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StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void - Game Review

One of the most complex, dynamic and fun strategy games is finally complete. For all the Protoss fans, this was the one long anticipated. As the shadow of the fallen god Amon falls over the galaxy no one is safe. 3,457 more words


Fairy Happy Birthday

Our niece (and my husband’s goddaughter) turned 10 this month and I created a sparkly card full of butterflies, fairies, and whimsy. I used a variety of materials from my craft stash including a free stamp set I got from Papercraft Essentials. 399 more words

Handmade Card

Scouting in lotv is impossible : allthingszerg

Source: Scouting in lotv is impossible : allthingszerg


It’s interesting to see zerg players complaining about not able to scout in LOTV.

One of the major changes in… 370 more words


[LOTV] Ghost - An Advanced Recon Unit

Just completed a 3 v 3 ranked gameplay a couple of minutes ago. Was trying out again the astral fire build which I was commenting a while back. 332 more words


[LOTV] Astral Fire Build by Bakemonoda

  Recently chanced upon this fantastic website created to consolidate some of the notable  build orders and replays. I personally thought this is a wonderful site to find interesting and powerful… 184 more words


Scouting in Starcraft: A Must!

  There used to be a debate that early scouting in Starcraft is a mineral opportunity cost when the drone/probe/SCV could be better used instead to mine more minerals or gas. 256 more words


Starcraft II - Legacy of the Boredom: Opinion

Spoiler Alert: this blog post contains an immense amount of spoilers for Stacraft II: Legacy of the Void. You have been warned!


And so, yesterday in the middle of the night I have finished the Starcraft saga. 1,014 more words