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2015, November 9 - 962 - metro 7

rumbling on iron (5)
sliding into the darkness (7)
with the silent crowd (5)


I'm afraid of that

If you can say this out loud, when you’ve been holding back, avoiding your confrontation with the truth, you will free yourself to do something important. 73 more words


The Family vs La Famiglia

Having two rather different cultural sides to my family made for very different experiences when spending time with them.

Grandma really didn’t like it when people just showed up at her house for a visit. 184 more words

Childhood Memories

The Culture.

Just real quick….

What ever happened to the standard two people per blunt minimum in a session ? But no, dead ass. Like there is no reason why you should be in a session of 10 people…with 4 blunts. 193 more words

Things That Aren't A Thing


Something about these sheets.

Grey. Linen

Fallen to the floor at my feet.

Ink all over them.

Telling stories yet to be spoken.

Out loud.

His snoring
Even when
he’s not