full of pain and that feeling you get when your parents fight.

  • Remind self that eating is a feature of human-ness and not a bug.
  • 26 more words