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Yes, You Are The Most Annoying Person In Your Office If You Do Any of The Following...

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There’s a reason Office Space became a cult hit.  Nearly everyone has a job (at one point or another) and nearly everyone can relate to the stereo-types.   94 more words


On My Mind: Music

Hey there again Deviants! To get you through this weeks hump day I have decided to let you know what’s been On My Mind this past week so let’s get started. 360 more words


The Shale Bust Is More of a Loud Whimper

Crude oil and natural gas production in the Lower 48 States’ seven most prolific drilling areas will fall only slightly from February-to-March, the U.S. Energy Information Administration projects. 128 more words


Recently I watched the BBC Four documentary series on the Global perfume industry. The series explored all different aspects of fragrance, from the designer side of things; where ordinary people can buy into a brand name, to making fragrance that smells like real things such as ‘England’ to evoke personal memories. 349 more words

Howler Monkeys

It is the year of the fire monkey! Let’s celebrate with some magnificent screaming monkeys from Central and South America. These monkeys are loud–really loud. 462 more words

Football fan not loud enough prick to go viral

A football fan who recorded a post match interview at the weekend has been told he’s not a loud enough prick for his interview to be uploaded online. 146 more words