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Ironically, the word itself is a mouthful.


  1.  To be chatty; talkative; constantly in conversation
  2.  Somebody who talks a lot or tends to talk freely…
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Wild Public


Do you hear?


No mankind.

So many sounds.

out here

in the quiet.

shrill yells

revving fast

like two strokes.

loud honks,

obnoxious, 125 more words


pet peeves

I like lists. Making them, reading them, crossing them off, anything to do with lists. So here’s a list of my pet peeves. I’ll be adding more to this list as I discover more pet peeves… 401 more words


Let the baby sleep!!

It always amazes me how children can be on the other side of the house, yet they still hear you open up a bag of chips. 328 more words

Background Noise

Nothing says ‘wake up’ like early morning construction smashing away over your head.  One of those incredible benefits of living in an apartment building.

Normally my world has a constant background hum. 119 more words



Do you ever wonder about the story someone is telling? Ever look at photos, and compare them to words and wonder where the blurry line seems to be? 167 more words



At first it was all just noise. Constant and loud, screaming through the glass of my window so that not even the curtains would shut it out at night. 70 more words

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