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Open Letter to the Asshole Next Door

Dear “asshole that likes to play your music at top volume at 4:30 AM,” or, for brevity’s sake, just “asshole,”

I wasn’t stoked when you moved from the building across the parking lot to our building.   896 more words

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I Scream Therefore I Am

While recording old reel to reel audio tapes into digital files I have been listening to this guy named Francis Schaeffer talk about music, art and philosophy. 203 more words

Are You Pondering What I'm Pondering?

I think so, Brain … but wasn’t the real winner of the War of 1812 Tchaikovsky?


why do people play loud music on a wednesday night?

I ask the question…

…of why people play (out loud) music on a Wednesday night, perhaps dance to it or drink to it, scream, shout, laugh and shove each other in the ambience of smoked-inhibitions when there are better things like sleep, and think of the future (tomorrow) which is fast approaching and one has to wake up dreadfully early to send their parents to perhaps, a cruise or two in the caribbean?


Slingshot Dakota, Pretty Lousy, Wren Kitz, and Mr Doubtfire at The Monkey House September 16 2015

I hope everyone enjoyed the Slingshot Dakota show. At that volume, I’m assuming you all heard it, including Chris Stecher in China. Seriously though, powerhouse tunes from powerhouse people and a fun happy crowd and really, what more could you ask for? 534 more words

Rock Shows

The Best of Michelle Branch: 2001-2011

Who doesn’t remember her? She was such a talented musician.

“Everywhere” is a great song from The Spirit Room.

I have always loved “All You Wanted” from… 78 more words