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Flower-girl dress: Vogue V7819

Last week my brother got married. Que huge excitement in my family and a trip to Indianapolis for the wedding. The monkey in her important position as favourite (read only) niece was asked to be flower-girl. 1,108 more words


Iron Age Leicestershire: Hillforts and Roundhouses

In our second session about Iron Age Leicestershire, we looked at the topic of settlement, investigating both hillforts and roundhouses. One of the sites we examined was the hillfort at Burrough Hill which was the subject of a… 139 more words


Iron Age Leicestershire: Corieltauvi

The Corieltauvi (formerly thought to be called the Coritani, and sometimes referred to as the Corieltavi) were a tribe of people living in Britain prior to the Roman conquest, and thereafter a civitas of Roman Britain. 68 more words


Iron Age Leicestershire: Iron Working

The Iron Age is the final epoch of the three-age system, preceded by the Stone Age (Neolithic) and the Bronze Age. As its name suggests, Iron Age technology is characterized by the production of tools and weaponry by ferrous metallurgy (ironworking). 45 more words


Reading List: Archaeology of Iron Age Leicestershire

Whilst it is not essential to do any background reading before the course begins, you may find it useful to do so. The reading list below contains books that you can read. 220 more words


April Fool: The summer is here!

Yesterday was April Fool’s day – 1st of April. At least, here, in the English midlands, you could be forgiven for thinking that the weather was playing a prank! 164 more words

Lecturer in International Management, Loughborough University London Campus

Dear Colleagues,

Lecturer in the UK is equivalent to an assistant professor in the US. Loughborough is a highly ranked research university in the UK. The London campus only teaches grad students (MS & PhD). 474 more words

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