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The Trooper

Today I’m thankful for Iron Maiden.

I appreciate bands that have fun, not taking themselves too seriously and making music for the joy of it.  It’s a bonus if they also happen to be good.  89 more words


'quiet people have the loudest minds'

Aloof. Stuck up. A bitch.
Whispers swirl above those coloured heads,
clumped together,
hissing away.
I watch them as
caged words
laze on a heavy tongue. 207 more words

Wednesday 5th October

The nightclub was small, just a single rectangular room with one set of stairs at the back, the whole width of the room, leading up to the street above. 180 more words

International Delight Gets Loud With Their Latte

When you’re advertising a not so interesting product like International Delight, you might have to put in more of an effort to make sure people watch and pay attention. 43 more words

No Prince Charming

He was patiently waiting for a Prince Charming. A champion that welcomed the fearful. Someone that challenged his intellect and charged his soul, igniting his being like never before told. 433 more words

The Writings On The Wall

Thanksgiving Vinyl (Part 1)

We had our Thanksgiving feast yesterday courtesy of my in-laws and it was UH-mazing; so much so I was still sleeping off the tryptophan buzz this morning at 10:30am.  594 more words


18 orthodontists reveal what they'd never say out loud to their patients 

Going to the orthodontist is definitely not the most exciting thing on someone’s to-do list. Probably because this special field of dentistry basically makes a patient feel like their teeth is giving birth each time they go. 71 more words