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quiet as loud


and a hush

and then it was the streaming

and all in a  rush

and maddness as blinding

and yet it was the cool… 47 more words


"Noisy Bells!"

A minister was walking to church one morning when he passed one of his members working in his garden. “The bells are calling you to church this fine morning,” admonished the minister. 60 more words


I told my story to the sky
Late one night
As the wind howled
And the rain fell fast
I screamed until my lungs got sore… 27 more words


... there is just so much going on

I got to work, and my coworker said.

“Okay, wow…

there is just so much going on with you today!”

Not quite “Good Morning”

But I will take it. 42 more words


When I enjoy playing I get obnoxiously loud and express how fun it is. Any sports! When that happens my play gets obnoxiously loud too and I like it very much! 93 more words