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30 day Keto challenge - week 1

The verdict is in. With the results I’ve seen so far, I’m sticking with my self-imposed 30-day Keto challenge.

The Keto diet/lifestyle is very similar to Atkins, Paleo, LCHF, so yes it is life without bread. 337 more words

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Oh. My. God. Finally got my MRI results. The news was actually good DESPITE IT SAYING THAT I HAVE MULTIPLE FRACTURES IN BOTH THE BONES IN MY LEFT LEG. 319 more words

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Keto kid-friendly fried chicken with broccoli

Well, I’ve started a ‘Keto’ lifestyle and I’ve made it to Day 3. For 30 days, I am going to eat <20 grams of net carbs, which basically means you give up bread, pasta and biscuits, and go around annoying people with endless energy and nutritional advice. 368 more words

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Mixed bag 2

OMG you guys, it’s been too long! Here’s a quick roundup of what’s been going on up north:

  1. My dicky knee is still dicky

Today marks the 1-month anniversary of me slipping down an icy hill and buggering up my knee. 500 more words

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Needing a new knee

Just when I thought my┬ásedentary lifestyle couldn’t get any more sedentary, turns out it can.

It’s been troubled times around these parts my friends! Whilst TSH continued his resurrection from his… 279 more words

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Easter 2018

It’s heading into Monday evening, which means we made it through Easter.

My prediction of Netflix and pizza was spot on! There has also been crafting, baking, dishwashing and a hell of a lot of TV watching. 324 more words

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Maundy Thursday

Oh what a week we have had! The sighting I had earlier of TSH was fleeting and he has been in bed ALL WEEK with pneumonia. 675 more words

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