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Philadelphia Flyers 2017 Draft Recap

By Dan Silver (@dsilver88)

Intro – Flyers Prospect Pool & Draft Needs

Heading into the 2017 NHL Draft, the Philadelphia Flyers boasted one of deepest prospect pools in the league, which I covered in… 2,336 more words

A scam was in process. At least, what I saw and heard pointed in that direction. The man was elderly, wearing old pants with a partially open mid-seam and frayed hem held up by a safety pin. He spoke loudly, probably due to a hearing deficit, and all of us waiting in line could hear. “I just won two million dollars. They told me to send this in by Tuesday.” He seemed to enjoy sharing the news. For sure, he got my attention. The clerk I’ve known for years, a veteran employee at our tiny post office that sits sandwiched between a boutique dress shop and a cozy coffee nook. She calmly followed his instructions. Certified mail. He needed to fill out a form. Did he want to receive notification that his mail had been received? It seemed likely that he was sending money in order to receive his so-called prize. Recent reports of fraud had involved a similar situation. I considered congratulating the gentleman and then asking if his children knew of his good fortune. We could have chatted and maybe, just maybe, I could have helped to prevent ……... At least it was a noble thought. No, it was not my business. I convinced myself that the mail clerk, who has had years of experience, would pick up on the clues and try to do something, if indeed it were a scam. Is she able, by law, to question what someone is sending in the US Mail or why? If I were his daughter wouldn’t I be grateful if a well-intended stranger were to ask a few questions? Could anything I say avert an incident such as loss of money to a scam artist? Probably not. I held my tongue. Perhaps the clerk already knew something and would set his letter aside for investigation. My mind was racing……had I devised my own conspiracy theory? The girl in front of me was fidgeting with her phone the entire time. I don’t think she even noticed the man. The young lady behind me was seven months pregnant and tending a toddler and a stack of boxes at her feet. She had other things on her mind. I decided to quietly wait my turn and then perhaps make a nonchalant comment to the clerk about the lucky lottery winner. “Do you think that gentleman actually won the lottery?” I blurted out. Not so subtle after all. She shook her head in dismay, while counting out my stamps, and replied. It turned out that she and her colleague have been trying to figure this out for some time. His sister died and left him money. Someone knows about it, she said with certainty. The man comes in frequently with the same announcement of having won a large sum of money and needing to send off a letter to confirm it. He lives in his home with a disabled son. Hm…....my concern was not unwarranted. I don’t need to know if this particular elderly man was being taken advantage of, but my Saturday morning jaunt to the post office highlighted an increasing problem. Americans live longer today than in any past age. They may suffer from declining physical or mental health and need assistance, yet they have the right to age in their homes and try to care for themselves. For many, in fact, there is no other option. They live alone or with an elderly spouse or even perhaps with a special needs adult child. They may not see or care that their clothes are ripped or hems are hanging loose, but they manage. They want to remain independent and make their own decisions. They are incredibly vulnerable. The gentleman moved away from the counter and walked slowly toward the door, a bit shaky and cautious with each step. Then he turned and called back to the clerk, “See you next time.” And he left.

No winning ticket for Friday night's Lotto Max, jackpot rises to $15 million

TORONTO – No winning ticket was sold for the $10 million jackpot in Friday night’s Lotto Max draw.

That means the jackpot for the next draw on June 30 will grow to approximately $15 million. 46 more words


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First I did not spy her, she came from higher than I can see
A rare glimpse of her magnificence, giving hope to gravity
Spreads feathered fingers to the wind, she turns away from me… 151 more words

If I Won the Lottery... | Day 23

What would I do if I won the lottery? Well, I think it depends on how much I get before answering the question! Let’s 5 million dollars… is that alright? 136 more words

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College Student Wins $1 Million Lottery Scratch-Off Reward

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