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Liebster Award

I am extremely thankful for a nomination, and to be part of the Liebster Award. To have anyone enjoy my blog is fantastic, so thank you… 767 more words


Game of Thrones & Ye Diddly Dee

TV programmes can be great at spreading words and popularising their use. The rise in the UK of hitherto unknown terms such as “douchebag”, for example, I lay squarely at the door of US TV shows. 719 more words


Minas Tirith Hornblower

Here’s the finished horn blower for the Minas Tirith Warband. I’ve included along with him a finished version of the base model that he was converted from so you can see the changes that were made. 53 more words


Queenstown part 2

Was supposed to be ski day but due to the weather, ski trip was cancelled. We decided to postpone it and re book it the next day. 65 more words


The Return of the King

If you liked the Lord of the Rings, you will love the best panorama view of Budapest from the white promenade of the Fishermen’s Bastion!


Converted Minas Tirith Horn Blower (WIP)

So I’ve been wanting to get a horn blower for my Minas Tirith Army. Unfortunately, I am not about to spend 60 bucks to get the command squad ¬†box from gw for 3 models that I didn’t need and a horn blower… so I was left with the simple choice of making my own! 41 more words


Video Games: The Movie

Average documentary offers nothing new.

I am not a massive gamer so I was expecting to discover lots of interesting stuff about video game history in this documentary but unfortunately narrator Sean Astin (Samwise Gamgee) presents the very basics of the history of video games. 159 more words

Rated 4-7