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Bronze Age Britain: Wheels

An archaeological dig of a Bronze Age site in Cambridgeshire has uncovered Britain’s oldest and most intact wheel, which is around 3000 years old.


Bronze Age Britain: Houses

In this short video, historian Dan Snow introduces the Must Farm site where archaeologists have revealed incredibly well-preserved Bronze Age dwellings. The excavation in the East Anglian fens is providing an extraordinary insight into domestic life 3,000 years ago. 188 more words


Welcome to my blog

Hello! This is my first ever blog post which for me is quite exciting, I’ve been wanting to start a blog for a long time now but never actually got round to it because I always manage to make up excuses that get me out of doing it, things like not having enough time, no one wanting to read what I have to say and other things along those lines. 935 more words

First Short CAREERING now in post-production

There’s nothing quite like your first time…

Bang Average Films shot their debut short film CAREERING on Sunday 1st October 2017.

It was a great day. 436 more words


'Everyone is Welcome' Join The LGBT+ Family!

Coming to University is a fantastic opportunity to be as true to yourself as you can be. It offers you the chance to get yourself a fresh start if you need to. 419 more words


Bronze Age Britain: Reading List

Whilst it is not essential to do any background reading before the course begins, you may find it useful to do so. The reading list below contains books that you can read. 197 more words


Bronze Age Britain: Making Bronze

In our first session on the  Bronze Age in Britain, we looked at one of the key defining elements of the archaeological time period: making bronze. 43 more words