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Welcome to Shire

Sebagai seorang moviegoer 2001 akan selalu menjadi tahun yang kukenang.

Ingat dengan musik legendaris ini?

Saat itu saya masih seorang remaja yang penasaran menonton film fantasi. 885 more words



The archaic arachnid
her fangs are protracted
hunts from her foul lair
with guile and tongue acrid

Beneath cirith ungol
fed by the wretch smeagol… 80 more words


The Tales of Middle Earth

Those tales are drawing to a close as our small party have just arrived back in Bree on their journey home.

Tonight a group of us went to see the new Star Wars film, Solo, and I think we all enjoyed that tale too. 244 more words


Tolkien Thursdays: Bilbo's Last Song

Day is ended, dim my eyes,
But journey long before me lies.
Farewell, friends! I hear the call.
The ship’s beside the stony wall.
Foam is white, and waves are grey;
159 more words


4.V. Thought 36

Faramir uses a lot of idioms.

“Night oft brings news to near kindred.”

“It is perilous for mortal man to walk out of the world of this Sun, and few of old came thence unchanged.”

“Murder will out.”   

’tis said.

Token Thoughts

My Challenge: Embarking on an Adventure to Middle Earth (Part 1)

The school year is coming to an end, which leaves me with lots of free time on my hands. So I’ve decided to give myself one of the biggest book challenges I think I’ll ever have. 264 more words


The Hands of a Healer, the Hands of the King

Of all the worlds that I have traversed, whether via the printed letter, or pixels on a screen; the one most dear to me, is J.R.R. 1,168 more words

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