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A Roommate Application (Normal people need not apply!)

This story is fueled by the annoyance I have for a certain person on my dorm floor. (It’s not my roommate, I love her) And I dedicate it to anyone out there who has an annoying roommate, suitemate, floormate or hallmate. 333 more words

Creative Writing

Internal communications.

As Gen X, Gen Y and whatever they call the people who came after that continue to live and work in cities, it seems many of us own less and less. 266 more words

Opposite Day

Loud Music by Gloria Geiger Blog Tour 11/11 - 11/17

Hello bookworms!!

It has been a while since I participated in a blog tour so I am happy that today I am the last stop on the Loud Music by Gloria Geiger blog tour. 1,382 more words


I overreacted (again)

I should count myself lucky that my severe trust issues haven’t wrecked the only 2 friendships I have left.  Fortunately, both of them seem to understand and not take it personally (at least I hope they don’t take it personally).  259 more words

Transgender & Mental Health Issues

Cyranny's Jukebox...

Friday night…

Nope, I won’t go out… And have colorful cocktails or fancy wine, and dance all night. But it doesn’t mean that I can’t put loud music on at home, and dance anyway… Ok, I might not dance either. 20 more words


What a week..

This week wasn’t as eventful as I had hoped for you guys, however, it wasn’t not eventful neither. The dog has caused issues, I feel bad for constantly asking a roommate to turn their music down, and the roommates have been venting to me about the others. 899 more words

Staying with Friends in Miami

I ended up in Miami to meet a new friend, Keren. I was told she had an autistic four year old son and just to expect that. 427 more words