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Jam time

Hi everyone,

So today we thought we’d share our love for music with you through a little playlist. The vibe is best suited for driving alone, singing as loud as you can! 20 more words

Loud is ...

so lately I’ve been working with a group which varies from a trio to 6 piece band.  Wherever we go, we get compliments on the sound, many of which are along the lines of, “it was just the right loudness”. 184 more words

Audio Engineering

Woman In Jail For Playing One Song Loud

By: Beau Daniels

If you’re going to play music loud make sure it is tunes the people around you enjoy or you could be in jail. 110 more words


People who are Dicks; The General Public: Part 1

To the people who have, for some stupid fucking reason, attached speakers to the front of their cars and or bicycles; Why. The. Fuck. Do you honestly think that blaring your music out the front of your vehicle is going to make it sound any better? 274 more words


Why ear plugs are great for clubbing and concerts

I enjoy clubbing and pop/rock concerts exclusively with my ear plugs in. Does that mean I miss out? No, I enjoy the music exactly as it is meant to be. 532 more words

Richard Kunert

Depression and Stats

Depression and Stats

Last night I was looking back over my recent posts and noticing the number of ‘Likes’ some posts have over others. I am definitely noticing that some posts strike a chord with people and that’s when they start to follow and then they seem to not stick around. 191 more words

Hell On Wheels

Loud music

Oh boy! While doing my psychology homework at Starbucks, and having coffee inside my system i got a little impatient with the tests on mypsychlab; so i blared the music playlist on my laptop, and that helped calm my patience quickly. 45 more words