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A War of Words

I’ve been watching the unfolding beef between The Donald, his son and our Mayor, London’s Sadiq Khan.

Some Background

Sadiq Khan (a human rights lawyer) represented Louis Farrakhan in the early 2000s in his efforts to overturn a ban on coming to Britain. 248 more words

Politics And Social Events

Justice: Enemy of Peace?

It is a rare occasion I find myself quoting Louis Farrakhan but this is one of those occasions. He is quoted as saying, “There can be no peace without justice. 572 more words

Why I'm Passionate About Racism Part 3

Moving forward to the summer of 1994, two years earlier I remember hearing about Rodney King as a child, but didn’t really know anything except that he was beat up by police, now at this time, O. 630 more words


Little Known Black History Fact: Louis Farrakhan

Today, Nation of Islam leader, the Honorable Louis Farrakhan, is celebrating his 84th birthday. The longtime leader of the Black Muslim sect has overseen the NOI since the late ‘70’s and is still going strong on behalf of Black America. 403 more words

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"The white Jeremiah Wright"

Yesterday we met Father Michael Pfleger, a prominent Chicago priest and ally of Barack Obama’s who has been celebrated in The New Yorker and elsewhere as a crusading civil-rights hero. 518 more words


Michael Pfleger, living saint?

For four decades he’s been the priest in charge at “Chicago’s largest African-American Catholic church.” He’s led more than his share of demonstrations and been arrested dozens of times. 595 more words

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