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Exemplify by what you put in. Your actions will speaker louder than your mouth.


Listen Imposition

I want coffee houses and their respective baristas to play their music on the lowest possible volume, so I can invade their space and listen to my own music via headphones at a reasonable volume.


Light it up

In the darkness of night there will always be light. In the hardest time there will always be the one that stay by your side. 9 more words


White Noise

The bustling bodies surround me, overwhelming my senses.
All these sounds,
A reminder that I’m not alone.
While my thoughts are silent, I share them with the people around me. 64 more words

The Rebellion Will Be Written (Poem)

I am silenced.

Burdened by society’s rules.

Keeping mum

When I want to do

Is cry out.

I am muted.

Told my two cents

Is not worth the oxygen. 42 more words



Once upon a time, there was a young princess who lived in a marvelous palace. One day, the King and Queen decided that their family needed some time away from the constant splendor, so they all packed up their bags and set off for a short adventure. 265 more words