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Snoopey the Bulldog Stress Eater - Conversations with Stella and Snoopey

I am Stella, Queen of the Olde English Bulldogges – calm, collected, cool Queen Stella. Snoopey, however…

Me:        Very tense today.

Stella:    And why not? All those machine noises all day long. 351 more words

The rowdy school bus

Last year I read “Sensational Kids” where, among other things, it gives a day in the life of five students, one typical child and four who exhibit different characteristics of sensory processing disorder. 710 more words

Professor Good Baby's lesson on loud noises:

Professor good baby’s lesson in loud noises: go to sleep, you don’t have to compete with the sound, you are a good baby and you will get the attention when they are least ready to give it to you. 13 more words

A Night of Paradise (Live Gig Review)


With an upbeat, fruity playlist from DJ Alex Del Mango, Paradise People hosted an event filled with vibrant music. The atmosphere made me feel as though I’d been invited to a private party, genuinely convincing my mind that we could have been on an island in the Caribbean – a hard task to achieve considering we were above a pub, in Leeds, on March 9th… 360 more words


Battling the wind, mentally and physically

Its well known that those with anxiety have an issue with “unexpected loud noises” –  fireworks, thunder, large crowds etc.. Well for me, I hate all of those things, yet the one I hate the most is wind. 327 more words

Mental Health


I’m a Seattle Seahawks fan (American football, if you’re not familiar with it).  As a Seahawks fan, we are expected to be loud.  In fact, we not only have a reputation for it, we have held a world record for it.  700 more words


Episode One: The Simple Formula Of Cute Girls Doing Cute Things is not A Simple Formula

I don’t particularly dislike cute girl shows, there is credit and worth to be found within something that has no more of a mission statement than showing you something to make your teeth rot, through sheer sweetness, and by that measure, Urara Meirochou does a fairly decent job of it. 472 more words