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Saturday, I headed out to see Ringling Bros Circus Extreme with my friend and one of her daughters. It was a lot of fun. I’m not sure who had more fun the 6 year old or us adults. 209 more words

A Little Of This A Little Of That

NCAA round 2

where I live, college basketball is the sport. There are a LOT of dedicated football fans of the local university, my alma mater. When it comes to basketball, all bets are off. 135 more words


Talon's Home-made Play-dough

Welcome Friends

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Where the fun begins

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Staying strong

At the moment I’m juggling two boys while their dad is away for work. Even though it’s only 3 days boy is it hard. Being on my own and no one to share bedtime routines with. 15 more words

Gratitude Journal 2015

Satirical Society of Scintillating Sentences: Warmest Welcome

Good morning, and welcome to this column I call Satirical Society of Scintillating Sentences otherwise known as SSSS or Hiss.

El Fin.

I am most certainly joking; a single sentence does not adequately introduce my column. 176 more words

Sunset Media Wave

Photo of the week 1-28-15

From a day excursion with the Therapist Fiance earlier in this trip home, more to come on that later.

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