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Hello Darlings, so here I am, it’s 2.30 in Dublin, Ireland and what the hell are you gonna do except listen to great vinyl. If You Can. 212 more words


Restaurants, Please Stop Doing These Things

I love eating out. There are so many new restaurants opening everywhere you look. New cuisines, concept restaurants and bars, experimental chefs, ever-expanding wine lists – there’s so much to look forward to. 824 more words


Antares Restaurant-Goa- Sarah Todd is MIA!

Okay, I confess, I love going out to eat–immersing myself in the unknown vibe and culture of the little universe a restaurant creates, the exploration of food and drink options, the fine details of decor and personality exhibited by something so simple as the type of a napkin fold. 1,705 more words


The American Lifestyle

Once upon a time, we believed in something that we called “The American Dream.” Over the years, coupled with the internet and mainstream society, we now have the American “Do-Whatever-You Want.” We are cultivating a sense of entitlement and selfish behavior that negatively impacts those around us. 294 more words



I shiver on the walk to my car. I turn the heat on as soon as I get in. For what reason? It’s 39 degrees outside, but the car heat seems suffocating. 104 more words

PUP the Band

Over the past few months I have been listening to a great band called PUP. They are a punk rock band from Toronto, Ontario. They currently have two full length albums out, one a self-titled, and another called “The Dream is Over” that was released in May 2016. 507 more words

Alternative Rock

Earbuds vs Headphones

Earbuds are more likely to cause noise-included hearing loss than headphones. 

I believe that many people will ask whose sound quality is much better. However, the more important question is which of the two is more likely to hurt your ears. 199 more words

Hearing Care