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Doviel and Meluil

Story by Doviel

In honor of Meluil’s forthcoming begetting day celebrations, Doviel escorted her cousin through the dangerous territories between the west and Lothlórien. It had been a long time since her cousin had been home, and it was a special occasion. 2,339 more words

Fan Fiction

Thanks for Making Me Your Second in Command

Dear Ryan,

It’s been two months. It feels like way longer than that. I guess that’s what happens in a long distance relationship. You spend so much time not being able to do anything but get to know someone, you think you’ve known them your whole life. 310 more words


Deadline Throwback! - You Shall Not Pass

As the name suggests, I’ve got the deadline looming and honestly I’m too wrapped up to continue with the husky painting for now, but I want to use this opportunity to delve into the depths of my past and pull out something long forgotten…at least for me…Here’s one of my very first posts. 14 more words


Chapter VII: Fog on the Barrow-Downs

*finishes chapter* *closes book* Now, what the heck is a barrow? 184 more words


2015 Spring Gaming Update 2015 - Xia, War of the Ring, Saga, and Pathfinder Potpourri

Mostly just dilly-dallying this spring, but I have not dropped off the map.   Since New Years, I have managed to play Pathfinder once, Xia thrice, Saga four times, and War of the Ring five times.  940 more words