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Ligyrophobia and Globophobia

I mentioned before in my previous post that I would come back to talking about loud noises at some point. I have a phobia of them. 670 more words

Thanks To This New U.S. Map, You Can Pick Where You Want To Live Based On Noise

The U.S. is home a wide variety of environments, but how different are those geographical areas when it comes to noise level? Well, thanks to a new study “based on 1.5 million hours of acoustical monitoring,” people can now see how their region ranks in terms of decibel level. 72 more words

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Second Mysterious Explosion Rocks Idaho Community

(NaturalNews) A pair of explosions that occurred almost back-to-back over the course of a week in Idaho has left local residents and officials baffled. The latest in a growing series of mysterious boom events around the world with no apparent explanation, the explosions are being speculated by some as result of covert military experiments, underground “fracking” or some other top-secret government activity undisclosed to the public. 592 more words

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Can't You Just Turn Up The Volume?

Amp Audio wrote this great article on why treating hearing loss isn’t as simple as turning up the volume.  The full article, including sound samples can be found… 1,419 more words