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Facebook Testing Autoplay Video Ads That Have The Sound Turned On By Default

If you scroll through your Facebook newsfeed right now, you might see video ads that start to play, but silently, at least until/if you decide to turn the sound on. 265 more words

"Police please."

Being woken up is never fun, less so when it’s three loud bangs followed by a woman screaming. This is what happened late last night. As that ended rather quickly, I thought it pointless calling the Police. 185 more words


And Finally...Silence Returns!

Do you hate the glaring and annoying sound of an alarm clock? How about the high pitch scream of a smoke detector? What about being awakened way too early by the very loud and deep bass sound of hip-hop music? 554 more words

30-Day Blogging Challenge

Cover Your Ears: The 15 Loudest Shots In MMA History

Mixed martial arts can be difficult to watch at times. It’s a combat sport, so occasionally, there are disturbing moments, from fighters suffering prolonged knockouts, to damaged limbs, whether from submissions or freak accidents. 694 more words


4th of July Fireworks 2016

Tonight I walked to the park to watch the 4th of July fireworks.

Last year I was out of the country, so was excited to see the fireworks. 118 more words


Goodbye 4th of July

Dear Humans,

I want to let you know that I am very upset with you. I do not think it is nice to laugh when I am afraid of the fireworks on the 4th of July. 593 more words


Week 43 - 24. Loud Noises

I have struggled with this one. I could not get my head round trying to convey something audible in a visual form. However, I was passing this Bowling Alley in the right week and the penny dropped. 73 more words