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Hi guys! Do you know what day it is today? Yes I know its Monday and it is wet and dark outside. It is also La Fheile Bride, St Brigid’s day. The first day of February and first day of spring.

On Saturday as I walked through the Galway Market I noticed two young girls, at the entrance to St Nicholas Church with reeds in their hands.More reeds bulged in basket that sat on the wooden table beside them. 579 more words

Lough Derg rally magazines

Thanks to Michael Geraghty for this link to an online archive of Lough Derg Rally magazines. The link takes you to a Google Drive page, but you do not need to sign in or to have a Google account in order to see the material.

Extant Waterways

Ireland - Communities on high flood alert along River Shannon



IFA calls for Government to cancel farm inspections due to flooding

The level of water in Lough Derg increased marginally in the past 24 hours, the ESB says… 506 more words

Earth Watch Report

Best Locations in Ireland - Part 3

Best Locations in Ireland is back! Enjoy!

Lough Derg – Donegal

Lough Derg lies four miles north of the village of Pettigo in County Donegal. It is a popular pilgrimage location and is often caled Saint Patrick’s Purgatory. 289 more words

The link of Portumna, Lough Derg, Bove Derg and Lir

The link of Portumna, Lough Derg, Bove Derg and Lir

Bodhbh Derg, son of the Dagda, was chosen king; and Manannan, their chief counsellor, they arranged the different places of abode for the nobles among the hills. 6,056 more words

I hope you do not mind if I deviate from our mindfulness programme. Let me tell you a about my experiences in Lough Derg where I sensed connectedness to ‘The Oneness’ in the universe

It all began on Monday when I arrived fasting to a small lake island four miles north to the village of Pettigo, in the center of the rolling lush green hills and fishing inlets in County Donegal. 1,874 more words