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Three Cheers for France! Hip Hip, Huzzah!

If you saw my tweets from yesterday, you’ll have a pretty good idea why I didn’t have a blog post up… Missy, Merri, and I were at… 231 more words


Summer Pedals and a New Form of Exercise

My move to a new condo has put me in a much better area—the streets are cleaner and there are more trees, less crime, and better schools (which my real estate agent tells me is important for resale value, because people really seem to care about schools). 480 more words


Back From a Weekend Away in Sunny Canada

Just got back from Victoria, British Columbia! My mother and I took the ferry over early yesterday morning and spent the night there. We walked along the water, took the tour of the parliament building, had tea at the Empress, went to the museum, took a horse-drawn carriage ride, saw all of the dioramas at Miniature World… 81 more words


Learning to Dance Like a Modern Day Harlot

Despite leaving my first ballet class in tears when I was four years old (and being cursed with no innate sense of rhythm), I’ve always wanted to be able to dance. 257 more words



Saturday, I headed out to see Ringling Bros Circus Extreme with my friend and one of her daughters. It was a lot of fun. I’m not sure who had more fun the 6 year old or us adults. 209 more words

A Little Of This A Little Of That

NCAA round 2

where I live, college basketball is the sport. There are a LOT of dedicated football fans of the local university, my alma mater. When it comes to basketball, all bets are off. 135 more words


Talon's Home-made Play-dough

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