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Let's Compare

So, I’m hoping this has the staying power beyond the context behind it. It’s also the only comic I’m able to post today due to technical difficulties with the Ipad… which happens to have all my comic images on it. 263 more words

Baz the Dog

Too loud in here! Nice hat. Interesting read. Help find his ball at night. Off out on the bike. Rocky Bazboa. Signing autographs. Read more: … 9 more words

Big, Loud, Clouded

She’s big words

and loud sighs

and clouded thoughts. 13 more words


The loudest sound on the earth, she thought, is a man with nothing to do. – Prodigal Summer, Barbara Kingslover

Book Quotes

No Control

Weak at my knees
No self-control
I left my judgement
Knowing the outcome
What will he do to me
Who’s to blame
My heart is beating fast… 36 more words


The Loud Man

There are times in my life where I have always thought that the best way to make a mark is to be loud. This has impaired me with the knowledge of being silent and calm. 706 more words


Journal #46 - Laughing out loud

Topic: When was the last time you laughed out loud?

I mean if we’re talking about in natural conversation, then yesterday. I laugh quite a bit. 245 more words