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How we manage with 6 kids....

People often ask, “How do you do it? I am pulling my hair out with 1 kid!”

Sometimes I think about my friends who have no kids or only one or two kids and wonder how their lives are different than ours. 684 more words


Raising A Big Family On A Tight Budget: Part 1

We’re frequently asked how we make this whole 6 children and one middle-class income thing work. It’s not always easy, but it’s definitely possible! Here are a few of our tried-and-true tips. 1,826 more words

A vision realized and an accidental business!

I had been threatening to make this shirt. For years. I started noticing the comments years ago, well kids ago. Six kids ago, actually. The comments came often, without much variation. 344 more words

You've Got Your Hands Full

This phrase is by far the most common comment that I hear. Actually, our hands are overflowing. We have more kids than hands. But I think what drives me most crazy about this comment is you see I’m busy so you stop me to remind me how busy I am. 522 more words


Life Here Begins: A Prologue

14 of August 2013

The stifling summer film of sweat is oily as it attempts to cool my five siblings and I, leaving behind a sticky residue. 999 more words

Sloth to Tiger-- or Walrus

It’s imperative that I get more organized as the school year approaches; the kids will be in three different schools, I’ll have to wash uniforms each night, make sure homework is finished in a non-horrifying manner, make sure their hair is washed, combed, and presentable (my girls all have very long hair).   340 more words


Our view vs. others' view of our special needs kids

My dad and I have frequently butted heads over the years.  Usually it is the same argument, only in different forms.  I am an optimist and he is a pessimist.   1,012 more words

Special Needs Kids