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Interview with Claire Wollington - Central Hall

I recently caught up with Claire Wollington, managing director of Synergy (Grimsby) CIC to talk about her work and involvement with Grimsby Central Hall.  Claire has been tasked with increasing the usage of Grimsby Central Hall in various ways to help generate additional income. 83 more words

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Auld Reekie's 10th Anniversary Rebrand - with your help!

Anyone who has been part of Roller Derby for a moderate time will have noticed the increasing trend for rebrands amongst the older leagues. When the Roller Derby revival was in its initial phase, many of the first leagues named themselves “Roller Girls” – almost certainly resonating with the post-90s echoes of “girl power” (and the RiotGirl punk movement, which played into initial conceptions of how Roller Derby culture would work). 532 more words


Why diggers are better than levellers

God, so the saying goes, helps those who helps themselves. If you’re not of a godly persuasion, you might say you make your own luck. Action brings its own rewards. 947 more words


When the cinema comes to you....

If you live on a Scottish island – how long does it take to travel to see a film in a cinema?  Well, it depends if the cinema is on wheels and coming your way. 153 more words

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