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Chicago the Band

My phone rang. “Want to go to a concert tonight?” said my honey. This was a big surprise since we are not concert-going people.

“My boss has two tickets he can’t use.” That explained it, an opportunity to smooze the boss. 607 more words


Am I old? No, it can’t be!

Some things have been happening that make me wonder. Things I saw in elderly people when I was a kid. (Elderly to a kid could mean 40. 353 more words


Boom box, loud music sparks brawl on Spirit Airlines flight

LOS ANGELES — Cellphone video captured a brawl that broke out between passengers aboard a Spirit Airlines flight from Baltimore to Los Angeles Wednesday.

The video shows a group of women throwing punches… 196 more words


That Moment When Your Kids Become Your Parents

Although I didn’t move out of my family home until my early twenties, to say that there were things that I would be looking forward to doing under “my roof” was a bit of an understatement. 1,366 more words

Parenting Problems

Man shot dead for complaining about loud music

An Indian fitness instructer shot and killed a man who complained about loud music blaring from his New Delhi gym, reports said Thursday.
The instructer, identified only as Rinku, and his friends were listening to music inside the gym late Monday when local resident Hardeep Singh asked them to turn down the volume. 123 more words

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Here We Go Again

It hasn’t been like this in forever. I haven’t heard the yelling. I haven’t heard the tears and seen the pain. But I can again and it’s killing me. 515 more words


Some of you will get that movie quote, some of you won’t. (It’s from Anchorman).

Either way, it was all I could think about tonight, having dinner at a restaurant. 102 more words

Life In The Arctic North