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30 Day Writing Challenge - Day 7

I currently have no tattoos. I’ve never had an overwhelming desire to get something permanent on my body. The only thing I’ve considered getting is the Leaf of Lorien from The Lord of the Rings (although it’s been done many times before) behind my ear.

What Is It With Fictional Universes?

Are you the kind of person to immediately fall in love with any fictional world your brain encounters? If so, you’re not alone. As you probably know, there are a  913 more words

Artist's Way, Week 5: Don't Let Go of What is Precious to You!

A Terrible Confession

Dear readers,

I betrayed you by not posting when I said I would. I made it sound like I would post every week, without fail, but I failed to uphold that promise and your trust. 860 more words


Day 120 April 29th 2016

Another photo drought day…and the one I’d like to post, I can’t. So this one will have to do.

What does LOTR & BPD have in common?

Reasons why The One Ring is like BPD:

– it changes you
– it attracts danger, putting you at risk & making you vulnerable
– sometimes, it puts those close to you in danger too… 148 more words

Emissary Log: The Northern Trade Pt. 3

November 20th, T.A. 2017

Much has taken place since my last letter. The damage done by Angmar is somewhat lessened of late. Weather it is our involvement in the area or not I cannot say, but there seems to be much less of a presence in the north here. 408 more words