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Loud Music Makes You Calm

There is finally an excuse for reverting to a teenage like state. Shutting the bedroom door and cranking up the volume on your stereo. 214 more words


Lowell Police: Loud Music Leads To Machete Threat, Arrest

LOWELL (CBS) — A 48-year-old Lowell man has been charged with several felonies after allegedly showing a machete and threatening to decapitate his neighbor if they didn’t turn down the music on Sunday, according to the… 107 more words


Wednesday, June 10, 2015, Music Is In My House

You’ll never hear me complain about music at my house. Don’t get me wrong, I still complain. You just can’t hear me. The music is way too loud. 289 more words


Loud Music, Headbanging and Oblivion

There is something so uniquely irritating to me about someone who plays their music (whether in their car or in their house with the windows open) that makes me want to pull them out and pound their heads into the wall in time with the thumping bassline.  223 more words


Protect yourself from hearing loss

Farm workers experience one of the highest rates of hearing loss among Americas. The hearing loss is caused, in part, by the loud noises generated by tractors, grinders, choppers, combines, grain dryers, conveyors, chain saws and shotguns, to name a few. 430 more words


Man accused of assaulting officer during noise complaint call

SUFFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — A Suffolk man was arrested after allegedly assaulting a police officer.

Police say they responded to the man’s home near the intersection of Myrick Avenue and Fuller Street after a loud music complaint, around 9 p.m. 54 more words

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After a fortnight of really shitty stuff happening (and that is probably the most aesthetically displeasing expletive, btw…) which I may relate at a later date when I don’t want to hurt things…today had me rushing around to leave work early so I could drive all the way across the city to my house (I have a pretty long commute) after I realised I didn’t have one of my various government-issued forms of ID that I NEEDED in order to get myself on this apartment lease so that my fiancé does not have to live with the wretchedness he’s been putting up with the past year and…a half? 443 more words