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Why Are Americans So Loud?

If you’ve traveled abroad, you can’t help but to have noticed: Americans are loud. But why?

Tyler Cowan puts forth some possible explanations in his… 15 more words


The World's Most Expensive Marijuana

Cannabis which is also known as marijuana or weed is a controversial subject for some people and illegal in most countries, is at it’s highest in five decades, according to a October 2017 Gallup Poll. 202 more words


Ballmastr: My Thoughts

I have no fucking clue what I’ve just watched.  It seems like I’ve been saying that about Adult Swimming since they had the audacity to give Tim Heidecker and Eric Wereheim their own show, except where as I wished Tim and Eric would hurry up and die already…  I’m more confused than anything else. 337 more words


Silence is Too Loud

Our world is so loud and busy, buzzing and hustling with everyday concerns. We are so consumed by the noise for almost 16 hours. And we are so used to it that sitting down, being still, and keeping a quiet soul is deafening. 213 more words


Loud #atozchallenge

Fictional character traits

Loud – noisy, flashy.

The loud, wacky sidekick can make or break a story. Since loud is an auditory business, it’s more apparent in movies, although characters can be loud in choice of attire or personality. 195 more words

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