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Don’t force us to attend

This is a weird topic, in our city a lot is done on the ground of political links and to get votes for a certain party or group.So,to gain more such votes what does these groups do?They encourage people to put a tent or celebrate weddings/functions in any ground..grounds that are not even assigned for such occasions are encouraged by such parties or local parties ,this in return leads people living around such grounds to attend such functions forcefully:/ 89 more words


The Neighbour Who Played Loud Music

Dear Neighbour,

I sold my house, and made a profit of over $50,000! The young couple who bought my home have made an excellent investment. Housing prices are going to keep going up, and up, and up! 224 more words

Roger Tuckerman

Fossil ears appropriating grouchy

Tempered glass rolled down, rubber laid on the asphalt cruising around exposing others to the nerve burning thumps of bass, the high pitches of tweeters and incomprehensible vocals. 81 more words

Stresser Of The Day

I Twerked...and I liked It!

I Twerked and I liked It (though my knees did not).

Yes, you heard it here straight.

A-HA!  I have you on the edge of your seats, don’t I?! 1,282 more words



(First posted at http://ijustkeepswimming13.blogspot.co.uk/2016/02/mythtaken.html on Friday 12th February 2016).

That you can make x amount of noise until 11pm Sunday to Thursday and until 12pm on Fridays and Saturdays is a myth.  559 more words

Health And Wellbeing

Public displays of rage

I don’t have an issue with people who listen to loud music on their smartphones, or people who check ringtones, especially on public transportations, closed spaces, etc. 29 more words


A Roommate Application (Normal people need not apply!)

This story is fueled by the annoyance I have for a certain person on my dorm floor. (It’s not my roommate, I love her) And I dedicate it to anyone out there who has an annoying roommate, suitemate, floormate or hallmate. 333 more words

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