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Hiking in Mordor a.k.a. Tongariro National Park

Mordor. The word brings to mindĀ black rocks barren of foliage, a boiling sky, The Eye and Mount Doom. What doesn’t come to mind are aquamarine lakes, bright snow, windswept plains, icy streams, andĀ rocks dyed red with the iron of countless volcanic eruptions. 824 more words

New Zealand

For my Constitutional Conservative and Libertarian Friends...

We have, for many long years, been fighting a hard battle on many fronts. Attacks on many of our beliefs and values, an ever-expanding and over reaching government, the seeming desire to destroy anything that remotely resembles a free market place, the abandonment of individual liberty for the sake of group identity and the seemingly ever-rising tide of collectivism have been among the things against which we have fought. 167 more words

7 Things that Geeky Boyfriends Do

This blog is dedicated to the tag-along girlfriends like me who have geeky boyfriends.

1. He tries to make you learn how to play (insert whatever game he is into right now). 852 more words

Studying: Keep it Instrumental

Are you a regretful procrastinator like I am? Do you ever want to study, but can’t find the willpower? Well, I have a fitting solution; music. 191 more words

Me, Myself, And I

Dear Frodo Baggins,

Your story is confusing, something people debate all the time even today. Were you the hero? Did you succeed in your quest, or was your failure to destroy the ring part of a tragic allegory for human existence? 544 more words



Kids are very much like Hobbits.

Rather it’s likely that JRR Tolkien designed the Hobbits on a kid template.


  1. Kids don’t just have one breakfast, There’s also; second breakfast, elevenses, luncheon, afternoon tea, dinner, and supper.
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25 bookish things about me

Hello everyone,

I want to introduce myself through this tag so here it is: 25 bookish things about me

  1. This first book I read was…
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