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Eliot-Hine HS Fair & Pathway to an IB Diploma

Eliot-Hine is one of the two DCPS International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme (MYP) schools. In the fall of 2015, the IB Organization authorized Eliot-Hine as an official IB MYP. 298 more words


Μετακόμισαν σε νέα έπαυλη οι πολυεκατομμυριούχοι νικητές της βρετανικής lottery


Μία νέα έπαυλη «υπερπαραγωγή», αποφάσισαν να αγοράσουν οι Κόλιν και Κριστίν Γουέιρ, το ζευγάρι που κέρδισε το μεγαλύτερο ποσό τζακ ποτ στην ιστορία της λοταρίας στη Βρετανία, το 2011.


Cash 5 Jackpot Winner Sold in Lackawanna County

OLD FORGE – A jackpot-winning ticket for the Pennsylvania Lottery was sold Wednesday in Lackawanna County.

A ticket matching the Cash 5 lottery game drawing was sold at Tobacco Road on North Main Street in Old Forge. 16 more words


Zombie Cat Predictions 2017: Lottery

Q: Will my coworkers and I win the lottery this year?

Your card are:

  • Ace of Cups
  • Ace of Swords
  • 10 of wands

A: Yes. 61 more words


Couple 'Accidentally' Wins Lottery Jackpot

It was a total accident that this couple became millionaires. See how it happened…

Time.com says that says that a man in New Jersey usually picks his own Lotto numbers but when he went to buy tickets last week, the clerk accidentally sold him a quick pick ticket. 39 more words