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I’m a Seattle Seahawks fan (American football, if you’re not familiar with it).  As a Seahawks fan, we are expected to be loud.  In fact, we not only have a reputation for it, we have held a world record for it.  700 more words


Episode One: The Simple Formula Of Cute Girls Doing Cute Things is not A Simple Formula

I don’t particularly dislike cute girl shows, there is credit and worth to be found within something that has no more of a mission statement than showing you something to make your teeth rot, through sheer sweetness, and by that measure, Urara Meirochou does a fairly decent job of it. 472 more words


Bang, Bang, Bang!

Tessie hates loud noises. Sometimes when we’re inside, I’ll find her hiding in the bathroom if she hears a noise outside that scares her; or maybe, it’s the smoke alarm beeping telling us it’s time to change the battery. 35 more words


Why I need to wear earplugs in some public places

I have sensory issues with hearing. I am hypersensitive to sound. Ear plugs help me to cope with the loud sound, I use the Etymotic ear plugs. 373 more words

Nightmare at The Cosmopolitan!

Ok, maybe the title is a little dramatic, but it is close to Halloween and scary things do catch our attention this time of year. So, what is going on at… 528 more words

VIFF 2016: Maudite Poutine (Karl Lemieux, 2016) and Pop Song (Matthew Taylor Blais, 2016)

The loudest film of the Future // Present series thus far is Karl Lemieux’s film about a drummer in a noisy band (I’m at least 20 years out of date on music genres) trying to make up for the fact that he and his bandmates, in an off-screen act of stupidity, stole a bunch of pot from local gangsters and now owe several thousand dollars they don’t have and can’t raise. 245 more words

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