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Why Music Is Getting Louder

Over the last several decades, music has been getting louder. Like rival architects building ever taller skyscrapers, record companies have been competing to make their music louder than that of their competitors. 41 more words


Story A Day, Day 6 - Counter Matrix

Header image by Kimmo Palosaari.

The wall of sound almost knocks you back as you enter from the coatroom; an assault on as many senses as possible, a no holds barred light show, an adrenaline-fuelled train with no brakes, a relentless beat that shatters the earth, an atmosphere that smells of everything and nothing. 595 more words

Story A Day

Things I'm Tired Of...

The following is a partial list of things I’m getting tired of hearing about: Swing States… I live in California, with the sixth largest economy in the world, and yet we aren’t a swing state? 276 more words

This Too Will Pass

Noise pollution from Rongai matatus

Laureen Kageha Ongata Rongai residents have called on National Environmental and Management authority (NEMA ) to step in and deal with the deafening loud music played by route 125/126 matatus.Also due to the alleged dangerous high rate at which they flout traffic rules and locals are appealing to NTSA to remove the matatus from the road.Business proprietors have appealed to the government to intervene and save them from what they term as uncontrollable matatus.These matatus cause noise pollution along routes near hospitals,schools and offices through persistent honking and rumbling


Day Fourteen

Sorry about yesterday, I was just exhausted – not that I did much!

It ended up being a late night because Mother In Law decided that she wanted to celebrate her return from holiday by going out to dinner. 373 more words

Noise Pollution.

 I’m in quite some mood,

the first few moments,

of my day were good,

then the components,

of my domestic brood,

plus the added bonus, 92 more words

Americana Injustica

8 Best Nightclubs Around you

Delhi’s night has a lot to offer and finding the right places to go to could be harder than deciding what to wear that night. There’s something for everybody, from Bars that play Rock music to Clubs that play heart throbbing electronic music till 3AM.   1,149 more words