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Quote of the day

I evoke my conscience to raise my voice against the prevailing injustice.


Many days I’ve held my tongue never wished bad things upon you.

I figured we are two grown people who should be able to express ourselves. 89 more words


Like a pair of wings
You unfurl words
That mean these things

Flying in the air
Seeming so free
‘Till it lands

Words walk among… 169 more words


Live Your Life Out Loud

In this video, Laura Stevens gives some advice for building your business with digital marketing… People will see right through you if you are not being authentic to who you are. 89 more words

Mari Evans from her book of essays Clarity As Concept

“Listening is a special art. It is a fine art developed by practice. One hears the unexpressed as clearly as if it had been verbalized. One hears silence screaming in clarion tones. 99 more words


Maybe the problem is YOU, lady?

First: Yes, eating with an open mouth is disgusting and sloppy and I encourage parents to teach their kids to close their mouths while chewing (or at least cover your mouth if you took a bite too large)… It’s not science, really… 165 more words


Ty Segall-Freedom's Goblin: ALBUM REVIEW

Ty Segall’s a figure worth following that never truly disappoints.  His projects are all consistent in sound and it’s more a matter if he gets the exact shading right for one’s individual tastes than a question of whether or not he’s delivered a fully-fledged collection of tunes.  199 more words

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