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Voice Level 100

What is it with kids and talking really, really, really loud? Or is it just my kid? I’m pretty convinced that it’s just my kid. I’m so convinced that my kid is going to be the kid that rally’s up all the other kids at school to do things…which are not always good things…majority of the time it will be bad things that they are doing. 654 more words


Closed doors and dead ends

Today was one of those days when I really wish I had just stayed in bed. However, given how loud my apartment has become most mornings, there really was no point. 1,396 more words

Autumn's voice

Amidst the green in the valley
was a splash of bright red
Heralding change with
leaves yet to shed

With voice of the Autumn
the colour stood proud… 12 more words


9/27/15 The Massage, and a Gala Event

My good human friend Laurel has started Massage Therapy School. Mom was delighted when Laurel offered to come over and practice a bit.

I greeted Laurel ecstatically at the door, but she was not here for a walk. 594 more words

Silence is a true friend who never betrays.

Silence is such a precious thing. I love silence! It’s great. I’m honestly the most fond of it when my fucking neighbor is having the loudest party and I can’t fucking sleep. 68 more words


The lingering doubt

Nothing remains same. The small things, that we take for granted are not permanent. How everything changes in a matter of few minutes!

The souls that were one once, don’t even see each other anymore. 302 more words


Wake Up!

I stayed there.
I wept there.
I looked at the expanse from there.
I couldn’t move, my body trembled there.

I stood up and boarded my mode of transport. 84 more words