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MECCG - 2 Player Intro Set PDF

As I’ve been working on cataloging all of the Middle-Earth CCG Cards in order to preserve them for years to come, I decided to remaster the 2 Player Introductory Starter due to its lack of availability now.  51 more words


Lord of the Rings Land Rover tour in Queenstown

For my final LOTR dose, we took the Nomad Safari of the scenes- Wakatipu basin tour that takes us on a 4 hour tour on a Land rover around the Wakatipu basin to show us more LOTR locations. 179 more words

New Zealand

Exploring LOTR locations in Wellington

LOTR: The Two Islands

After Hobbiton, I was most excited to visit Wellington because that is where Rivendell, Isengard, River Andiun and Helms Deep Quarry were. 786 more words

New Zealand


“Bounty hunters. We don’t need their scum!”
― Admiral Piett (deceased)

When you ask any Star Wars fan about their favorite scenes from The Empire Strikes Back…

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Santa v. LOTR

There is a lot to unpack here, (like…why is there an all purple bush?) (and why did they feel the need to use every last strand of lights found in the basement?), but if you allow your eyes to glaze over and go a little cross-eyed, you may notice something more sinister in this photo. 119 more words

The Spank Bank