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Noise Complaint

At times, it feels as though we are finally living in an age of sexual revolution. Woman are drawing attention to what we have all experienced: cat calling, slut shaming, sexual harassment, and assault. 2,175 more words

Worship is TOO LOUD!

I can’t begin to count the amount of times I have been told the sound for the church service, festival, program, or what have you was TOO LOUD! 1,104 more words



The silence pervades
Except for ticking clocks
Gentle electric buzzing
And silverware on plate
Yet my mind roars
In deafening white noise
Where I struggle to discern a signal

©Heather Coldstream


Children of the Wasteland by Signal Lost

Album: Children of the Wasteland

Band: Signal Lost

Year: 2004

Genre: Punk

I was going to wait until next week to make a post about good music for Halloween, but after some thought, I figured I should get to writing about Signal Lost’s “Children of the Wasteland.” The creepy artwork of the CD drew me to it, and since it’s a time for creepy things, it seems fitting that this piece be posted while we’re still in October. 739 more words


Bad landlord.

Dear Annie: I live in a large city with high real estate prices. This has prevented me from buying my own home, so I reside in an apartment.

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I’m shocked hardly anybody I talked to over Fall Break even knew who Perfect Pussy is. Loud, unafraid and crazy is Meredith Graves, lead singer, and she wants to be heard whether or not you like it. 29 more words


Week 2

OMG it’s day one of week two and best believe I walked out of school Fing and blinding. These grown toughback people (God forgive me) are so loud and obnoxious it’s unbelievable. 250 more words