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The link of Portumna, Lough Derg, Bove Derg and Lir

The link of Portumna, Lough Derg, Bove Derg and Lir

Bodhbh Derg, son of the Dagda, was chosen king; and Manannan, their chief counsellor, they arranged the different places of abode for the nobles among the hills. 6,056 more words

I hope you do not mind if I deviate from our mindfulness programme. Let me tell you a about my experiences in Lough Derg where I sensed connectedness to ‘The Oneness’ in the universe

It all began on Monday when I arrived fasting to a small lake island four miles north to the village of Pettigo, in the center of the rolling lush green hills and fishing inlets in County Donegal. 1,874 more words

Lough Derg

Lough Derg is a place of welcome for all, offering nourishment for life’s journey.

Lough Derg lies about four miles north of the village of Pettigo in County Donegal. 24 more words


I'm back

I know. I know.  I’ve been totally remiss about posting.  Honestly, though I’ve not been slacking.  We’ve been extremely busy with baby ducks, AirBnB guests, social media training, our new sheep (did I tell you we have sheep?)…. 316 more words


Trip to Lough Derg

The Presentation Family will make its first-ever pilgrimage to Lough Derg in County Donegal this summer! Young adults (18-40) are particularly welcome to join them. For further information, please contact Andrew at 01-2300824 or e-mail comms@presentationbrothers.org. 20 more words

Cuckoo Land

When I say cuckoo land, I don’t mean it like crazy or out of my mind but rather the sound of the hidden bird that echoes through the trees from April until June. 446 more words

Ecology Assessments for Lough Derg Canoe Trail

ECOFACT is currently preparing the Ecological Impact Assessment and Habitats Directive Assessment for the proposed Lough Derg Canoe Trail. Lough Derg is the largest lake on the River Shannon, the third largest lake in Ireland, and occupies parts of Counties Clare, Galway and North Tipperary.  530 more words

Appropriate Assessment