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I Loved the Black Cat

I’m not one who likes to complain about the rain, but when my raincoats don’t dry over night (yes, raincoats) and it’s cold and dark, I can’t help but wish for fairer skies. 197 more words

Treasure trove for students of Alcott

Remember that phrase from “Peanuts” by Charles Schulz – “Happiness is”? Happiness is … spending the afternoon perusing in-depth articles on the Alcotts. Pages and pages of articles by the finest Alcott scholars covering a wide variety of topics. 236 more words

Louisa May Alcott

Little Women is 150 years old

“Moral pap for the young,” Louisa May Alcott said of her writing for girls. 211 more words


XVI. Letters

By Jean Stevenson

My introduction to Little Women came when I was eleven and “between” books and my regular visit to the public library. My mother rescued me by handing me her copy of the novel, saying, “I was your age when I read this. 620 more words

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from the LW150 blog: Reading old family letters, whether from our own ancestors or the Alcott family, creates powerful connections.

10 ideas for reading Little Women this Christmas

By Trix Wilkins

You’ve read Little Women before. Perhaps you read it every year, and you’re thinking of mixing it up a bit this time. Or maybe you’ve never read… 821 more words

Little Women